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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
Animal StormKlubnichka2006 X
Arena of PassionSP Company2003 X
Ball at Satan's PlaceSP Company2002 X
Best Russian Sex Scenes of 2007: Boom of Sex MotionKlubnichka2007  
Best Specialty Scenes at the Turn of the 21st CenturyKlubnichka2006 X
Bicycle GirlsSP Company2008 X
Big Brother in Russia: Making Love on Live TVSP Company2004 X
Big Brother in Russia: Voyeuristic HeatSP Company2005  
City of the FutureSP Company2003 X
Corrupt FantasiesSP Company2001  
Crooked FamilySP Company2006 X
Deep in the Honey PotKlubnichka2006 X
Discrediting TacticsKalina Studio2004  
Ecstasy of White NightsSP Company2003 X
Enigma of IntimacyKlubnichka2006 X
Eugene OneginSP Company2003  
Full House of IndulgenceKlubnichka2003 X
Girls in School Uniforms: First TryoutsSP Company2001  
Girls of the Warm SummerKlubnichka2005 X
Hellhole of DoubtSP Company2002  
Ladies of the Imperial ArmySP Company2002  
MobKalina Studio2004 X
My Booby Nanny 1SP Company2007 X
My Booby Nanny 2SP Company2007 X
New Don JuansSP Company2003  
New Home: Building RomeHot Speciality2005 X
New Home: Their First SummerSP Company2005 X
Night StalkSP Company2006 X
Nymphomaniac MadnessKlubnichka2004 X
One Night at SaharaSP Company2002  
Pancake Week: The Rite of SpringKalina Studio2004 X
Peter Great the Ladies' ManSP Company2002  
Petersburg Bitches 1SP Company2007 X
Petersburg Bitches 2Hot Speciality2007 X
Pregnant SchoolgirlSP Company2006 X
Prime Russian CoochKlubnichka2006  
Rainbow TriangleSP Company2004 X
Rainbow Triangle 2Hot Speciality2004 X
Rainbow Triangle 3Hot Speciality2004 X
Relentless Avengers Back in CombatSP Company2003  
Russian Fairy Tales: Gingerbread GirlSP Company2002 X
Russian Fairy Tales: The Frog PrincessSP Company2002  
Russian Fairy Tales: The GoldfishSP Company2002  
Russian Heroes of the Civil WarSP Company2003 X
Russian Home Video 1: Insatiable CraveKlubnichka2003 X
Russian Home Video 2: Bisexual BoysKlubnichka2003 X
Russian Home Video 3: One Day in Life of a DemonKlubnichka2004 X
Russian Home Video 4: Bizarre Lonely CrazeKlubnichka2005 X
Russian Home Video 5Klubnichka2005 X
Russian Home Video 6: Sweet Sexual DeliriumKlubnichka2005 X
Russian IdolSP Company2005 X
Russian Noble HuntKalina Studio2004 X
Russian PieSP Company2005 X
Russian PlumpsSP Company2003 X
School of Casanova 3SP Company2005 X
School of Casanova 4SP Company2005 X
Schoolgirl 1SP Company2001 X
Schoolgirl 2: A RookieSP Company2002 X
Schoolgirl 3: Schoolgirl is Striking BackSP Company2003 X
Schoolgirl 4: A Madman LairSP Company2003 X
Schoolgirl 5: A Big PartySP Company2006 X
Scout-Girls Born in the SinSP Company2007 X
Seduction 1SP Company2002  
Seduction 2SP Company2002 X
Seduction 3SP Company2003 X
Sexual FreaksKMA2003 X
Starved Pussy CatsHot Speciality2004  
Summer PhotoalbumKlubnichka2005 X
SwingersSP Company2005 X
Trifles of the Royal GuardSP Company2001 X
Tryout in School Uniform: Third SeasonSP Company2001  
Untiring FixationKlubnichka2006 X
Virgin InstituteSP Company2004 X
Virgin Institute 2Hot Speciality2004 X
ViySP Company2002  
White Nights of St. Petersburg 1SP Company2001 X
White Nights of St. Petersburg 2SP Company2001 X
White Nights of St. Petersburg 3SP Company2001 X
White Nights of St. Petersburg 4SP Company2001 X
Yulia's Banned InterviewSP Company2006  

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