Please Don't Make Us Do Extra Credit 2 (2017)

Also Known As
Please don't make us do extra credit pt2




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Savannah Fox









Release Date

Dec 13, 2017



Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Amarna Miller, Savannah Fox, Eli Hunter


  • In this part 2 update School girls Savannah and Amarna are about to fail the semester. They went to their teachers house hoping to save there butts with extra credit. Their teacher Mr.Fox had informed them that they were failing every subject, that there was no amount of extra credit that would get them good grades. The girls begged and pleaded with him. They would do anything not to fail! Their parents would take away their phones and cars if that happened! Mr.Fox informed the girls that the only thing they could do now is what his teachers pets did for him.... He made the girls strip down to bra&panties and began spanking them. These girls will learn not to pass notes and be tardy to his classes anymore! The girls whimpered and sniffled but took their spankings, now its time to turn it up a notch.... Mr.Fox drags in chairs for the two girls to sit on butts facing him. He zip ties the girls hands together and begins to flog them. The girls yelp and let out little screams in pain so he decides to muffle them. He secures a ball gag to Savannah then Amarna. He flogs their booties before deciding to let them get a real taste of pain. He breaks out the whip and plays mind games with the girls. They beg and plead for their punishment to be over. They will never be late again! They drool and stare at up at him with panicked eyes. He relents and orders the girls to face him and informs them if the spankings and pain are to much they will not pass... he removes the ball gags and zip ties, but the girls sob that they need to pass....Savannah complains the ball gag made her mouth fill with spit. Well that's a good thing Mr.Fox says because the only thing left to do is use that spit in your mouth to cover my cock with

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