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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
1st Time Candy ShoppersCandy Shop2011 X
Afro Invasian 1Candy Shop20062X
Afro Invasian 2Candy Shop20063X
Afro Invasian 3Candy Shop20076X
Afro Invasian 4Candy Shop20074X
Afro Invasian 5Candy Shop20071X
Afro Invasian 6Candy Shop2008 X
Afro Invasian 7Candy Shop20111X
All Good in da HoodCandy Shop20091X
Ba Dunk a Bounce 1Candy Shop20061X
Ba Dunk A Bounce 10Candy Shop2011 X
Big Tit Girls Love to Be GangbangedCandy Shop20121X
Big White Dicks Fucking Big Chocolate Tits 2Candy Shop2012 X
Black and Boobalicious 1Candy Shop2008 X
Black and StackedCandy Shop2008 X
Black and White Movie 1Candy Shop20091X
Black and White Movie 2Candy Shop20091X
Black Ass Ballin 1Candy Shop2009 X
Black Ass Ballin 2Candy Shop20091X
Black Attack 1Candy Shop2008 X
Black Azz Red BonesCandy Shop2007 X
Black Cherry Poppers 1Candy Shop2006 X
Black Cherry Poppers 2Candy Shop2006 X
Black Cherry Poppers 3Candy Shop2007 X
Black Cherry Poppers 4Candy Shop20071X
Black Cherry Poppers 5Candy Shop2007 X
Black Cherry Poppers 6Candy Shop2008 X
Black in the Boxxx 1Candy Shop20091X
Black is BeautifulCandy Shop2009 X
Black Meat Euro TreatsCandy Shop2008 X
Black Up Your Mom 1Candy Shop2008 X
Black Up Your Mom 2Candy Shop2009 X
Black Up Your Mom 3Candy Shop20091X
Blacked OutCandy Shop20101X
BlackjackCandy Shop2008 X
Booty Quake 1Candy Shop20062X
Booty Quake 2Candy Shop2006 X
Booty Quake 3Candy Shop20071X
Booty Quake 4Candy Shop2007 X
Booty Quake 5Candy Shop2008 X
Booty Quake 6Candy Shop2008 X
Brazilian Booty BabesCandy Shop2007 X
Brotha Stole My GirlCandy Shop2010 X
Bubble Bursting Butts 2Candy Shop2006 X
Bubble Bursting Butts 3Candy Shop20071X
Bubble Bursting Butts 4Candy Shop20071X
Bubble Bursting Butts 5Candy Shop20071X
Bubble Bursting Butts 6Candy Shop20071X
Chasin Brown TailCandy Shop20072X
Chasin White TailCandy Shop2009 X
Chocolate Ass Candy 1Candy Shop20062X
Chocolate Ass Candy 2Candy Shop2006 X
Chocolate Ass Candy 3Candy Shop20071X
Chocolate Ass Candy 4Candy Shop20072X
Chocolate Ass Candy 5Candy Shop2009 X
Chocolate Ass Candy 6Candy Shop2010 X
Chocolate Frosted FacesCandy Shop20071X
Chocolate Load LoversCandy Shop2012 X
Chocolate Mousse Filling 3Candy Shop2011 X
Chocolate Sorority SistasCandy Shop20091X
Chocolate Sorority Sistas 2Candy Shop20091X
Chocolate Sorority Sistas 3Candy Shop20091X
Chocolate Sorority Sistas 4Candy Shop20091X
Cougars Ryde the WhipCandy Shop2012 X
Cream in Chocolate 1Candy Shop2006 X
Cream in Chocolate 2Candy Shop20061X
Cream in Chocolate 3Candy Shop2007 X
Cream in Chocolate 4Candy Shop20071X
Cream in Chocolate 5Candy Shop20071X
Cream Pie for the Black Guy 1Candy Shop20091X
Cream Pie for the Black Guy 2Candy Shop20091X
Cum in My MomCandy Shop20091X
