distributors : blue video productions

Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
Abduction of LoreleiBlue Video Productions1978  
Badge 69Blue Video Productions1975  
Betty BabyBlue Video Productions1975  
Certified MailBlue Video Productions1975 X
Class ReunionBlue Video Productions1980 X
CollegiatesBlue Video Productions19731X
DaddyBlue Video Productions1978 X
Dance of LoveBlue Video Productions1973 X
Devil Inside HerBlue Video Productions19774X
Dial P For PleasureBlue Video Productions1978  
Double HeaderBlue Video Productions1975 X
Gold Or BustBlue Video Productions1981 X
Honey BunsBlue Video Productions19751X
Inside Andrea TrueBlue Video Productions1975  
Intimate TeenagersBlue Video Productions1975  
Keep On Truckin'Blue Video Productions1975  
KinkoramaBlue Video Productions1976 X
Lady on TopBlue Video Productions19711 
Love TapesBlue Video Productions1981  
Love-in MaidBlue Video Productions1975 X
Mind BlowersBlue Video Productions1976 X
Ms. Woman of the YearBlue Video Productions1975 X
My Master My LoveBlue Video Productions1975 X
New York MenBlue Video Productions1981 X
Night After NightBlue Video Productions1976  
Night BirdBlue Video Productions1977 X
Portraits of PleasureBlue Video Productions1975  
Prurient InterestBlue Video Productions1974  
Ready When You Are CBBlue Video Productions1975  
Referral ServiceBlue Video Productions1973  
RhythmBlue Video Productions1975  
Rise and Fall of SparkleBlue Video Productions1977  
Satan Was a LadyBlue Video Productions1976 X
Seduction of JoyceBlue Video Productions1977  
Selling ItBlue Video Productions1971  
Sex Station OneBlue Video Productions1998  
Slave of PleasureBlue Video Productions19782X
Snow ManBlue Video Productions1980  
SorceressBlue Video Productions1974 X
Special OrderBlue Video Productions1975  
Summer SessionBlue Video Productions1978 X
SunnyBlue Video Productions1979 X
Terri's RevengeBlue Video Productions1975 X
Thrilling DrillingBlue Video Productions1974 X
To Man From WomanBlue Video Productions1982  
Too Hot to HandleBlue Video Productions1975 X
Two TimerBlue Video Productions1977  

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