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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
10 Girl Birthday OrgyDesperate Pleasures2018 X
9 Mos. of NaughtinessDesperate Pleasures20151X
All Fathers SinDesperate Pleasures2014 X
All She Wants For ChristmasDesperate Pleasures2016 X
Amateur Taboo BlowjobsDirty South Films2017 X
Anal First TimersDesperate Pleasures20141X
Anal First Timers 2Desperate Pleasures2015 X
Anal First Timers 3Desperate Pleasures2015 X
Anal Whores Next DoorDesperate Pleasures20171X
Anal Whores Next Door 2Desperate Pleasures2018 X
As Real As It GetsDesperate Pleasures2018 X
Backseat BlowbangsDesperate Pleasures2017 X
Bathtime BlowjobsDesperate Pleasures20171X
Boondock ButtslutsDesperate Pleasures2019 X
Boondock SlutsDesperate Pleasures2018 X
Boondock Sluts 2Desperate Pleasures2018 X
Boondock Sluts 3Desperate Pleasures2018 X
Boondock Sluts 4Desperate Pleasures2018 X
Boondock Sluts 5: AVN AdventuresDesperate Pleasures2019 X
Boondock Sluts 6Desperate Pleasures2019 X
Brother Fuckers 1Desperate Pleasures2015 X
Bubble Butt HousewivesDesperate Pleasures2019 X
Buttaholics: Butt Of The Month ClubDesperate Pleasures2019 X
Call Girl BlowjobsDesperate Pleasures2017 X
Camille Black's Amateur HourDesperate Pleasures2017 X
Climbing the Family TreeDesperate Pleasures2015 X
Closer Kin Get Deeper InDesperate Pleasures2018 X
Cock TalesDesperate Pleasures2017 X
Creating Daddy IssuesDesperate Pleasures2017 X
Cum for Me DaddyDesperate Pleasures20151X
Cum For Me Daddy 2Desperate Pleasures20161X
Cum For Me Daddy 3Desperate Pleasures2016 X
Cum For Me Daddy 4Desperate Pleasures20171X
Cum For Me Daddy 5Desperate Pleasures2017 X
Cum For Me Daddy 6Desperate Pleasures2018 X
Cum For Mommy (II)Desperate Pleasures2017 X
Cum For Mommy 2Desperate Pleasures2019 X
Cum in Me DaddyDesperate Pleasures2016 X
Cum in My Back DoorDesperate Pleasures2017 X
Cum Swapping SistersDesperate Pleasures20163X
Daddy and IDesperate Pleasures2014 X
Daddy I'm A Big Girl Now 2Desperate Pleasures2016 X
Daddy Made Me a MommyDesperate Pleasures20151X
Daddy Made Me a MonsterDesperate Pleasures2017 X
Daddy Makes Me SquirtDesperate Pleasures2014 X
Daddy Touched Me ThereDesperate Pleasures2015 X
Daddy Touched Me There TooDesperate Pleasures2017 X
Daddy's Anal PrincessDesperate Pleasures20151X
Daddy's Dirty DozenDesperate Pleasures2016 X
Daddy's Dirty GirlsDesperate Pleasures20141X
Daddy's Dirty Girls 3Desperate Pleasures2016 X
Daddy's DungeonDesperate Pleasures2016 X
Daddy's Dungeon 2Desperate Pleasures2016  
Daddy's Favorite ThreesomesDesperate Pleasures2018 X
Daddy's Favorite Threesomes 2Desperate Pleasures2019 X
Daddy's FavoritesDesperate Pleasures2015 X
Daddy's POV Pleasures 2Desperate Pleasures2018 X
Daddy's Private Sex TapesDesperate Pleasures2017 X
Daddy's Private Sex Tapes 2Desperate Pleasures2018 X
Daddy's Private Sex Tapes 3Desperate Pleasures2018 X
Daddy's Video VirginsDesperate Pleasures2015 X
Daddy's Video Virgins 2Desperate Pleasures2015 X
Daddy's Video Virgins 3Desperate Pleasures2015 X
Daddy's WatchingDesperate Pleasures2015 X
Daddy's Watching 2Desperate Pleasures2019 X
Daughter's DesiresDesperate Pleasures2014 X
Dealing With DaddyDesperate Pleasures20161X
Deflower Me DaddyDesperate Pleasures2014 X
Devious DaughtersDesperate Pleasures2014 X
DNA: Daughters Need AnalDesperate Pleasures20141X
DNA: Daughters Need Anal 2Desperate Pleasures20151X
DNA: Daughters Need Anal 3Desperate Pleasures20161X
Do Me Like DaddyDesperate Pleasures20161X
Dogg TaggedDesperate Pleasures2019 X
DPU Sorority House RulesDesperate Pleasures2015 X
Emily's Naughty CousinsDesperate Pleasures20151X
Extra Virgin HandjobsDesperate Pleasures2018 X
Family Anal AdventuresDesperate Pleasures20152X
Family Anal Adventures 2Desperate Pleasures2016 X
Family Anal Adventures 3Desperate Pleasures2016 X
