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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
1230 West MelroseCatalina Video Distributors1992 X
17th Annual Mr. Leather Contest: 1995Catalina Video Distributors1997  
18th Annual Mr. Leather Contest: 1996Catalina Video Distributors1998  
19th Annual International Mr. Leather Contest: 1997Catalina Video Distributors1999  
20th Annual International Mr. Leather Contest: 1998Catalina Video Distributors2000  
21st Annual International Mr. Leather Contest: 1999Catalina Video Distributors2001  
69: Discover The SecretCatalina Video Distributors2004  
976-MannCatalina Video Distributors1986  
A Married ManLaguna Pacific1974 X
A Stranger In Our HouseCatalina Video Distributors2001  
A Sure ThingCatalina Video Distributors2001 X
Ace in the HoleCatalina Video Distributors1993 X
Ace in Your FaceCatalina Video Distributors19961X
AerobiflexCatalina Video Distributors1989  
All About SexCatalina Video Distributors2000 X
Alley BoysCatalina Video Distributors19951X
Anal Hall of FameCatalina Video Distributors1994  
Asian Men DoCatalina Video Distributors2001 X
Asian Persuasion 1Catalina Video Distributors1997 X
Asian Persuasion 2Catalina Video Distributors1998 X
Australian For LeatherCatalina Video Distributors1999 X
Auto Erotica: The Best of Sex in CarsCatalina Video Distributors1990  
Bad Boys ClubCatalina Video Distributors1988 X
Bear BonedCatalina Video Distributors2004 X
Bear BustCatalina Video Distributors2006 X
Bear ChestedCatalina Video Distributors2002 X
Bear CountryCatalina Video Distributors2001 X
Bear PatrolCatalina Video Distributors2002 X
Bear SkinCatalina Video Distributors1999 X
Bear TrapCatalina Video Distributors2001 X
Beat Off Frenzy 1Catalina Video Distributors1994  
Beat Off Frenzy 2Catalina Video Distributors1995  
Bedtime Stories - Tales To Keep You UpCatalina Video Distributors1991 X
Beef JerkyCatalina Video Distributors1999 X
Behind the Barn DoorCatalina Video Distributors1992 X
Best Bi Far 1Catalina Video Distributors1992  
Best Bi Far 2Catalina Video Distributors1992 X
Best Bi Far 3Catalina Video Distributors1993  
Best Bi Far 4Catalina Video Distributors1996  
Best Bi Far 5Catalina Video Distributors2002 X
Best Little Warehouse in L.A.Catalina Video Distributors1982 X
Best of Adam GrantCatalina Video Distributors1997 X
Best of Aiden ShawCatalina Video Distributors1995 X
Best of Andrew LennoxCatalina Video Distributors2001  
Best of Anthony GalloCatalina Video Distributors1997  
Best of Blake HarperCatalina Video Distributors2000 X
Best of Bo SummersCatalina Video Distributors1994  
Best of Bobby BlakeCatalina Video Distributors2001  
Best of Brandon LeeCatalina Video Distributors1999 X
Best of CaesarCatalina Video Distributors2000 X
Best of Chad HuntCatalina Video Distributors2003 X
Best of Chad KnightCatalina Video Distributors1993 X
Best Of Chris ChampionCatalina Video Distributors1997  
Best Of Cody FosterCatalina Video Distributors1995 X
Best Of Cole TuckerCatalina Video Distributors1999  
Best of Danny SommersCatalina Video Distributors1993 X
Best of Daryl BrockCatalina Video Distributors1995  
Best of Dave CasinoCatalina Video Distributors2000  
Best of Dave LoganCatalina Video Distributors1997  
Best of Derek CruiseCatalina Video Distributors1995  
Best of Dino DiMarcoCatalina Video Distributors1996  
Best of Drew AndrewsCatalina Video Distributors1999 X
Best of Eric ManchesterCatalina Video Distributors1991 X
Best of GianfrancoCatalina Video Distributors1995  
Best of Hank HightowerCatalina Video Distributors2000 X
Best of Jake TaylorCatalina Video Distributors1997 X
Best of Jason BranchCatalina Video Distributors2000 X
Best of Jason CrewCatalina Video Distributors2006 X
Best of Jeff StrykerCatalina Video Distributors1991 X
Best of Joe SimmonsCatalina Video Distributors1991 X
