studios : exquisite

Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
3-Legged 3-SomesExquisite2004 X
Addams Family: An Exquisite Films ParodyExquisite20111X
All Access AmateursExquisite2013 X
All Girl Toys and StraponsExquisite2014 X
American Dad XXX: An Exquisite Films ParodyExquisite20112X
American Stroker PartyExquisite2012 X
American Tranny PartyExquisite2011 X
Anal T-Girl New Year's PartyExquisite2013 X
Appetite for PerversionExquisite2011 X
Art of Fucking 1Exquisite2010 X
Art of Fucking 2Exquisite2011 X
Art of Fucking 3Exquisite2012 X
Asian Brotha Lovers 6Exquisite20081X
Asian Brotha Lovers 7Exquisite2008 X
Asian Brotha Lovers 8Exquisite2011 X
Axel Braun's SquirteensExquisite20072X
BelfieExquisite2016 X
Big Ass MommiesExquisite2011 X
Big Assets 2Exquisite2013 X
Big Assets 4Exquisite2013 X
Big Black Creamy Asses 1Exquisite20091X
Big Black Creamy Asses 2Exquisite20093X
Big Black Creamy Tits 1Exquisite2007 X
Big Black Creamy Tits 2Exquisite2008 X
Big Black Creamy Tits 3Exquisite20091X
Big Black Tranny Little White FanniesExquisite2009 X
Big Booty Black Girls 1Exquisite2009 X
Big Booty Black Girls 2Exquisite2009 X
Big Booty Black Girls 3Exquisite2012 X
Big Butt Brotha Lovers 16Exquisite2010 X
Big Butt Brotha Lovers 17Exquisite2010 X
Big Butt Brotha Lovers 18Exquisite2012 X
Big Butt Brotha Lovers 6Exquisite20051X
Big Cock Teen Auditions 2Exquisite2013 X
Big Pretty Titties 3Exquisite20084X
Big Pretty Titties 4Exquisite20082X
Big Tit AuthorityExquisite2015 X
Big Tit Brotha Lovers 11Exquisite2008 X
Big Tit Brotha Lovers 12Exquisite2008 X
Big Tit Brotha Lovers 13Exquisite20081X
Big Tit Brotha Lovers 14Exquisite20081X
Big Tit Brotha Lovers 15Exquisite2009 X
Big Tit Brotha Lovers 17Exquisite2010 X
Big Tit Brotha Lovers 18Exquisite2010 X
Big Tit Brotha Lovers 19Exquisite2011 X
Big Tit Brotha Lovers 7Exquisite20062X
Big Tit CertifiedExquisite2011 X
Big Tit PickupsExquisite2014 X
Big Tit Pickups 2Exquisite2014 X
Big Tit Pickups 3Exquisite2014 X
Big Titty FreaksExquisite2009 X
Big Titty HunterExquisite2013 X
Big Titty Jewish PrincessesExquisite20102X
Big Titty Moms 3Exquisite20082X
Big Titty Sistas 1Exquisite2010 X
Big Titty Sistas 2Exquisite2011 X
Big Titty Teens 2Exquisite2010 X
Big White Bubble Butts 2Exquisite2007 X
Big White Bubble Butts 3Exquisite2008 X
Big White Bubble Butts 4Exquisite2008 X
Big White Bubble Butts 5Exquisite2008 X
Black AssetsExquisite2014 X
Black Cock InitiationsExquisite2010 X
Black Cream Inside MeExquisite2011 X
Black Gag 2Exquisite20072X
BlondeExquisite2014 X
Blubber LoversExquisite2010 X
Booty Juice 5Exquisite2005 X
Booty SmashedExquisite2012 X
Boz the Beast 1Exquisite2007 X
Brazillian T-Girl Adventures Exquisite2008 X
Bush GardensExquisite2012 X
Bush Gardens 2Exquisite2013 X
Can a Brotha Get a Squirt 1Exquisite20061X
Can a Brotha Get a Squirt 2Exquisite20081X
Charley Chase Is On FireExquisite2011 X
Cheerleaders Going Wild 2Exquisite2013 X
Cheerleaders Going Wild 3Exquisite2013 X
Cheerleaders Going Wild 4Exquisite2013 X
Cheerleaders Going Wild 5Exquisite2014 X
