distributors : staxus productions

Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
25 Cocks 1 Blond TwinkAVI2012 X
Abducted And DegradedAVI2010  
AcedStaxus Productions2014 X
After Lights OutBad Boy Boarders2014 X
American Twinks SuperSizedBareback Monster Cocks2014 X
Anal BreedersAVI2010 X
Army BrutalityStaxus Productions2012  
Army DropoutsStaxus Productions2016 X
Army InitiationStaxus Productions2013 X
As Big As They CumStaxus Productions2017 X
Ass PlungeBareback Rookies2016 X
Awesome GangbangEye Candy Films2017 X
Back of the NetSport Ladz2015 X
Ball BustersAVI20091X
BallerinoSport Ladz2013 X
Band of Bareback Brothers 1Staxus Productions2012  
Band of Bareback Brothers 2Staxus Productions2012  
Bare AwareStaxus Productions2013  
Bare B And BStaxus Productions2013  
Bare Behind 2Staxus Productions2014  
Bare BitchesStaxus Productions2012 X
Bare Boy ButtStaxus Productions2014  
Bare BriefsStaxus Productions2012 X
Bare Bukkake Piss BallersAVI2010  
Bare DesiresStaxus Productions2012  
Bare Jizz FreaksStaxus Productions2011 X
Bare LairStaxus Productions2009  
Bare MemoriesAVI2011 X
Bare SlutsStaxus Productions2006 X
Bare Sluts 2Bare Films2011 X
Bare TaggersStaxus Productions2012 X
Bare Twink CockStaxus Productions2013  
Bareback Ass BangersRaw2011 X
Bareback AttackSport Ladz2013 X
Bareback Bar BoysAVI2012  
Bareback Beach PartyAVI2009 X
Bareback Big Meat 1Staxus Productions2010 X
Bareback Big Meat 2Staxus Productions2010  
Bareback Bitch BreedersAVI2009 X
Bareback BoardersBad Boy Boarders2013 X
Bareback Boarders 2Staxus Productions2013 X
Bareback Boarders 3Bad Boy Boarders2013 X
Bareback Boy PussyPunkz Production2010 X
Bareback Butt Stretchers 2Staxus Productions2016  
Bareback Cock SlidersStaxus Productions2012 X
Bareback Cum ShootersAVI2010 X
Bareback Cum Sluts 2AVI2009 X
Bareback Emo BoysStaxus Productions2009 X
Bareback Emo CoreRaw2010 X
Bareback Football OrgyStaxus Productions2010 X
Bareback Fuck DateRaw Films2017 X
Bareback InnitBrit lads2013 X
Bareback NightsAVI2011 X
Bareback Orgy SlutsStaxus Productions2011 X
Bareback ParkAVI2011 X
Bareback Piss FactoryAVI2009 X
Bareback Piss SchoolDirty Fuckers2009 X
Bareback Sex MachinesBareback Rookies2016 X
Bareback Sleaze PitStaxus Productions2008 X
Bareback Sloppy HolesStaxus Productions2011 X
Bareback Soccer Punks 2Eurocreme2009 X
Bareback TwinksBareback Rookies2015 X
Beach BumsStaxus Productions2014 X
Big Boy's ToyBareback Rookies2017 X
Big Cock ScorersStaxus Productions2012 X
Big Cocks Tight HolesRaw2012 X
Big DealBareback Monster Cocks2013 X
Big FareBare Films2015 X
Big PacketsStaxus Productions2014  
Big ToolsStaxus Productions2010 X
Big, Fat, Thick And JuicyStaxus Productions2017 X
Bigger the BetterBareback Monster Cocks2014 X
Biker BoizStaxus Productions2016  
Black Does White 3Staxus Productions2015  
Black Does White 4Staxus Productions2015  
Black Does White 7Staxus Productions2015  
Black PisteStaxus Productions2015 X
Blackout Gang BangStaxus Productions2009 X