Best of Joey MorganCatalina Video Distributors1994  
Best of Joey Stefano (III)Catalina Video Distributors1992  
Best of John DavenportCatalina Video Distributors1989 X
Best of Johnny RahmCatalina Video Distributors1994  
Best of Jon KingCatalina Video Distributors1990 X
Best of Kevin WilliamsCatalina Video Distributors1990 X
Best of Kip NollCatalina Video Distributors1991 X
Best of Kurt BauerCatalina Video Distributors1991  
Best of Leo FordCatalina Video Distributors1988 X
Best of Lex BaldwinCatalina Video Distributors1994  
Best of Matt BradshawCatalina Video Distributors2000  
Best of Matt PowersCatalina Video Distributors1991  
Best of Max GrandCatalina Video Distributors1996 X
Best of Michael BrandonCatalina Video Distributors2000 X
Best of Michael ParksCatalina Video Distributors1992  
Best of Mike HensonCatalina Video Distributors1990 X
Best of Paul MorganCatalina Video Distributors1999  
Best of Ray Harley 1Catalina Video Distributors2000 X
Best of Ray Harley 2Catalina Video Distributors2003  
Best of Rick MathewsCatalina Video Distributors2000  
Best of Rob CrystonCatalina Video Distributors1993 X
Best of Ryan YeagerCatalina Video Distributors1992  
Best of Sam CrockettCatalina Video Distributors1997 X
Best of Scott BondCatalina Video Distributors1992 X
Best of Scott RandsomeCatalina Video Distributors1996  
Best of Steve O'DonnellCatalina Video Distributors1997  
Best of Steve RamboCatalina Video Distributors1996  
Best of Tom KattCatalina Video Distributors1995  
Best of Tommy SaxxCatalina Video Distributors2002  
Best of Tony IdolCatalina Video Distributors1997  
Best of Tuck JohnsonCatalina Video Distributors2000  
Best of Ty FoxCatalina Video Distributors1996 X
Best of Wes DanielsCatalina Video Distributors1993 X
Best of Zackary PierceCatalina Video Distributors2006 X
Best of Zak SpearsCatalina Video Distributors1996 X
Beyond HawaiiLaguna Pacific1985 X
Bi Bi LoveCatalina Video Distributors1986 X
Bi-coastalCatalina Video Distributors1985 X
Bi-ology: The Making of Mr. RightCatalina Video Distributors1994  
Bi-sexual FantasiesCatalina Video Distributors19851X
Big Bear LakeCatalina Video Distributors1997 X
Big BenCatalina Video Distributors2004 X
Big BulgeCatalina Video Distributors2003 X
Big GunsCatalina Video Distributors1990 X
Big Guns 1Catalina Video Distributors19871X
Big Guns 2Catalina Video Distributors1998 X
Big OneCatalina Video Distributors1988 X
Big SwitchCatalina Video Distributors1985 X
Big Switch 3: Bachelor PartyCatalina Video Distributors1991 X
Bigger They ComeCatalina Video Distributors1986 X
BillboardCatalina Video Distributors19891X
Bite 1Catalina Video Distributors1993 X
Bite 2: BloodlineCatalina Video Distributors1998 X
Black Alley: South of the BorderCatalina Video Distributors1990 X
Black Attack 1Catalina Video Distributors1988 X
Black Attack 2Catalina Video Distributors1998 X
Black DraftCatalina Video Distributors1993 X
Black For MoreCatalina Video Distributors1994 X
Black ForceCatalina Video Distributors1988 X
Black in the SaddleCatalina Video Distributors19961X
Black MagicCatalina Video Distributors1988 X
Black Men DoCatalina Video Distributors1998 X
Black Power (II)Catalina Video Distributors1996 X
Black Tie AffairCatalina Video Distributors2001 X
Black WishesCatalina Video Distributors1999 X
Blockbuster CocksCatalina Video Distributors2002  
Blond Spunk PunksCatalina Video Distributors2007 X
Blow HardCatalina Video Distributors19962X
Blow Me DownCatalina Video Distributors1995 X
Blue Collar BonersCatalina Video Distributors2007 X
Body HeatCatalina Video Distributors1997 X
Body MastersCatalina Video Distributors1992 X
Born To Be WildCatalina Video Distributors1995 X
Boss ManCatalina Video Distributors19981X
Bound For LeatherCatalina Video Distributors1998 X
Boy BandCatalina Video Distributors20021X
