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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
42nd Street FavoritesWestern Visuals2014 X
80's LadiesWestern Visuals2013 X
A List Classics: Nina Hartley vs Samantha FoxWestern Visuals2012  
A-List Classics Head To Head: Debi Diamond vs. Lacy RoseWestern Visuals2012 X
A-List Classics Head to Head: Tracy Adams vs. Alicia RioWestern Visuals2012 X
All That Pussy for MeWestern Visuals20141X
Amber Lynn's Porn PlayersWestern Visuals2011 X
Anal ClassicsWestern Visuals2015 X
Anal FlashbackWestern Visuals2013 X
Annette Haven's Porn PlayersWestern Visuals2011 X
Annette Haven's Tag TeamersWestern Visuals1995 X
As Seen on 42nd StreetWestern Visuals2012 X
Ass Plugger ClassicsWestern Visuals2014 X
Asstastic ClassicsWestern Visuals2012 X
Back DoorsWestern Visuals1991 X
Backdoor BonanzaWestern Visuals2014 X
Balls Deep In Ginger LynnWestern Visuals2012 X
Balls Deep in Sharon MitchellWestern Visuals2012 X
Big Titties UnleashedWestern Visuals2013 X
Black Leather SlutsWestern Visuals2013 X
Blonde Girls Are EasyWestern Visuals2013 X
Blondes Just Wanna Get FuckedWestern Visuals2014 X
Bottom LineWestern Visuals1987 X
Bras and Panties Go RetroWestern Visuals2014 X
Bridezillas In HeatWestern Visuals2009 X
Burnin' RedheadsWestern Visuals2014 X
Butt PlayWestern Visuals2013 X
California ReamingWestern Visuals1986 X
Candy Samples' Porn PlayersWestern Visuals2012 X
Chicks You Missed: Hotties Of Retro PornWestern Visuals2014 X
Christy Canyon's Porn PlayersWestern Visuals2011 X
Chubby Chicks Need Cock TooWestern Visuals2013 X
Classic Box StuffersWestern Visuals2014 X
Classic Butt SlutsWestern Visuals2013 X
Classic Cock FiendsWestern Visuals2014 X
Classic Cougars Cum HardWestern Visuals2014 X
Classic Cunt Lovin' LezziesWestern Visuals2014 X
Classic Ebony SlutsWestern Visuals2015 X
Classic Gangbangs By Filthy FrankWestern Visuals2012 X
Classic LesbiansWestern Visuals2015 X
Classic Outdoor Whores Do It Wild StyleWestern Visuals2012 X
Classic RedheadsWestern Visuals2015 X
Classic Smut CutsWestern Visuals2013 X
Classic Smut Cuts: Ron JeremyWestern Visuals2013 X
Classic Stars Cum In 3sWestern Visuals2013 X
Classic Tits GaloreWestern Visuals2013 X
Creampie Classics Get MessyWestern Visuals2013 X
Crimson KissWestern Visuals1993  
Cum Inside Erica BoyerWestern Visuals2013 X
Cum On The CougarWestern Visuals2014 X
Cunt Craving GirlsWestern Visuals2014 X
Dark Haired VixensWestern Visuals2014 X
Debi Diamond's Porn PlayersWestern Visuals2012 X
Deep ObsessionWestern Visuals1987 X
Deep PenetrationWestern Visuals2014 X
Delicious CherriesWestern Visuals2014 X
Desiree Cousteau's Porn PlayersWestern Visuals2012 X
Double Penetration 1Western Visuals1991 X
Dungeon DwellersWestern Visuals2014 X
Erica Boyer's Porn PlayersWestern Visuals2011 X
ErotikaWestern Visuals19944X
Filthy 80'sWestern Visuals2013 X
GhostsWestern Visuals19951 
Ginger Lynn's SlutsWestern Visuals2015 X
Girls of Cell Block FWestern Visuals1985 X
Girls Of The 90s Get GrungeyWestern Visuals2012 X
Give It To Her GoodWestern Visuals2014 X
Group LoveWestern Visuals2014 X
Hard Road To VictoryWestern Visuals1989 X
Hardbreak Ridge: A Team 3Western Visuals1990 X
Head GamesWestern Visuals1985 X
Heavy KnockersWestern Visuals2014 X
Hilarious Scenes of Classic PornWestern Visuals2014 X
Hospitality SweetWestern Visuals1988 X
Hottest Blondes Of Classic PornWestern Visuals2014 X
How's Your BushWestern Visuals2012 X
Huge Bras 6Western Visuals1991  
I Am DesireWestern Visuals1992 X
It Came From The Vault: 2 Chicks 1 DickWestern Visuals2012 X
Itty Bitty Classic Titties 2Western Visuals2013 X
John Holmes' Porn PlayersWestern Visuals2011 X
Juggs of HistoryWestern Visuals2014 X
Juliette Anderson's (Aunt Peg) Porn PlayersWestern Visuals2011  
Kay Parker's Knock OutsWestern Visuals2013 X