Boss Vs TwinkDads N Lads2014 X
Boy GamesStaxus Productions2014 X
Boys 'R UsStaxus Productions2009 X
Brief EncountersStaxus Productions2015 X
Brit Dads Brit Twinks 2Staxus Productions2011 X
Brit Dads Brit Twinks 3Staxus Productions2012 X
British Football OrgyStaxus Productions2011 X
British Sex Education 2Staxus Productions2012 X
Bukkake FrenzyAVI2010 X
Bukkake Frenzy 2Staxus Productions2016  
Bukkake Frenzy 3Staxus Productions2017 X
Busted and AbusedAVI2011  
Cabin Crew FrenzyAVI2011 X
Camp FuckersStaxus Productions2016 X
Chavs vs HoodiesStaxus Productions2011 X
Chavs vs SkatersStaxus Productions2011  
Chavs vs. FootballersStaxus Productions2012 X
Chic GeekTwink Republic2013 X
Clean ItStaxus Productions2012 X
Close CutStaxus Productions2014 X
Cock Whores (II)Staxus Productions2011  
CockoutSport Ladz2013 X
College CocksStaxus Productions2017 X
College HazingStaxus Productions2012  
Country PursuitsSauvage2014 X
Cuddle UpStaxus Platinum2016  
Cum CoatedStaxus Productions2013 X
Cum Fuckers 3 Ikandi Media Ltd.2008 X
Cum HarvestStaxus Productions2016  
Dads 'n Lads 2Dads N Lads2016  
Dads Do LadsStaxus Productions2013  
Dads Fuck LadsStaxus Productions2013 X
Deep FuckStaxus Productions2016 X
Deep Inside (II)Bareback Rookies2015  
Deliver ThisSauvage2014 X
Dirty 'N Lovin' ItStaxus Productions2013  
Dirty GamesBare Films2013  
Dirty LoversAVI2010 X
Dirty Piss FuckersStaxus Productions2008 X
Dirty RidersStaxus Productions2013 X
Dirty TwinksRaw2012 X
Dive InSauvage2014 X
Do Me DaddyStaxus Productions2017 X
Donkey Dicks 4Staxus Productions2016 X
Donkey Dicks 5Bareback Monster Cocks2016 X
Double Dick 4Staxus Platinum2016  
Double FuckedEye Candy Films2015  
Double MeStaxus Productions2017 X
Double Trouble (V)Staxus Productions2013  
Doubled UpStaxus Productions20121X
Dream TeamStaxus Productions2013 X
Dreams Can Cum TrueStaxus Productions2014 X
Dreams FulfilledStaxus Productions2016 X
Dungeon DreamsSauvage2014 X
Dungeon Dreams 2Sauvage2014 X
Easy RidersSauvage2014 X
Eurocreme's Filthy TwinksAVI2008  
Eurocreme's Jay RenfroEurocreme2004  
Everyone Does JasonStaxus Productions2012 X
Everyone Gets a GoStaxus Productions2013  
Executive MonstersStaxus Productions2013 X
Extreme BoyzStaxus Productions2013 X
Extreme PleasuresAVI2011 X
Extreme Pleasures 2Staxus Productions2012 X
Extreme Twinks 1CaStJo2012  
Extreme Twinks 2CaStJo2012  
Face to FaceStaxus Productions2017  
Fantasy FootballSport Ladz2013 X
Fight NightStaxus Productions2017 X
Filled and SatisfiedStaxus Productions2014  
Filled UpBareback Rookies2017 X
Filthy Ass FuckersRaw2011 X
Filthy PlayersStaxus Productions2012  
Filthy Skater SlutsAVI2010  
Fire in the HoleStaxus Productions2013 X
Fire Me DownStaxus Productions2016 X
Fire Me UpStaxus Productions2016 X
Fit LadsStaxus Productions2009 X
Fit Lads 2Staxus Productions2009 X
Fit Lads 3Staxus Productions2010 X
Football FocusStaxus Productions2016  
Football Focus 2Staxus Productions2016  
Football League FuckersStaxus Productions2014  
Forbidden GamesEye Candy20161X