Boy Holes Fucked RawCatalina Video Distributors2018 X
Boy Who Cried DILFCatalina Video Distributors2013 X
Boys From Bel-AirCatalina Video Distributors1994 X
Boys From New JerseyCatalina Video Distributors1981  
Boys of San FranciscoCatalina Video Distributors1980 X
Boys of VeniceCatalina Video Distributors1979 X
Breathless: Classified Action 2Catalina Video Distributors1996 X
Bred RawCatalina Video Distributors2017 X
Brief EncountersCatalina Video Distributors1992 X
Brother LoadLaguna Pacific19831X
Brother TroubleCatalina Video Distributors1989 X
Brother Trouble 2: Coming TogetherCatalina Video Distributors1990  
Brothers Should Do ItCatalina Video Distributors1981 X
Built for SexCatalina Video Distributors2002 X
Bulge: Mass AppealCatalina Video Distributors1988  
Bun BoysCatalina Video Distributors2002 X
BurningCatalina Video Distributors1997 X
Buster Goes To LagunaCatalina Video Distributors1982 X
California SummerCatalina Video Distributors1984 X
Call BoyCatalina Video Distributors1996 X
CarnivoresCatalina Video Distributors2004 X
Cat Men DoCatalina Video Distributors1996 X
Catalina 3 for AllCatalina Video Distributors1997  
Catalina BearsCatalina Video Distributors1999  
Catalina Bears 2Catalina Video Distributors2001  
Catalina Bears 3Catalina Video Distributors2001  
Catalina BlondsCatalina Video Distributors1992  
Catalina ClassicsCatalina Video Distributors1991  
Catalina CowboysCatalina Video Distributors1997  
Catalina CutiesCatalina Video Distributors1999 X
Catalina Down and DirtyCatalina Video Distributors1991  
Catalina Leather MenCatalina Video Distributors1997  
Catalina Leather Men 2Catalina Video Distributors1997  
Catalina Leather Men 3Catalina Video Distributors1998  
Catalina MenCatalina Video Distributors1992  
Catalina MusclemenCatalina Video Distributors2000  
Catalina Musclemen 2Catalina Video Distributors2000  
Catalina OrgiesCatalina Video Distributors1990  
Catalina Orgies 2Catalina Video Distributors1997  
Catalina Orgies 3Catalina Video Distributors1999  
Catalina Pre View 1Catalina Video Distributors1992  
Catalina Pre View 10Catalina Video Distributors1998  
Catalina Pre View 11Catalina Video Distributors2001  
Catalina Pre View 2Catalina Video Distributors1992  
Catalina Pre View 3Catalina Video Distributors1992  
Catalina Pre View 5Catalina Video Distributors1992  
Catalina Pre View 6Catalina Video Distributors1992  
Catalina Pre View 7Catalina Video Distributors1993  
Catalina Pre View 8Catalina Video Distributors1994  
Catalina Pre View 9Catalina Video Distributors1995  
Catalina Preview 4: Best of Bi SexCatalina Video Distributors1992  
Catalina Preview Tape 6Catalina Video Distributors1992  
Catalina Preview Tape 7Catalina Video Distributors1993  
Catalina StudsCatalina Video Distributors1994  
Catalina's Black GoldCatalina Video Distributors1991  
Catalina's Latin AttractionCatalina Video Distributors1997  
Catalina's Raw and UncutCatalina Video Distributors1997  
Catalina: Wet and JuicyCatalina Video Distributors1997  
CatalinavilleCatalina Video Distributors1998 X
Celebrity SexCatalina Video Distributors1987  
Chase is OnCatalina Video Distributors1993 X
Chicago Bearfest: UncensoredCatalina Video Distributors1997  
Chicago Erection Co.Catalina Video Distributors1996  
Cinderella 2000Catalina Video Distributors1977 X
Class Of '84 2: The Adventure ContinuesCatalina Video Distributors1981  
Class of '84: Boys of Venice Go to CollegeCatalina Video Distributors1980  
Class ReunionLaguna Pacific1983 X
Classic CatalinaCatalina Video Distributors1991  
Classified Action 1Catalina Video Distributors1990  
Club UtahCatalina Video Distributors1993 X
Cock On DeliveryCatalina Video Distributors2001  
Cockpit 2: Survival of the FittestCatalina L'Amour2002  
Cockpit: Everybody's Going DownCatalina Video Distributors2000 X
Cocktales: Sex In BarsCatalina Video Distributors1995  