Keisha's Kum LoversWestern Visuals2014 X
Keisha's Porn PlayersWestern Visuals2011 X
Kiss Is a Rebel with a CauseWestern Visuals1993  
L.A. FantasiesWestern Visuals1990  
Lezzy Lick HersWestern Visuals2013 X
Linda Lovelace's Porn PlayersWestern Visuals2012 X
Lisa De Leeuw's Porn PlayersWestern Visuals2011 X
Locker Room Sluts Work It OutWestern Visuals2013 X
Lust Potion of Dr. FWestern Visuals1986 X
Mom's Wet DreamsWestern Visuals2013 X
Multiple Orgasms (II)Western Visuals2013 X
Naked Bun 2 1/2Western Visuals1991 X
Naughty In NightiesWestern Visuals2013 X
Nina Hartley's Porn PlayersWestern Visuals2011 X
Nina Hartley's TrampsWestern Visuals2013 X
Now That's How You Orgy 2Western Visuals2013 X
Now Thats How You OrgyWestern Visuals2013 X
NymphetteWestern Visuals1986 X
Old Skool Bush BonanzaWestern Visuals2012 X
Once They Go BlackWestern Visuals2013 X
Oral Majority 13Western Visuals1995  
Oral Majority The MovieWestern Visuals1991 X
Plastic ClassicsWestern Visuals2012 X
Porn Royalty: Ginger LynnWestern Visuals2014 X
Porn Royalty: John HolmesWestern Visuals2014 X
Porn Royalty: Nina HartleyWestern Visuals2014 X
Porn Royalty: SekaWestern Visuals2014 X
Porn's Forgotten SlutsWestern Visuals2014 X
Pussy Lickin Good Classic Chicks Dyke OutWestern Visuals2013 X
Pyts Of OspWestern Visuals2013  
Rearended And RetroWestern Visuals2014 X
Redhead Tag Team Shanna McCullough and Lisa DeleeuwWestern Visuals2013  
Remember That PussyWestern Visuals2014 X
Retro Babes Love DickWestern Visuals2014 X
Retro Bitches in PublicWestern Visuals2015 X
Retro Knob Slobbers On The LooseWestern Visuals2012 X
Retro LesbiansWestern Visuals2015 X
Retro Lesbians 2Western Visuals2015 X
Retro Pussy PoundersWestern Visuals2013 X
Retro Sex FiendsWestern Visuals2013 X
Retro Sluts Take It In The ButtWestern Visuals2012 X
Retro Teens And Steamy Wet DreamsWestern Visuals2012 X
Rub A Dub Dub Retro Sluts In A TubWestern Visuals2012 X
Samantha Strong's Porn PlayersWestern Visuals2012 X
Satin AngelsWestern Visuals1987 X
Seductive Sluts Of Classic PornWestern Visuals2014 X
Seka's BombshellsWestern Visuals2013 X
Seka's Porn PlayersWestern Visuals2011 X
Sexy ChocolateWestern Visuals2014 X
Sharon Mitchell's Muff DiversWestern Visuals2013 X
Sharon Mitchell's Porn PlayersWestern Visuals2011 X
Slippery When WetWestern Visuals2014 X
Soul Holes: Classic Black GirlsWestern Visuals2013 X
Splat On The Cum Canvas Classic FacialsWestern Visuals2013  
Stacy Nichols' Porn PlayersWestern Visuals2012 X
Sticky SituationsWestern Visuals2014 X
Suck The ShaftWestern Visuals2014 X
Swingin' Retro Sex PartyWestern Visuals2013 X
Taija Rae's Porn PlayersWestern Visuals2012 X
Tail Taggers 111Western Visuals1994 X
Tail Taggers 130Western Visuals1995 X
Take 'Em All InWestern Visuals2014 X
Take Em All InWestern Visuals2014 X
Take It To The BaseWestern Visuals2013 X
Teacher's Favorite PetWestern Visuals1985 X
They Want It They Need ItWestern Visuals2014 X
Thick N' Curvy ClassicsWestern Visuals2015 X
Three Men and A HookerWestern Visuals1991  
Throw Back Muff Munchers Dine InWestern Visuals2012 X
Tiffany Mynx's Porn PlayersWestern Visuals2012 X
Tight PuckerWestern Visuals1992  
Toys 4 Us 2Western Visuals1987  
Tracey Adams Retro WhorehouseWestern Visuals2014 X
Tramps of Old School PornWestern Visuals2015 X
Vanessa Del Rio's Porn PlayersWestern Visuals2011 X
VHS Vixens: The Wet 80'sWestern Visuals2014 X
What's Your FantasyWestern Visuals2014 X
When Black Attacks Classic BroadsWestern Visuals2012 X
When Black Attacks Classic Broads 2Western Visuals2013 X
When Ebony Does IvoryWestern Visuals2014 X
When Porn Ruled The Earth The 70sWestern Visuals2013 X
When They Were Young 2Western Visuals2015 X
Whores Of YoreWestern Visuals2013 X
Wild About HarryWestern Visuals19972X
X-treme ScenesWestern Visuals2014 X

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