Chronicles Of A WhoreExquisite2012 X
Classroom ConfessionsExquisite2013 X
Closet Lesbian Neighbors 2Exquisite2014 X
Closet Lesbian Neighbors: Milf EditionExquisite2014 X
Cock-AholicsExquisite2013 X
Crazy Lil Suicide BitchesExquisite20091X
Cream in a TeenExquisite20112X
Dirty Sexy MommysExquisite2008 X
Double D MommiesExquisite2011 X
Double Played 4Exquisite2014 X
Dungeon Next Door Exquisite1995 X
Everybody Wants SomeExquisite19963X
Face PaintersExquisite2012 X
Facial FanaticsExquisite2012 X
Facial GamesExquisite2014 X
Feels Like The First TimeExquisite2013 X
Feels Like the First Time 2Exquisite2014 X
Feet Joy 2Exquisite2014 X
Filled With Chocolate CumExquisite2010 X
Filthy and Violated Francesca LeExquisite20083X
Filthy Latin PussyExquisite2010 X
First Time Lesbian Pick-Ups 2Exquisite2011 X
First Time Lesbian Pick-Ups 3Exquisite2011 X
First Time Lesbian Pick-Ups 4Exquisite2012 X
First Time Lesbian Pick-Ups 5Exquisite2012 X
First Time Lesbian Pick-Ups 6Exquisite2013 X
First Time Lesbian Pick-Ups 7Exquisite2014 X
Francesca Le Is Lewd and DepravedExquisite2011 X
Francesca Seeking WomenExquisite2011 X
Giant Black Asses 1Exquisite2009 X
Giant Black Asses 2Exquisite2012 X
Girls Loving Girls 1Exquisite2011 X
Girls Loving Girls 3Exquisite2011 X
Girls Loving Girls 6Exquisite2012 X
Girls Loving Girls: First Time Experience 7Exquisite2014 X
Glory Holed 2Exquisite2013 X
High Price HookersExquisite2012 X
His Booty Is My Duty 1Exquisite2011 X
Historic Interracial EroticaExquisite2008 X
Holes of GloryExquisite2012 X
Holes of Glory 2Exquisite2013 X
Holes of Glory 3Exquisite2013 X
Horny Lesbian Sluts 2Exquisite2014 X
Horny Spanish FlyExquisite2012 X
Horny Spanish Fly 2Exquisite2012 X
Hot Asian PussyExquisite2012 X
Hot Blonde BimbosExquisite2011 X
Hot Chicks Monster DicksExquisite2013 X
Hot Chicks Monster Dicks 2Exquisite2013 X
I Like Phat Bunz 6Exquisite2010 X
I Love Camel Toe 3Exquisite2015  
Interracial DemolitionExquisite20092X
Jam It Up My Young Ass 1Exquisite2012 X
Jam It Up My Young Ass 2Exquisite2012 X
Jam It Up My Young Ass 3Exquisite2013 X
Jasmine Waltz: Hollywood It GirlExquisite20111X
Jizz JunkiesExquisite2012 X
Ladyboy Cocks 3Exquisite2009 X
Ladyboy Cocks 4Exquisite2009 X
Lesbian Angels 1Exquisite2010 X
Lesbian Angels 2Exquisite2010 X
Lesbian BFF's 1Exquisite2010 X
Lesbian BFF's 2Exquisite2010 X
Lesbian Crush Diaries 4Exquisite2012 X
Lesbian Crush Diaries 5Exquisite2013 X
Lesbian Crush Diaries 6Exquisite2014 X
Lesbian Lipstick Seduction 1Exquisite2010 X
Lesbian Lipstick Seduction 2Exquisite2010 X
Lesbian Lipstick Seduction 3Exquisite20101X
Lez B HonestExquisite2014 X
Lil Fly Honeys 2Exquisite2004 X
Little In The Middle Phat In The BackExquisite2010 X
Little White Chicks Huge Black Monster Dicks 1Exquisite20071X
Little White Chicks Huge Black Monster Dicks 10Exquisite2009 X
Little White Chicks Huge Black Monster Dicks 2Exquisite2007 X
Little White Chicks Huge Black Monster Dicks 3Exquisite2008 X
Little White Chicks Huge Black Monster Dicks 4Exquisite2008 X
Little White Chicks Huge Black Monster Dicks 5Exquisite2008 X