Cody ExposedCatalina Video Distributors1993 X
Colossal Cock ClubCatalina Video Distributors2000 X
Colossal CocksCatalina Video Distributors2000 X
Colossal Cocks 2Catalina Video Distributors2000  
Colossal Cocks 3Catalina Video Distributors2002  
Colossal Cocks 4Catalina Video Distributors2002  
Come And Get ItCatalina Video Distributors1994 X
Coming HomeCatalina Video Distributors19911X
Company We KeepCatalina Video Distributors1996 X
Company We NeedCatalina Video Distributors2004  
CousinsCatalina Video Distributors19831X
Cow-PokeCatalina Video Distributors2003 X
CrackedCatalina Video Distributors2001 X
Cream of the CropCatalina Video Distributors1994 X
Creme Of Sum Yung GaiCatalina Video Distributors2004 X
Cruise ControlCatalina Video Distributors1993 X
Cue BallCatalina Video Distributors2015 X
Cum Hungry JocksCatalina Video Distributors2000  
Cute Enough To EatCatalina Video Distributors2005 X
Daddy DiariesCatalina Video Distributors2002 X
Daddy's Bubble Butt BoysCatalina Video Distributors2005 X
Daddy's Reform School PlaymateCatalina Video Distributors2004 X
Daddy's Teenage Turn-OnCatalina Video Distributors2003 X
Day TradeCatalina Video Distributors1999 X
Deep Woods InnCatalina Video Distributors1998 X
Delivery BoysLaguna Pacific1985 X
DetourCatalina Video Distributors1997 X
Dial "S" For SexCatalina Video Distributors1998 X
Dildo Action ClubCatalina Video Distributors1998  
Director's Best: Brad AustinCatalina Video Distributors1997  
Director's Best: Chi Chi Larue 2Catalina Video Distributors2000  
Directors' Best Chet ThomasCatalina Video Distributors2000  
Directors' Best Chi Chi LarueCatalina Video Distributors1997  
Directors' Best Chi Chi Larue 2Catalina Video Distributors2000  
Directors' Best John TravisCatalina Video Distributors1996  
Directors' Best Josh EliotCatalina Video Distributors1996  
Directors' Best Josh Eliot 2Catalina Video Distributors1997  
Directors' Best Josh Eliot 3Catalina Video Distributors2002  
Dirty Picture ShowCatalina Video Distributors1982 X
Down Bi LawCatalina Video Distributors1992 X
Down For The CountCatalina Video Distributors1987 X
Down in the DunesCatalina Video Distributors1995 X
Down On ItCatalina Video Distributors1994 X
Down Under (Gay)Catalina Video Distributors1989 X
Dream Lover (II)Catalina Video Distributors1995 X
Dreaming Of YouCatalina Video Distributors1990 X
DreamworldCatalina Video Distributors1999 X
Easy RidersCatalina Video Distributors1992 X
ErotikusCatalina Video Distributors1996 X
Escape To Echo BeachCatalina Video Distributors2000 X
Face RidersCatalina Video Distributors1997 X
Fan MaleCatalina Video Distributors1992 X
Far East Favorites 2Catalina Video Distributors2001  
Fast ActionCatalina Video Distributors1999 X
Female AggressorsCatalina Video Distributors19861 
Flesh And Fantasy 1Catalina Video Distributors1984 X
Flesh And Fantasy 2Catalina Video Distributors1999 X
Flip Flop BoysCatalina Video Distributors2012  
Flip-Flop FuckersCatalina Video Distributors1985 X
Fly FishingCatalina Video Distributors2005 X
Foreign Exchange StudentCatalina Video Distributors2001 X
Forever Hold Your PieceCatalina Video Distributors1994  
Forever Hold Your Piece 2Catalina Video Distributors1994  
Fortune NookieCatalina Video Distributors1998 X
FoxholeCatalina Video Distributors1990 X
Frat House MemoriesLaguna Pacific1984 X
Frat House OneCollege Station1982  
Friends Are BestCatalina Video Distributors1982 X
Fucked By Our DadsCatalina Video Distributors2012 X
FulfillmentCatalina Video Distributors2006 X
Full Grown, Full BlownCatalina Video Distributors19871X
Full Load: Maximum OversizeCatalina Video Distributors1988 X
Full ServiceCatalina Video Distributors1989 X
Fun in the SunCatalina Video Distributors1995 X
Get A Load OffCatalina Video Distributors2006 X
GetawayCatalina Video Distributors19931X
