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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
Austin Nova and Tim Lawfightandfuck.com2017  
Chad Johnstone and Martin Musefightandfuck.com2017  
Corey Law and Miguel Alvesfightandfuck.com2017  
Corey Law and Tim Lawfightandfuck.com2017  
Danny Austin and Andrew Kittfightandfuck.com2017  
Greg Noll and Jamie Oliverfightandfuck.com2018  
Greg Noll and Tyler Foxfightandfuck.com2018  
Jack Finix and Justin Jamesfightandfuck.com2017  
James Huck and Troy Varafightandfuck.com2017  
Joel Vargas and Dom Ullyfightandfuck.com2017  
Joel Vargas and Tyler Foxfightandfuck.com2018  
Johannes Lars and Tim Lawfightandfuck.com2017  
Justin James vs. Casper Ellisfightandfuck.com2017  
Lucas Morrison and Dominik Blackfightandfuck.com2017  
Luke Ward and Jamie Oliverfightandfuck.com2018  
Martin Muse and Rudy Valentinofightandfuck.com2017  
Pedro Ramos and Andy Scottfightandfuck.com2018  
Rick Jonas and Ariel Blackfightandfuck.com2017  
Rick Jonas and Milo Hudsonfightandfuck.com2018  
Ryan Cage and Ariel Blackfightandfuck.com2017  
Ryan Cage and Jamie Oliverfightandfuck.com2018  
Tomas Fuk and Vito Marcianofightandfuck.com2018  
Vitali Kutcher and Andrew Kittfightandfuck.com2018  

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