Fuck 'Em 'Till It HurtsStaxus Productions2012  
Fucking MechanicsStaxus Productions2012 X
Fucking Pissed OffStaxus Productions2016  
Gaping HolesStaxus Productions2010 X
German Sex HolidayStaxus Productions2012  
German Sex Holiday 2Staxus Productions2012  
Get Me HardAVI2013 X
Give Me MoreNaked Beauty2017 X
Graduation Gang BangStaxus Productions2009 X
Graduation Gang Bang 2AVI2009 X
Graduation Gang Bang 3AVI2010 X
Grand SlamStaxus Productions2010 X
Hangin'Sk8 M8s2014 X
Happy HolidaysStaxus Productions2012 X
Harder RidersAVI2011 X
Hello Big BoysStaxus Productions2014 X
Hidden LustStaxus Productions2015 X
Hoodie SlutsStaxus Productions2013 X
Horned UpEye Candy2016 X
Hot FuckBareback Rookies2016  
Hot Sex and Golden ShowersStaxus Productions2012  
Hot ThreesomeStaxus Productions2016 X
Hot TwinksBareback Rookies2015 X
HumongousAVI2010 X
Hungry HolesSauvage2009 X
In the Ass of the FatherSauvage2014  
In the Deep EndStaxus Productions2012 X
Italian Job 2Staxus Productions2013  
Jamie Allen and Manuel AdamsStaxus Productions2017  
Jaw BreakersGay Life Network2014 X
Jizz AttackStaxus Productions2013 X
Jockstrap JizzersStaxus Productions2012 X
Juicy HolesBareback Rookies2016  
Keep on RunningStaxus Productions2016 X
Khaki CummersStaxus Productions2017 X
Kinky Fuckers 3Staxus Productions2016 X
Kinky HousematesStaxus Productions2016 X
Kneel and PraySauvage2016 X
Laid BackEye Candy Films2017 X
Lessons of PassionEye Candy2016 X
Let's Play With Devon LeBronStaxus Productions2015  
Let's Play with Jaxon RadocStaxus Productions2014  
Let's Play With Kris BlentStaxus Productions2016 X
Let's Play with Noah MatousStaxus Productions2016  
Let's Play With Orlando WhiteStaxus Productions2015  
Let's Play With Ray MannixStaxus Productions2016 X
Let's Play with Tim LawStaxus Productions2014  
Let's Play With Yuri AdamovStaxus Productions2014  
Lights OutBad Boy Boarders2014 X
Load BustersRaw2011 X
Locker Room FuckersStaxus Productions2012 X
Longing for DickBareback Rookies2016 X
Lovely TwinksStaxus Productions2016 X
Lustful AwakeningEye Candy2016 X
Lusty SeducersStaxus Productions2016 X
Massive MonstersStaxus Productions2010 X
Maxxxed OutDirty Fuckers2012  
Mega Cocked Mega LoadedStaxus Productions2016 X
Monster Cock IslandStaxus Productions2014 X
Monster Cock Island 2Staxus Productions2014 X
More and MoreStaxus Productions2013 X
My Dirtiest Fantasy: One Cute TwinkMy Dirtiest Fantasy2016  
My First POVSauvage2015 X
Naked PlayersBareback Rookies2017 X
Naughty PassionEye Candy2016 X
Never EnoughSauvage2013  
Northern LadsBrit lads2013 X
Now That's What I Call Staxus 5Staxus Productions2016 X
NutcrackerStaxus Productions2012 X
OfferedStaxus Productions2013 X
Office DeliveriesBrit lads2013 X
Office JuniorAVI2009 X
Officers MessStaxus Platinum2014 X
Offside!AVI2010 X
Oil Up 2Staxus Productions2016  
On the JobBrit lads2013 X
One Erection 2Sauvage2013 X
Open Air Sluts 2Staxus Productions2012  
Open GoalBrit lads2014  
Open RangeStaxus Productions2013 X