Family Anal Adventures 4Desperate Pleasures2018 X
Family Camming 2Desperate Pleasures20161X
Family CuckoldsDesperate Pleasures20181X
Family Cuckolds 2Desperate Pleasures2018 X
Family Cums FirstDesperate Pleasures2014 X
Family LiesDesperate Pleasures2014 X
Family Lies 2Desperate Pleasures2015 X
Family Pokeher NightsDesperate Pleasures2017 X
Family Stuffing RecipesDesperate Pleasures2018 X
Family TraditionsDesperate Pleasures20141X
Family Traditions 2Desperate Pleasures2016 X
Family WayDesperate Pleasures2014 X
Father Daughter SeductionsDesperate Pleasures2015 X
Father Daughter Seductions 2: Mommie QuestDesperate Pleasures20151X
Fetcon FuckfestDesperate Pleasures2016 X
First Child FavoritismDesperate Pleasures2016 X
First Time FootjobsDesperate Pleasures2015 X
First Time Footjobs 2Desperate Pleasures2016 X
First Time Footjobs 3Desperate Pleasures2018 X
Footjob VirginsDesperate Pleasures2014 X
Fuck Me And My FeetDesperate Pleasures2019 X
Gangbang My Daughter with MeDesperate Pleasures2017 X
Genetic Sexual AttractionDesperate Pleasures2018 X
Girls Gone DesperateDesperate Pleasures2015 X
Grandpa's Private Sex TapesDesperate Pleasures2015 X
Grandpa's Private Sex Tapes 2Desperate Pleasures2015 X
Her Favorite ToysDesperate Pleasures2016 X
Hope Harper's Full HouseDesperate Pleasures2015 X
Hope Harper's White ChristmasDesperate Pleasures20151X
Hope's Halloween WhorrorsDesperate Pleasures2015 X
Hope's Helpful HandsDesperate Pleasures2016 X
Hungry Hungry PreggosDesperate Pleasures2018 X
I Blow Better Than MommyDesperate Pleasures20161X
I Blow Better Than Mommy 2Desperate Pleasures2017 X
Inappropriate EncountersDesperate Pleasures2015 X
Interracial Family AffairsDesperate Pleasures20141X
Interracial Family Affairs 3Desperate Pleasures20151X
Interracial Family Affairs 4Desperate Pleasures20161X
Interracial Family Affairs 5Desperate Pleasures2017 X
Interracial Family Affairs 6Desperate Pleasures2018 X
It's All RelativeDesperate Pleasures2018 X
It's Anybodys MessDesperate Pleasures2018 X
Jerky Girls Of America 2Desperate Pleasures2015 X
Jerky Girls Of America 4Desperate Pleasures2016 X
Jerky Girls Of America 6Desperate Pleasures2018 X
Jerky Girls Of America 7Desperate Pleasures2018 X
Just For You Daddy: Hope Harper POVDesperate Pleasures20151X
Layover LesbiansDesperate Pleasures2017 X
Lesbian DaughtersDesperate Pleasures2017 X
Licklish LesbiansDesperate Pleasures2014 X
Logan's SinsDesperate Pleasures2015 X
Loving FamilyDesperate Pleasures2015 X
Making Mommy SquirtDesperate Pleasures2017 X
Manipulative MilfsDesperate Pleasures20161X
Maxine X's Cuckold ChroniclesDesperate Pleasures20171X
Maxine's Strap-on Fuck DollsDesperate Pleasures2018 X
Mommie Wants Me TooDesperate Pleasures2015 X
Mommy Loves You POVDesperate Pleasures2017 X
Mommy Made Me Do ItDesperate Pleasures2018 X
Mommy Needs MoreDesperate Pleasures2017 X
Mommy's Going BlackDesperate Pleasures2017 X
More Than Kissing CousinsDesperate Pleasures2015 X
Mouths Of BabesDesperate Pleasures2018 X
Mouths Of Babes 2Desperate Pleasures2018 X
My Daughter's Big TitsDesperate Pleasures20141X
My Daughter's Private Sex Tapes 2Desperate Pleasures2017 X
My Daughter's Private SextapesDesperate Pleasures20161X
My Grandson's GirlfriendsDesperate Pleasures2015 X
My Naughty NiecesDesperate Pleasures2014 X
My Stepmom Fucked Us AllDesperate Pleasures20171X
My Uncle's CummingDesperate Pleasures2016 X
New and UsedDesperate Pleasures2015 X
Night Daddy CameDesperate Pleasures2017 X
Nylon NasstinessDesperate Pleasures20161X
OCD: Obsessive Compulsive DaughtersDesperate Pleasures2015 X
Omg You're My DaddyDesperate Pleasures2017 X
Our Brothers, Our CuckoldsDesperate Pleasures2015 X
Pleasing PapiDesperate Pleasures2015 X
Pregnant and Pounded 2Desperate Pleasures20151X
Pregnant and Pounded 3Desperate Pleasures2015 X