Getting Off CampusCatalina Video Distributors19851X
Getting Off in Palm SpringsCatalina Video Distributors2000 X
Glory Hole of Fame 1Catalina Video Distributors1990  
Glory Hole of Fame 2Catalina Video Distributors1997  
Glory Hole of Fame 3Catalina Video Distributors1998  
Good Vibrations (Gay)Catalina Video Distributors1993 X
GrizzlyCatalina Video Distributors1998 X
GrizzlyCatalina Video Distributors2006 X
Groom For HireCatalina Video Distributors2000 X
Grope TherapyCatalina Video Distributors2000 X
Guest ServicesCatalina Video Distributors1995 X
Hail CaesarCatalina Video Distributors1999 X
Hairy Assed DaddiesCatalina Video Distributors2002  
Hairy Assed Daddies 2Catalina Video Distributors2002  
Hairy Assed FuckersCatalina Video Distributors2005 X
Hand Jobs 1Catalina Video Distributors1992 X
Hand Jobs 2Catalina Video Distributors19921X
Hand Jobs 3Catalina Video Distributors1993 X
Hand Jobs 4Catalina Video Distributors1993 X
Hand to MouthCatalina Video Distributors19983X
HandtoolsCatalina Video Distributors1990 X
Handtools 2Catalina Video Distributors1991  
Hard KnocksCatalina Video Distributors1989 X
Hard Men 2Catalina Video Distributors1991  
Hard Men 3Catalina Video Distributors1996  
Hard Men: No Strings AttachedCatalina Video Distributors1987  
Hard StealCatalina Video Distributors1990 X
Hard To Be GoodCatalina Video Distributors1989 X
Hard To Keep DownCatalina Video Distributors1998 X
Harley Does The StripCatalina Video Distributors2000 X
Harley's CrewCatalina Video Distributors1998 X
Head CoachCatalina Video Distributors2000 X
Head of the ClassCatalina Video Distributors1988 X
Head of the Class 2Catalina Video Distributors1989 X
HeadstruckCatalina Video Distributors19911X
HeartlessCatalina Video Distributors1991 X
HeatwavesCatalina Video Distributors1987 X
Hell Bent For LeatherCatalina Video Distributors1997 X
Hidden InstinctCatalina Video Distributors1995 X
Hidden ManCatalina Video Distributors1993 X
His Terrible TwinCatalina Video Distributors2003  
Hollywood HustlersCatalina Video Distributors2003 X
Hostage in the Grand CanyonCatalina Video Distributors2000 X
Hot PropertiesCatalina Video Distributors1995 X
Hot Rods: Young and Hung 2Catalina Video Distributors1986 X
Hot ThrobCatalina Video Distributors2003 X
Hot, Hairy And Horny 2Catalina Video Distributors1999  
Hot-Buttered Cop PornCatalina Video Distributors2006 X
Hung RidersCatalina Video Distributors1994 X
Hung Riders 2: The Heat is OnCatalina Video Distributors1996  
Hungry EyesCatalina Video Distributors1995 X
Hunk For HireCatalina Video Distributors1999 X
Idol DreamsCatalina Video Distributors1994 X
Idol Inn ExileCatalina Video Distributors1994 X
Idol ThoughtsCatalina Video Distributors1993 X
Idol UniverseCatalina Video Distributors19951X
In Hot PursuitCatalina Video Distributors1987 X
In the Deep EndCatalina Video Distributors1996 X
In Your FaceCatalina Video Distributors1991 X
INNdulge Palm SpringsCatalina Video Distributors1996  
Innocence LostCatalina Video Distributors1987 X
Inside ExposeCatalina Video Distributors1990  
Intelli-StudsCatalina Video Distributors2005 X
Into The NightCatalina Video Distributors1992 X
It's a Hard LifeCatalina Video Distributors2012 X
It's What's Inside That Counts: Catalina Preview Tape 3Catalina Video Distributors1989  
Ivy BluesLaguna Pacific1985 X
Jack Wrangler JocksCatalina Video Distributors1979 X
Jacked UpCatalina Video Distributors20023X
JawbreakerCatalina Video Distributors19951X
Jeff Stryker's Favorite Sexual PositionsCatalina Video Distributors1993  
JocksCatalina Video Distributors2008 X
Juice BombCatalina Video Distributors1993 X
Junior Meets The Bear PatrolCatalina Video Distributors2004 X
Junior Meets The Desert PatrolCatalina Video Distributors2004  
Junior's Nude Cleaning ServiceCatalina Video Distributors2003 X
