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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
American Fist and PissEmpire Video2000  
Attack of the 15" CocksEmpire Video2004 X
Beachside BitchesEmpire Video1998  
Black Up in Her 1Empire Video20001X
Black Up in Her 2Empire Video2000 X
Black Up in Her Ass 1Empire Video2002 X
Black Up in Her Ass 2Empire Video2004 X
Confessions Of A Porn StarEmpire Video1998 X
Empire 5Empire Video2012  
European Fuck FlicksEmpire Video1999 X
Every Man's Fantasy 2: Just 18Empire Video2003  
Every Man's Fantasy 3Empire Video2004 X
Every Man's Fetish 1: 18 and Barely LegalEmpire Video19983 
Every Man's Fetish 2: 18 and Fuckin' HornyEmpire Video19991X
Every Man's Fetish 3Empire Video20001 
Every Man's Fetish 4Empire Video2000  
Every Man's Fetish 5Empire Video2001 X
Faces With BracesEmpire Video2001 X
Farm Girl FantasiesEmpire Video1999 X
Freaks Of NatureEmpire Video2000 X
Grannies Slumber PartyEmpire Video1998 X
Gushing OrgasmsEmpire Video20001 
Hardcore Fucking MachinesEmpire Video2004 X
House of FreaksEmpire Video19981X
Huge Fuckin' CocksEmpire Video1999  
Huge Fuckin' Tits, Huge Fuckin' DicksEmpire Video2001  
Insane in the BrainEmpire Video19991 
KinkEmpire Video2000 X
Mr. Moon's Public Perversions 1Empire Video1998  
Mr. Moon's Public Perversions 2Empire Video19981 
Paperback DamesEmpire Video2000  
Party Girls 1Empire Video19984X
Party Girls 2: Anal AdventuresEmpire Video19981 
Party Girls 3: So You Want to be a Porn StarEmpire Video1998  
Party Girls 4: Viva Las VegasEmpire Video1999 X
Party Girls 5: Spanish FliesEmpire Video1999  
Perverse DesiresEmpire Video1999 X
PerversionEmpire Video2000 X
Prime Time Pussy 1: Pleasure PervertsEmpire Video19981 
Prime Time Pussy 2Empire Video19981X
Public PeeEmpire Video2000  
Seriously FuckedEmpire Video2000 X
Seriously ScrewedEmpire Video2001  
Sex In the Middle of HollywoodEmpire Video1998  
TwistEmpire Video2000  
Wet Cotton PantiesEmpire Video2000 X
Your Neighbor's DaughterEmpire Video2001 X

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