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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
Afternoon HappeningMagic World of Love1990  
All My FuckersMagic World of Love1990  
Anal ParadeMagic World of Love1992  
Bistro BizarrMagic World of Love1990 X
Bistro PerversMagic World of Love1990  
Bizarre LusteMagic World of Love1991  
Body Painting 1Magic World of Love1990  
Body Painting 2Magic World of Love1990  
Bums BarMagic World of Love1993  
Call The GirlsMagic World of Love1990 X
Dirty TinaMagic World of Love1992  
Dream BootMagic World of Love1993  
Exotic Star For FuckMagic World of Love1990  
Fantasy IslandMagic World of Love1992 X
Glasnost USSR SexMagic World of Love1990  
Graf Fuckula 1Magic World of Love1991  
Graf Fuckula 2Magic World of Love1991  
Horny Ass of LeilaMagic World of Love1990  
Hot MemoriesMagic World of Love1992  
Landarzt Dr FickBanana1993  
Leidenschaft PerversMagic World of Love1991  
Love HotelMagic World of Love1992 X
Perverse GestandnisseMagic World of Love1992  
Randy SupergirlsMagic World of Love1993  
Spanish ParadiseMagic World of Love1992  
VoyeurMagic World of Love1991 X
Weekend SexMagic World of Love1991 X

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