Open Range 2: Twinks UnchainedStaxus Platinum2014 X
Open WideBottom Boys2009 X
Outdoor ExposureEye Candy Films2017 X
Outdoor SinsBareback Rookies2017 X
Paint It BarebackSauvage2013 X
Passion UnleashedEye Candy2016 X
Penalty Shoot OutStaxus Productions2014 X
Perverted TwinksStaxus Productions2016 X
Pin DownSport Ladz2013 X
Pissed OffStaxus Productions2011 X
Play to WinStaxus Productions2013 X
Playing DirtyDirty Fuckers2013 X
Police BrutalityStaxus Productions2012  
Police OrgyStaxus Productions2012 X
Priest AbsolutionSauvage2014 X
Priest Absolution: The Final FuckSauvage2014  
Private TimeBareback Rookies2015 X
Pump ThisSport Ladz2015 X
Raw BitchesStaxus Productions2014  
Raw BuildersRaw Films2017  
Raw CopsRaw Films2010 X
Raw CrimeAVI2009 X
Raw CuddlesStaxus Productions2017  
Raw DJsAVI2010 X
Raw ExplosionsStaxus Productions2009  
Raw FillingStaxus Productions2012 X
Raw FocusAVI2012 X
Raw FuckersStaxus Productions2013 X
Raw FunStaxus Productions2012  
Raw GravediggerBareback Monster Cocks2015 X
Raw HeightsAVI2007 X
Raw LessonsRaw Films2014 X
Raw Medics 2Staxus Productions2016  
Raw RepairsStaxus Productions2012 X
Raw ResponseStaxus Productions2015 X
Raw RodeoStaxus Productions2016 X
Raw RunnersAVI2010 X
Raw ScoutsAVI2012 X
Raw Scouts 2Raw2014 X
Raw ShootersStaxus Productions2010  
Raw SlutsStaxus Productions2014  
Raw SpeedAVI2009 X
Raw SpunkersStaxus Productions2013  
Raw TimesAVI2006 X
Raw Tourist TrapStaxus Productions2014 X
Red CardAVI2012  
Red Handed FuckersStaxus Productions2014  
Revved UpStaxus Productions2014 X
Rich BitchStaxus Productions2017  
Ride It BigStaxus Productions2014  
Right Between the Eyes: Sticky FacialsStaxus Productions2013  
Runners HighBrit lads2013 X
Running MatesSauvage2015 X
Sauna DiariesStaxus Productions2013 X
Scally ShootersStaxus Productions2011 X
Scared StiffSauvage2015 X
School SucksBad Boy Boarders2014 X
Schoolboy FuckersStaxus Productions2015  
ScoreStaxus Productions2012 X
Screwed AgainSauvage2013 X
Sex and UniformsEye Candy2016 X
Sex FactorStaxus Productions20151 
Shore LeaveSauvage2013 X
Silence of the Twinks 1Raw2011  
Silence of the Twinks 2Staxus Productions2011  
Skater ShootersStaxus Productions2013 X
Skin ContactStaxus Productions2016  
Skipping Class and Fucking AssGay Life Network2014 X
SkyballStaxus Productions2012  
Slalom SlutsAVI2012 X
Sleazy Restroom RidersStaxus Productions2011 X
Smooth ButtsStaxus Productions2013  
Snow BallsStaxus Productions2015 X
Snow BlindBare Films2017 X
Snow PatrolStaxus Productions2013 X
Soviet SlutsStaxus Productions2012 X
Special BrewBrit lads2013 X
Sperm TeamStaxus Productions2016  
SpermslutsAVI2011 X
Sportin' Cum TwinksStaxus Productions2015  
Sporting SpunkersStaxus Productions2012 X
Sporty TwinksBareback Rookies2017  
Spunk-Lovin' Spit-RoastersStaxus Productions2016 X
Spunk-Lovin' Spit-Roasters 2Staxus Productions2016  
Stand to AttentionSauvage2014 X
Strange DesireEye Candy2016 X
StretchedStaxus Productions2013 X
Study BuddiesStaxus Productions2013 X