Little White Chicks Huge Black Monster Dicks 6Exquisite20081X
Little White Chicks Huge Black Monster Dicks 7Exquisite20091X
Lizzy Borden Goes to JailExquisite2009 X
Long and StrongExquisite20081X
Luxury BabesExquisite2013 X
Mandingo Unleashed 1Exquisite20061X
Mandingo Unleashed 2Exquisite2007 X
Mandingo Unleashed 3Exquisite2007 X
Mature Brotha Lovers 11Exquisite20081X
Mature Brotha Lovers 12Exquisite20091X
Mature Brotha Lovers 14Exquisite2009 X
Mature Brotha Lovers 15Exquisite20091X
Meat MelonsExquisite2011 X
MILF Blown 3Exquisite2011 X
Milf CrazyExquisite2010 X
MILF Worship 10Exquisite2010 X
MILF Worship 11Exquisite2010 X
MILF Worship 12Exquisite2012 X
MILF Worship 5Exquisite2008 X
Mommy SwingersExquisite2013 X
Mommy Warned Me About Black Boys 1Exquisite20091X
Mommy Warned Me About Black Boys 2Exquisite2010 X
Mommy's GirlExquisite2013 X
Mommy's Girls 2Exquisite20131X
Monster Booty 10Exquisite2012 X
Monster Booty 9Exquisite2011 X
Monster Tits 6Exquisite2010 X
Mother LoversExquisite2010 X
My Daddy Is My PimpExquisite2011 X
My First Big Black Dick 1Exquisite2009  
My First Big Black Dick 3Exquisite2009 X
My First Time With A GirlExquisite2013 X
My First Time With A Girl 2Exquisite2013 X
My First Time With a Girl 3Exquisite2014 X
My First Time With A Girl 4Exquisite2014 X
My Girlfriend's A CheaterExquisite2013 X
My Mommy Eats CumExquisite2010 X
My Slutty RoommateExquisite2012 X
My Teacher Says... I Have the Best Titties in ClassExquisite2010 X
My Tits Were Made for FuckingExquisite2009 X
My Wife The SlutExquisite2013 X
My Wife The Slut 2Exquisite2013 X
Naughty StepsistersExquisite2015 X
Naughty Stepsisters 2Exquisite2015 X
Naughty Stepsisters 3Exquisite2015 X
Nice Big CansExquisite2011 X
No Dicks PermittedExquisite2013 X
No Dicks Permitted 2Exquisite2013 X
No Dicks Permitted 3Exquisite2014 X
No Dicks Permitted 4Exquisite2014 X
No Dicks Permitted 5Exquisite2014 X
No Rest for Big BreastsExquisite2012 X
Oil DrillingExquisite2010 X
Panty PervertsExquisite2012 X
Panty Perverts 2Exquisite2013 X
Panty Perverts 4Exquisite20141X
Pinky UnleashedExquisite2013 X
Pinky's Boobs and BootyExquisite2011  
Pinky's Jumbo Booty CutiesExquisite2010 X
Pornstar DropoutsExquisite2012 X
Pornstar Dropouts 2Exquisite2012 X
Pornstar Dropouts 3Exquisite2013 X
Pound My Man AssExquisite2012 X
Pretty Thing I Can't Believe You Are Doing PornExquisite2010 X
Ready Set FuckExquisite2011 X
Real Estate SlutsExquisite2011 X
Rezervoir DoggsExquisite20116X
Rich Bitch Black DickExquisite2012 X
Road KillExquisite2011 X
Rock Hard T Girls 1Exquisite2008 X
Sanchos Horny HinasExquisite2014 X
Sanchos Horny Hinas 2Exquisite2014 X
Sanchos Horny Hinas 3Exquisite2014 X
Sanchos Horny Hinas 4Exquisite2014 X
Satin Ladyboys 3Exquisite2009 X
Satin Ladyboys 4Exquisite2010 X
Saturday Night Fever XXX: An Exquisite Films ParodyExquisite20113X
Secret Lesbian Affairs 1Exquisite2012 X
Secret Lesbian Affairs 2Exquisite2012 X
Secret Lesbian Affairs 3Exquisite2013 X
Secret Lesbian Affairs 4Exquisite2013 X
See Me SquirtExquisite2012 X
She Loves CockExquisite2013 X