King of the MountainCatalina Video Distributors1991 X
Kip Noll And The Westside BoysLaguna Pacific1979 X
Leo And Lance: The Good Times are HereLaguna Pacific1983  
Let LooseCatalina Video Distributors2001 X
Lifeguard on DutyCatalina Video Distributors2008  
Lighten My LoadCatalina Video Distributors2000 X
Living LargeCatalina Video Distributors2004 X
Load WarriorsCatalina Video Distributors2007 X
LoadedCatalina Video Distributors1991 X
Locker Room SexCatalina Video Distributors1998  
Log JammerCatalina Video Distributors1996 X
Long Distance LoversCatalina Video Distributors1992 X
LookCatalina Video Distributors1991 X
Main AttractionCatalina Video Distributors1991 X
Male BoxCatalina Video Distributors1999 X
Malibu Pool BoysCatalina Video Distributors1992 X
Man Country Catalina Video Distributors1994 X
Man of the YearCatalina Video Distributors1991 X
ManticipationCatalina Video Distributors1994 X
MasterpieceChannel 1 Releasing1991 X
Meet Ray HarleyCatalina Video Distributors1997 X
Men of Lake MichiganCatalina Video Distributors1995 X
Model BehaviorCatalina Video Distributors19932X
Monster MeatCatalina Video Distributors2002 X
More Black PowerCatalina Video Distributors1998  
Morwood ContractorsCatalina Video Distributors2006 X
Motel CaliforniaCatalina Video Distributors1986 X
Mountain JockCatalina Video Distributors1996 X
Mr. Fix-itCatalina Video Distributors1998 X
My Best BuddyCatalina Video Distributors1988 X
My Best Friend's LoverCatalina Video Distributors2001  
My Naughty NeighborCatalina Video Distributors2006 X
My Overstuffed JeansCatalina Video Distributors2003 X
Mystery DateCatalina Video Distributors2002 X
Naked Truth (II)Catalina Video Distributors1995 X
Name Your PleasureCatalina Video Distributors2002 X
New England SummerCatalina Video Distributors2002 X
Next Big ThingCatalina Video Distributors2001 X
Night at the RawhideCatalina Video Distributors2002 X
Night ForceCatalina Video Distributors1992 X
Night of the Living Bi-dollsCatalina Video Distributors1997 X
Nightcrawler: A Leather Sex FantasyCatalina Video Distributors1986  
Nutt BustersCatalina Video Distributors1996 X
Object Of DesireCatalina Video Distributors1990 X
Obsession: The Ultimate ExperienceCatalina Video Distributors1988  
Oral FixationChannel 1 Releasing1994 X
Overnight DeliveriesCatalina Video Distributors2000 X
Oversized InstrumentsCatalina Video Distributors2006 X
Overtime Ass LickersCatalina Video Distributors2007 X
Pacific Coast HighwayCatalina Video Distributors19811X
Pacific RimCatalina Video Distributors1997 X
Palm Springs 92264Catalina Video Distributors1992 X
Palm Springs Escort ServiceCatalina Video Distributors2002 X
Palm Springs ParadiseCatalina Video Distributors1993 X
Palm Springs WeekendCatalina Video Distributors1995 X
Party In ProvincetownCatalina Video Distributors2002 X
Party LineCatalina Video Distributors1994 X
Party Of OneCatalina Video Distributors1996 X
Passion By FireCatalina Video Distributors1986 X
PCH 2: Pacific Coast Highway 2Catalina Video Distributors1991  
Peep-O-RamaCatalina Video Distributors1994 X
PegasusCatalina Video Distributors1982  
Pegasus 2: Hot To TrotCatalina Video Distributors19871X
Perfect GiftCatalina Video Distributors1996 X
Photoplay (II)Catalina Video Distributors1995  
Pitch a TentCatalina Video Distributors1994 X
Pizza Boy 2: Meat Lovers SpecialCatalina Video Distributors1999  
Pizza Boy 3Catalina Video Distributors2000 X
Pizza Boy: He DeliversLaguna Pacific1985 X
Porn AuthorityCatalina Video Distributors2003 X
Portrait of Jeff StrykerWilliam Higgins Productions1987  
PowerlineCatalina Video Distributors19891X
Powertool 1Catalina Video Distributors19861 
Powertool 2Catalina Video Distributors1991 X
Pre-Condom ManiaCatalina Video Distributors2003 X
PressureCatalina Video Distributors1997 X
Priority MaleCatalina Video Distributors1996 X