Damn He's Old Enough to Be My DaddyCandy Shop2012 X
Dark and DeliciousCandy Shop2010 X
Dick Pleasin' ScallywaggzCandy Shop2010 X
Dick Pleasin' Scallywaggz 2Candy Shop20111X
Dick Pleasin' Scallywaggz 3Candy Shop2011 X
Double Dipped Chocolate Honies 1Candy Shop20064X
Double Dipped Chocolate Honies 2Candy Shop20061X
Double Dipped Chocolate Honies 3Candy Shop2007 X
Double Dipped Chocolate Honies 4Candy Shop20072X
Fuck EverybodyCandy Shop2011 X
Gangsta Booty 1Candy Shop2008 X
Gangsta Booty 2Candy Shop2008 X
Gangsta Booty 3Candy Shop20091X
Get Black in HereCandy Shop2008 X
Girls Of Flava 3Candy Shop2011 X
Hole in the DarkCandy Shop2008 X
Hole in the Dark 2Candy Shop2011 X
Holy Fuck It's Huge 2Candy Shop20071X
Holy Fuck It's Huge 3Candy Shop2007 X
Holy Fuck It's Huge 4Candy Shop2008 X
Holy Fuck It's Huge 5Candy Shop2008 X
Holy Fuck It's Huge 6Candy Shop2009 X
Holy Fuck It's Huge 7Candy Shop2011 X
Hung 1Candy Shop20091X
Hung 2Candy Shop20091X
Hung 3Candy Shop20101X
I'll Take It Black 1Candy Shop20065X
I'll Take It Black 2Candy Shop20062X
I'll Take It Black 4Candy Shop20073X
I'll Take It Black 5Candy Shop2008 X
I'm Fucking My BF's Black StepdaddyCandy Shop2012 X
I'm Gonna Fuck You SuckaCandy Shop2010 X
I'm Here For The GangbangCandy Shop20102X
I'm Here For The Gangbang 2Candy Shop2012 X
I've Got it All Blackwards 1Candy Shop2007 X
I've Got it All Blackwards 2Candy Shop2008 X
I've Got it All Blackwards 3Candy Shop20091X
Lick It Don't Dick It 1Candy Shop20072X
Lick It Don't Dick It 2Candy Shop20071X
MILF and Chocolate 1Candy Shop2008 X
MILF and Chocolate 2Candy Shop20091X
Momma's Got a 'G' Thang 1Candy Shop20075X
Momma's Got a 'G' Thang 2Candy Shop20081X
Mommy Likes Brothas 4Candy Shop20111X
My Daughter Likes Em Dark 1Candy Shop20111X
My Daughter Likes Em Dark 2Candy Shop2011 X
My Daughter Likes Em Dark 3Candy Shop2011 X
Nuttin' Butt BlackCandy Shop2010 X
Once You Go Black You Never Go Back 3Candy Shop20112X
Pop that Trunk 1Candy Shop20071X
Pop that Trunk 2Candy Shop20091X
Shawty's Pussy Tales 1Candy Shop2008 X
Shawty's Pussy Tales 2Candy Shop2009 X
Shawty's Pussy Tales 3Candy Shop20091X
Shawty's Pussy Tales 5Candy Shop2010 X
She's NutsCandy Shop2008 X
Sista Seeking SistaCandy Shop2012 X
Stacy Cash Has Been BlacklistedCandy Shop2008 X
Suga Sessions 1Candy Shop2008 X
Suga Sessions 2Candy Shop20091X
Tag Teamed By My 1st CockCandy Shop2012  
Teenage BlackaholicsCandy Shop20081X
Triple Playas 1Candy Shop20101X
Triple Playas 3Candy Shop2011 X
Vanilla Big BottomsCandy Shop20121X
White Ass AttackCandy Shop20091X
White Ass Attack 2Candy Shop2009 X
White Ass Attack 4Candy Shop20101X
Yo Quiero Chocolatte 1Candy Shop20063X
Yo Quiero Chocolatte 4Candy Shop2007 X
Young Teens with Black PolesCandy Shop20081X
Your Sister Loves Black CockCandy Shop20101X

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