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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
501HIS1982 X
Absolute SexHIS1993  
All About SteveHIS19941X
All-Male Preview Tape 1HIS1988  
An Asshole DarklyHIS2006  
Around The World In 80 GaysHIS2008  
Art of the DealHIS1994  
Ass Slammin' Sex Addicts HIS20071X
AssablancaHIS2007 X
Assaholics AnonymousHIS2007 X
Athletic SupportersHIS1999  
Back Door BoysHIS2008 X
Bareback Mountin'HIS2009 X
Beach Balling Boys HIS20072X
Before the Devil Gives You Head HIS2008 X
Big WatermelonHIS   
Bigger Stronger Harder HIS2008 X
Black FantasiesHIS1991  
Blown CoverHIS1990 X
Bone Ultimatum HIS2008 X
Bottom Dwellers HIS2009 X
Boys ClubHIS2009 X
Boys Will Be BoysHIS2007 X
Butt PiratesHIS2006 X
California CreamingHIS1997  
California Dream InnHIS1993  
Callguys, USAHIS1991  
Caribbean CruisingHIS1985 X
Carnival TailsHIS1990  
Chip Off the Old BlockHIS1986 X
Choice CutsHIS1983  
Cock of the WalkHIS1993  
Cockeyed EagleHIS1991 X
CocktalesHIS1989 X
Cocoa and CreamHIS1997  
Cousins Should Do ItHIS1989 X
Cruising ParkHIS1993 X
Deep StrokesHIS2008 X
Dicksucked DaddiesHIS1996 X
Dirty Men Private DreamsHIS1996  
Dong SlingingHIS1994  
Down and DirtyHIS2009 X
El Paso Wrecking Co.HIS1977  
Fade OutHIS19842X
Fire in the HoleHIS2008 X
For My Eyes OnlyHIS1992  
Fresh MeatHIS1996 X
Fuck BuddiesHIS2009 X
Fuck You Sucker HIS2008 X
G.I. Jocks: Out of the RanksHIS19941X
Gives Head Revisited HIS2008 X
Glory Holes 1: Black Monster CocksHIS1995 X
Glory Holes 2: White Men Black CocksHIS1999  
Glory Holes 28: Ass Fucking CowboysHIS2000  
Glory Holes 9: Locker Room OrgyHIS1999  
Hammer It HomeHIS1997  
Hard FactsHIS1999  
His Dracula XXXHIS2012  
His First Twink HIS2007 X
Holding TankHIS1985  
Hole WreckersHIS2008 X
Hot Shots 11: Men's RoomHIS1986 X
Hot Shots 14: Tight BunsHIS1995  
Hot Shots 15: BottomsHIS1988  
Hot Shots 16: Beach BuddiesHIS1987  
Hot Shots 20: More Tight BunsHIS1995  
Hot Shots 21: Big OnesHIS1988  
Hot Shots 22: Raw RearsHIS1992  
Hot Shots 27: Super StudsHIS1999  
Hot Shots 28: Hot PickupsHIS1989  
Hot Shots 3: The ContestHIS1986  
Hot Shots 30: Hot JocksHIS1989  
Hot Shots 33: Massive ThingsHIS1990  
Hot Shots 34: More OrgiesHIS1999  
Hot Shots 44: Golden BoysHIS1991  
Hot Shots 5: LeatherHIS1986  
Hot Shots 6: KinkHIS1986  
Hot Wired SexHIS1993  
How Big is Danny?HIS1991  
Huge Instru-MenHIS1994  
Hung And HairyHIS19961X
Hung Hotel HIS1993 X
I'll Do Anything Just... Please Don't TellHIS20071 
Idle PleasuresHIS1990  
Idol WorshipHIS1991 X
In Wad We Trust HIS2008 X
It Happened One DayHIS1992 X
JailmatesHIS1985 X
Journey To The Center of the AssHIS2008 X
Just 18 and GayHIS2000  
Keep In TouchHIS1991  
L.A. Sex StoriesHIS1991  
L.A. Tool and DieHIS1979 X
Laid To OrderHIS1993 X
Larger Than LifeHIS1988 X
Latin HustleHIS1993  
Latin InstinctHIS1993  
Latin SubmissionHIS1993 X
Lovers Coming HomeHIS1990  
Lovers, Cheaters, and ManeatersHIS1991  
Major CockHIS1992  
Making It HugeHIS19851X
Male Tales: The Interactive GameHIS1995  
Man ConstructionHIS1994  
Man with the Golden Rod: View to a Thrill 2HIS1991  
ManhandledHIS2009 X
Manhattan SkylineHIS1995 X
Marine MuscleHIS1991  
Matinee IdolHIS1995 X
Meat and PotatoesHIS1997 X
Mind BlowerHIS1995  
Moon Also RisesHIS1993  
My Soul DesireHIS1991  
Nailin' AssHIS2008 X
Naked MunchHIS2006 X
Naked StallionHIS1994  
Neighborhood GamesHIS1993  
Ninety Dirty MinutesHIS1993  
No MercyHIS1997 X
On TopHIS1989 X
One and Only DominatorHIS1992  
Party AnimalsHIS1993  
Penis in Paradise HIS2008 X
Perfect Piece of AssHIS2010 X
Pickle Lickers HIS2008 X
Playing the FieldHIS1991 X
Power DriverHIS1994 X
Power Poles HIS2008 X
Prized PiecesHIS1997  
Radio ManHIS1991  
Raven RawHIS2000  
Raw StockHIS1994  
Razor CloseHIS1992  
Rear End WindowHIS1992  
Rectum of Solace HIS2008 X
Ride 'Em CowboyHIS2009 X
Salsa FeverHIS1992  
Santa Monica PlaceHIS19932X
Seattle Sea HunksHIS1987  
Sex DepotHIS1992  
Sex MexHIS1994 X
Sex TipsHIS1995  
Sexposed BodyHIS1995  
Shock JocksHIS2009 X
Shoot 'Em Up Your AssHIS2007 X
Shower FantasiesHIS1990  
Soldier's SecretHIS2007 X
Songs In The Key Of SexHIS1992 X
Southland Tails HIS2008 X
Special RequestHIS1997  
Split Decision HIS1997 X
Spunk In The TrunkHIS2011  
Star Shots 3: Chris BurnsHIS1986  
Star Shots 4: Melchor DiazHIS1986  
Star Shots 5: Richard LockeHIS1986  
Stick ShiftHIS1986 X
Stiff CocktailHIS1994 X
Straight No MoreHIS1990  
Straight Studs 1 (II)HIS1991  
Street KidsHIS1983 X
Strictly ConfidentialHIS1990  
Stripped DownHIS19951X
Stud Poker HIS2009 X
Suckulent StudsHIS2007 X
Sun DevilsHIS1990  
Sunday BrunchHIS1990  
Sunsex Blvd.HIS1994 X
Supernads HIS2007 X
Take it Like a Man (II)HIS1994 X
Teach Me (II)HIS1992 X
Texas Size 12HIS1989 X
Their Wild WaysHIS1991  
Thinking BigHIS1985  
Tough ChoicesHIS1991  
Tricks and Treats HIS2008 X
Twinked 2HIS2009 X
UndergroundHIS1997 X
Uninhibited and UncutHIS1991  
What Guys Do BestHIS1991  
Where The Night Takes YouHIS1992  
White SteelHIS1990  
Wick DippingHIS1994  
X Marks The SpotHIS1990 X
Young Boys On The SideHIS2007 X
Young Dumb and HungHIS2008 X
Young, Fresh And HardHIS2010 X

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