She Loves Cock 2Exquisite2014 X
Shemale Mandingo 1Exquisite2007 X
Shemale Mandingo 2Exquisite2007 X
Shemale Mandingo 3Exquisite20081X
Slut StoriesExquisite2012 X
So You Think You Can SquirtExquisite2013 X
So You Think You Can Squirt 2Exquisite2014 X
So You Think You Can Squirt 3Exquisite2015 X
So You Think You Can Squirt 4Exquisite20151X
Social Network Sluts 1Exquisite2012 X
Social Network Sluts 2Exquisite2012 X
Social Network Sluts 3Exquisite2013 X
Squirting 201 5: Black RainExquisite2006 X
Squirting 201 6: Asian TsunamiExquisite20071X
Step-Daddy's Little GirlsExquisite2013 X
Strap This Baby on for SizeExquisite20101X
Stretching HottiesExquisite2014 X
SupertitsExquisite2011 X
T Girl Adventures 3Exquisite2008 X
T Girl Adventures 6Exquisite2011 X
T Girl Adventures 9Exquisite2012 X
T Girl Adventures NYC 1Exquisite20091X
T Girl Adventures NYC 2Exquisite2010 X
T-Girl Cock Attack 2Exquisite2013 X
Teen Cream Newbies 1Exquisite2011 X
Teen Cream Newbies 2Exquisite2011 X
Teen Cream Newbies 3Exquisite2012 X
Teen Cream Newbies 4Exquisite2012 X
Teen Cream Newbies 5Exquisite2012 X
Teen Cream Newbies 6Exquisite2012 X
Teen Cream Newbies 7Exquisite2013 X
Teen HeadExquisite2011 X
Teen SpermaholicsExquisite2011 X
Teenage Brotha Lovers 10Exquisite2008 X
Teenage Brotha Lovers 11Exquisite20081X
Teenage Brotha Lovers 13Exquisite20081X
Teenage Brotha Lovers 15Exquisite20091X
Teenage Brotha Lovers 17Exquisite2010 X
Teenage Brotha Lovers 18Exquisite2010 X
Teenage Brotha Lovers 19Exquisite2011 X
Teenage Brotha Lovers 20Exquisite2016 X
Teenage Fuck PigsExquisite2011 X
That's A Nice AssExquisite2013 X
Three Legged Bitches 1Exquisite2004 X
Three Legged Bitches 2Exquisite2004 X
Three Legged Bitches 3Exquisite2006 X
Three Legged Bitches 4Exquisite2008 X
Three Legged Bitches 5Exquisite2009 X
Till Dick Do Us PartExquisite2014 X
Titty LoveExquisite2013 X
Too Boo KooExquisite2013 X
Too Boo Koo 2Exquisite2014 X
Too Boo Koo 3Exquisite2014 X
Top Tranny PlayersExquisite2010 X
Top Tranny Players 2Exquisite2011 X
Transsexual 3-Way PartyExquisite2010 X
Transsexual Asylum 1Exquisite2008 X
Transsexual Beefcocks 1Exquisite2008 X
Transsexual Beefcocks 2Exquisite2009 X
Transsexual Cockstars 2Exquisite2010 X
Transsexual Escorts 13Exquisite2013 X
Transsexual Pole Position 2Exquisite2008 X
Transsexual Pole Position 3Exquisite2009 X
Transsexual Pole Position 4Exquisite2009 X
Ultimate BushExquisite2014 X
Ultimate SquirtersExquisite2015 X
Virtual Blackjack with Gina LynnExquisite20063X
Virtual CharmaneExquisite2012 X
Virtual Katsuni And DaisyExquisite2012 X
Women Loving Women 2Exquisite2011 X
Women Loving Women 4: Please Don't Tell My HusbandExquisite2012 X
Women Loving Women 5Exquisite2013 X
Xena XXX: An Exquisite Films ParodyExquisite20123X
Young Massage Parlor GirlsExquisite2012 X
Young Ones 2: Big Dick EditionExquisite2014 X
Young Ones 3Exquisite2014 X
Young, Dumb and Got a Big BumExquisite2009 X
Young, Dumb and Got A Big Bum 2Exquisite2011 X
Younger Sisters Are More Fun 2Exquisite2017 X

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