Pregnant and Pounded 4Desperate Pleasures2017 X
PTSD: Paid To Suck DickDesperate Pleasures20161X
Punish Me DaddyDesperate Pleasures20161X
Road Trips with DaddyDesperate Pleasures20171X
Salacious SiblingsDesperate Pleasures2017 X
Scarlette's Family AffairsDesperate Pleasures20141X
Schoolgirl DiariesDesperate Pleasures20141X
Schoolgirl Diaries 2Desperate Pleasures2015 X
Senator's GranddaughterDesperate Pleasures20151X
Silenced By the HamsDesperate Pleasures2017 X
Sister JackedDesperate Pleasures2018 X
Spitroast SlutsDesperate Pleasures2017 X
Sybian Sluts 2Desperate Pleasures2014 X
Sybian Sluts 3Desperate Pleasures2014 X
Sybian Sluts 4Desperate Pleasures2015 X
Taboo Casting CallsDesperate Pleasures20141X
Taboo Casting Calls 2Desperate Pleasures2015 X
Taboo Casting Calls 3Desperate Pleasures2015 X
Taboo Casting Calls 4Desperate Pleasures2015 X
Taboo Casting Calls 5Desperate Pleasures2015 X
Taboo Casting Calls 6Desperate Pleasures20151X
Taboo Casting Calls 7Desperate Pleasures2016 X
Taboo Casting Calls 8Desperate Pleasures2016 X
Taboo Casting Calls 9Desperate Pleasures2017 X
Taboo Christmas TalesDesperate Pleasures2014 X
Taboo CreampiesDesperate Pleasures2014 X
Taboo Creampies 2Desperate Pleasures2015 X
Taboo Creampies 3Desperate Pleasures2015 X
Taboo Creampies 4Desperate Pleasures20161X
Taboo Creampies 5Desperate Pleasures2017 X
Taboo Diaries 1Desperate Pleasures2014 X
Taboo Diaries 10Desperate Pleasures20161X
Taboo Diaries 11Desperate Pleasures20161X
Taboo Diaries 12Desperate Pleasures2017 X
Taboo Diaries 14Desperate Pleasures2018 X
Taboo Diaries 15Desperate Pleasures2018 X
Taboo Diaries 16Desperate Pleasures2018 X
Taboo Diaries 2Desperate Pleasures2014 X
Taboo Diaries 3Desperate Pleasures2014 X
Taboo Diaries 4Desperate Pleasures2015 X
Taboo Diaries 5Desperate Pleasures2015 X
Taboo Diaries 6Desperate Soldier2015 X
Taboo Diaries 7Desperate Pleasures2015 X
Taboo Diaries 8Desperate Pleasures20151X
Taboo Diaries 9Desperate Pleasures20161X
Taboo Family MattersDesperate Pleasures20152X
Taboo Family Vacation 2: A XXX Taboo ParodyDesperate Pleasures20161X
Taboo Family Vacation: An XXX Taboo ParodyDesperate Pleasures2015 X
Taboo HandjobsDesperate Pleasures2014 X
Taboo Handjobs 2Desperate Pleasures2014 X
Taboo Handjobs 3Desperate Pleasures2015 X
Taboo RevelationsDesperate Pleasures2016 X
Taboo Teens 2018Desperate Pleasures2018 X
Taboo U 2Desperate Pleasures2015 X
Taboo U Campus LifeDesperate Pleasures2014 X
Tag Team Mommy With MeDesperate Pleasures2015 X
Tattooed Slut Then FuckedDesperate Pleasures2018 X
Ten Years Of TeensDesperate Pleasures2019 X
They're Soo BigDesperate Pleasures20161X
Trick Or DickDesperate Pleasures2016 X
Trick Or Treat TrampsDesperate Pleasures2018 X
Twisted Taboo Tales 1Desperate Pleasures2015 X
Twisted Taboo Tales 2Desperate Pleasures2016 X
Udder NonsenseDesperate Pleasures2017 X
Uncle DaddyDesperate Pleasures2017 X
Uncle Jack's Taboo FantasiesDesperate Pleasures2015 X
Uncle Jack's Taboo Fantasies 4Desperate Pleasures2016 X
Virtually TabooDesperate Pleasures2019 X
Watch Me Fuck My BrotherDesperate Pleasures2017 X
Weekend At GrandpasDesperate Pleasures2014 X
Weekend at Grandpas 4Desperate Pleasures20151X
Weekends At Grandpas 2Desperate Pleasures2015 X
Weekends at Grandpas 3Desperate Pleasures2015 X
Weekends At Grandpas 6Desperate Pleasures2017 X
When Daddy's GoneDesperate Pleasures2016 X
When Mom Finds OutDesperate Pleasures20141X
Whoreable BossesDesperate Pleasures2015 X
Your Darkest DesiresDesperate Pleasures2015 X
Your Daughter Has NeedsDesperate Pleasures2017 X
Your Favorite FantasiesDesperate Pleasures2016 X
Your Horny ValentineDesperate Pleasures2018 X
Your Sister SucksDesperate Pleasures2017 X
Zombies Are CummingDesperate Pleasures2017 X

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