distributors : active duty (marina pacific)

Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
1st PlatoonActive Duty2000  
2nd PlatoonActive Duty2000  
3rd PlatoonActive Duty (Marina Pacific)2000  
Active Duty Live Christmas Active Duty (Marina Pacific)20071 
Allied ForcesActive Duty (Marina Pacific)2002 X
An Army of FunActive Duty2002  
Basic TrainingActive Duty2001 X
Basic Training 2: With Lex and FriendsActive Duty2001 X
Basic Training 3Active Duty2001  
Battle Buddies 1: Zane and TullyActive Duty2000  
Battle Buddies 2: Zack and JasonActive Duty2000  
Battle Buddies 3: Andrew and TimActive Duty2000  
Battle Buddies 4Active Duty2001  
Battle Buddies 5Active Duty2002  
Chicago SquidActive Duty (Marina Pacific)2002 X
Cocked and Loaded 1Active Duty1997 X
Cocked and Loaded 2Active Duty1997 X
Cocked and Loaded 3Active Duty (Marina Pacific)1997 X
Commando CumActive Duty2000  
Commando Cum 2Active Duty2000  
Commando Cum 3Active Duty2001  
Cum Hungry GruntsActive Duty2000 X
Dink's Dirty Dozen 1Active Duty2000  
Dink's Dirty Dozen 2Active Duty2001  
Drafted 1Active Duty2008 X
Enlusted Soldiers 1Active Duty (Marina Pacific)2002 X
Enlusted Soldiers 2Active Duty (Marina Pacific)2002 X
Enlusted Soldiers 3Active Duty (Marina Pacific)2003 X
Extra Duty 1Active Duty2002  
Extra Duty 2Active Duty2002  
Extra Duty 3Active Duty (Marina Pacific)2002  
Long Deployment 2Active Duty (Marina Pacific)20081X
Love Always Pvt. ZaneActive Duty2000 X
Out of the BrigActive Duty2002 X
Platoon PartyActive Duty (Marina Pacific)2003 X
Pvt. Pillow BiterActive Duty20021X
Rear Formation 3: Bareback TacticsActive Duty (Marina Pacific)2004 X
Rear Gunners 3Active Duty (Marina Pacific)2006 X
Rear March: Bareback CadenceActive Duty (Marina Pacific)2004 X
Seducin' a SailorActive Duty (Marina Pacific)2002 X
Sgt. Fuck 'EmActive Duty (Marina Pacific)2001 X
Sgt. Suck 'EmActive Duty (Marina Pacific)2000 X
Soldier Sleep OversActive Duty (Marina Pacific)2006 X
Tour of Duty 1Active Duty2001 X
Tour of Duty 2Active Duty (Marina Pacific)2002 X
Twin SoldiersActive Duty (Marina Pacific)2006 X

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