Private DickCatalina Video Distributors19901X
Probe 4: Black And BlondCatalina Video Distributors1989  
Pump it UpCatalina Video Distributors1995 X
Rags To RichesCatalina Video Distributors1993 X
Ranger in the WildLaguna Pacific1997 X
RascalCatalina Video Distributors2001 X
Rascal Goes To BootcampCatalina Video Distributors2001 X
Rascal Joins The Wrestling TeamCatalina Video Distributors2001 X
Rascal Stows AwayCatalina Video Distributors2002 X
Rascal vs. The Spoiled BratCatalina Video Distributors2002 X
Rascal's Graduation Gang BangCatalina Video Distributors2002 X
Ready to ServeCatalina Video Distributors1992 X
RebelCatalina Video Distributors2004 X
Return To Sunsex Blvd.Catalina Video Distributors1999 X
Revenge of the Bi DollsCatalina Video Distributors1994 X
Ride 'em CowboyCatalina Video Distributors2001 X
Right Hand ManCatalina Video Distributors1995 X
Road ThrillCatalina Video Distributors2005  
Rod SquadCatalina Video Distributors1991 X
RunawaysCatalina Video Distributors19891X
Sailor In The Wild 2Catalina Video Distributors1990 X
ScoreCatalina Video Distributors19991X
Secret Boys ClubCatalina Video Distributors1991 X
Secret Sex 1Catalina Video Distributors1994  
Secret Sex 2: The Sex RadicalsCatalina Video Distributors1994  
Secret Sex 3: The Take OverCatalina Video Distributors1995  
Seeds Of LoveCatalina Video Distributors1994 X
Service AreaCatalina Video Distributors2004 X
Sex And SensualityCatalina Video Distributors1996 X
Sex And SexualityCatalina Video Distributors1996  
Sex Between The LinesCatalina Video Distributors1993 X
Sex Bi LexCatalina Video Distributors19911X
Sex CrimesCatalina Video Distributors1993 X
Sex HouseCatalina Video Distributors1995 X
Sex In The CanCatalina Video Distributors1998  
Sex In The Great OutdoorsCatalina Video Distributors1991 X
Sex In The Great Outdoors 2Catalina Video Distributors1991  
Sex In The Great Outdoors 3Catalina Video Distributors1993  
Sex In The Great Outdoors 4Catalina Video Distributors1995  
Sex In The Great Outdoors 5Catalina Video Distributors1998  
Sex In Tight PlacesCatalina Video Distributors1991 X
Sex in Wet PlacesCatalina Video Distributors1992 X
Sex LineCatalina Video Distributors1986  
Sex On The JobCatalina Video Distributors1995 X
Sex SessionsCatalina Video Distributors20011X
SexoritationCatalina Video Distributors1999  
SexpressCatalina Video Distributors1992 X
SextortionCatalina Video Distributors1999 X
Sexual SuspectCatalina Video Distributors1996 X
ShaftCatalina Video Distributors1999 X
Shooting Stars: Drive it DeeperCatalina Video Distributors1986  
Shower PowerCatalina Video Distributors1997 X
Single White MaleCatalina Video Distributors1992 X
Size It UpCatalina Video Distributors2002  
Skin Deep (II)Emerson Films1982 X
SlickCatalina Video Distributors1997 X
Sling FuckedCatalina Video Distributors2014 X
SlurpCatalina Video Distributors1996 X
Slutty ProfessorCatalina Video Distributors20001X
SniffCatalina Video Distributors2012 X
South of the BorderCatalina Video Distributors1996 X
Spellbound For ActionCatalina Video Distributors1991  
Spit 'n' LeatherCatalina Video Distributors19991X
Splendor In The AssCatalina Video Distributors2004 X
Stag ShowCatalina Video Distributors2003 X
Stag Show 2Catalina Video Distributors2004 X
Stand and SaluteCatalina Video Distributors1997 X
Standing InvitationCatalina Video Distributors1999 X
Star GazingCatalina Video Distributors1992  
Star Gazing 2Catalina Video Distributors1992  
Star Gazing 3Catalina Video Distributors1993  
Star Gazing 4Catalina Video Distributors1993  
Star Gazing 5Catalina Video Distributors1993  
Star PowerCatalina Video Distributors19951X
Steel GartersCatalina Video Distributors1992 X
Sterling RanchCatalina Video Distributors1992 X
Steve Rambo's Wild West AdventureCatalina Video Distributors2000 X
Steve Shannon Triple PlayCatalina Video Distributors2000 X