Summer AffairsEye Candy2015 X
Summer MemoriesNaked Beauty2017 X
Super Size MeBareback Monster Cocks2012 X
Super Size Me 10Bareback Monster Cocks2014 X
Super Size Me 11: Breed Em BigStaxus Productions2015  
Super Size Me 13Staxus Productions2016  
Super Size Me 2Bareback Monster Cocks2013 X
Super Size Me 3Bareback Monster Cocks2013 X
Super Size Me 4Bareback Monster Cocks2013 X
Super Size Me 5Bareback Monster Cocks2013 X
Super Size Me 6Bareback Monster Cocks2014 X
Super Size Me 7Staxus Productions2014 X
Super Size Me 8Bareback Monster Cocks2014 X
Super Size Me 9Staxus Productions2014 X
Sweat and CumCaStJo2012 X
Sweet Love MakingStaxus Productions2017 X
Sweet SurrenderStaxus Productions2016 X
Sweet Uncut CocksStaxus Productions2014  
Swim MeatSport Ladz2014 X
Symphony 69Staxus Productions2013 X
Taken and TorturedStaxus Productions2012  
Tasty SlutsNaked Beauty2017 X
Team FuckEye Candy Films2017 X
Thomas Dyk CollectionStaxus Productions2006 X
Thrill SeekersBareback Rookies2015 X
Tickets PleaseSauvage2014 X
Torrid SexEye Candy Films2017 X
Touch My MeatStaxus Productions2016 X
Toy StoryBrit lads2013 X
TS Twink PartyStaxus TS 2016 X
Twin TakeoverSport Ladz2013 X
Twink CockStaxus Productions2014  
Twink Cock PartyStaxus Productions2016 X
Twink ExtremeTwink Extreme2013 X
Twink Fetish ClubAbused2014  
Twink HotelStaxus Productions2015 X
Twink Massage DreamsSauvage2013 X
Twink RepublicTwink Republic2013 X
Twink TwisterStaxus Productions2013 X
Twink Wrestle ManiaSport Ladz2013  
Twinks Destroyed 1Bareback Monster Cocks2014 X
Twinks Destroyed 2Bareback Monster Cocks2014 X
Twinks Destroyed 3Bareback Monster Cocks2014 X
Twinks Destroyed 4Staxus Productions2015 X
Twinks Destroyed 5Bareback Monster Cocks2015  
Twinks Get StonedStaxus Productions2017 X
Twinks in LoveStaxus Productions2016  
Twinks Like It BigStaxus Productions2013 X
Twinks Love Daddies 1CaStJo2011 X
Twinks Love Daddies 2CaStJo2012 X
TwinkulaStaxus Productions2012  
Uniformed Ass BangersStaxus Productions2012  
Uniformed ShootersStaxus Productions2011 X
Up and UnderSport Ladz2013 X
Up for ItStaxus Productions2013 X
Up NorthStaxus Productions2013 X
Use MeDads N Lads2015 X
Valentino's ValentinesStaxus Productions2012 X
Virgin LoadsStaxus Productions2013  
Web Of Sperm: A XXX ParodyStaxus Productions20131 
Well 'ArdStaxus Productions2012 X
Well Stretched HolesStaxus Productions2012  
Well Worked HolesStaxus Productions2014  
Wet DreamAVI2009 X
When the Bells RingSauvage2017  
Wider and Wider 1Staxus Platinum2013  
Wider and Wider 2Staxus Productions2013  
Wild AttractionStaxus Productions2016 X
Wild FuckNaked Beauty2017 X
Wild HottiesEye Candy2016 X
Will Jamieson CollectionStaxus Productions2006 X
World Cup WankersSauvage2014 X
Y NotStaxus Productions2013 X
Young and HotBareback Rookies2017 X
Young FleshEye Candy2016 X
Young, Dumb And Splattered In CumStaxus Productions2016 X
Young, Dumb and Splattered in Cum AgainStaxus Productions2017  

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