Stick It to MeCatalina Video Distributors2001 X
Sticky SituationCatalina Video Distributors2002 X
StiffCatalina Video Distributors2001 X
Straight To Bed 1Catalina Video Distributors1990  
Straight To Bed 2Catalina Video Distributors1994  
Stranded Enemies And LoversCatalina Video Distributors1990 X
Strangers In The ForestCatalina Video Distributors2000 X
Street BoyzCatalina Video Distributors1996 X
Strictly For Ladies OnlyLaguna Pacific1983 X
Stud FeeCatalina Video Distributors1997 X
StudfinderCatalina Video Distributors2005 X
Studio TricksCatalina Video Distributors1996 X
Sucked Off in Weird PlacesCatalina Video Distributors2014 X
Suited For SexCatalina Video Distributors1999 X
Summer of '44Catalina Video Distributors1997 X
Summer of Scott RandsomeCatalina Video Distributors1994 X
Sunsex Blvd.Catalina Video Distributors1993 X
Super Hole SundayCatalina Video Distributors2006 X
Super SizedCatalina Video Distributors2003 X
SwallowCatalina Video Distributors1996 X
Sweltering LakeCatalina Video Distributors2000 X
SwingersCatalina Video Distributors2004 X
Switch is OnCatalina Video Distributors1985 X
Switch Video 1Catalina Video Distributors1988  
Switch Video 2Catalina Video Distributors1988  
SwitchcraftCatalina Video Distributors19991X
Tainted LoveCatalina Video Distributors1997 X
Tales From Two CitiesCatalina Video Distributors1999 X
Thank You, DaddyLaguna Pacific2005 X
These Bases Are Loaded 2Catalina Video Distributors1994 X
They Grow 'Em BigCatalina Video Distributors1988 X
They Like 'Em BigCatalina Video Distributors2005 X
They Work Hard For Their MoneyCatalina Video Distributors1985 X
Thick of ItCatalina Video Distributors1995 X
Things To CumCatalina Video Distributors1998 X
Three For The LoadCatalina Video Distributors2000  
Thrill Me!Catalina Video Distributors1999 X
Thrill Of ItCatalina Video Distributors1986  
Throat SpankersCatalina Video Distributors1998 X
Too Damn BigCatalina Video Distributors1994 X
Tools of the TradeCatalina Video Distributors1995 X
Top ManCatalina Video Distributors1988 X
Tough IronSpike Studios1986  
Toys For Big BoysCatalina Video Distributors1997 X
Truckstop Daddy 1Catalina Video Distributors2000 X
Truckstop Daddy 2Catalina Video Distributors2004 X
Ty Me UpCatalina Video Distributors1994 X
Uncut FuckersCatalina Video Distributors2004 X
UndercoverCatalina Video Distributors1989 X
Up Close and PersonalCatalina Video Distributors2001 X
Up For AnythingCatalina Video Distributors2000 X
Valley of the Bi DollsCatalina Video Distributors1993 X
Vermont ReunionCatalina Video Distributors2002 X
Viva LatinoCatalina Video Distributors1998 X
Voice MaleCatalina Video Distributors1992 X
VoyagerCatalina Video Distributors2000 X
Walk On The Wild SideCatalina Video Distributors1999 X
WantedCatalina Video Distributors1994 X
Warehouse BoysCatalina Video Distributors2007 X
Wet and WildCatalina Video Distributors1993 X
Wet DaddyCatalina Video Distributors1998 X
Wild Young FuckersCatalina Video Distributors2003 X
William Higgins - Screen TestCatalina Video Distributors1988  
William Higgins - Screen Test 3Catalina Video Distributors1991  
William Higgins Preview TapeCatalina Video Distributors1984  
Willing To Take ItCatalina Video Distributors1992 X
WomenCatalina Video Distributors19931X
Working Class StiffsCatalina Video Distributors1998 X
X-Treme Close-UpCatalina Video Distributors1993 X
XXX MotelCatalina Video Distributors2004 X
Young and the HungCatalina Video Distributors1985 X
Young CadetsCatalina Video Distributors1988 X
Young Cum LickersCatalina Video Distributors1985  
Young Cum PumpersCatalina Video Distributors2003 X
Young Men of the 80's 1Catalina Video Distributors2002  
Young Men of the 80's 2Catalina Video Distributors2002  
Young OlympiansLaguna Pacific1985 X

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