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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
Adam Killian Mega StudChannel 1 Releasing2013 X
Affirmative BlacktionAll Worlds20101X
All About Big CockChannel 1 Releasing2012 X
Anchors Aweigh 3Dirk Yates Video2009 X
Anchors Aweigh 5Channel 1 Releasing2013 X
B.I. Boot CampDirk Yates Video2009 X
Bare Boning Fuck BoysChannel 1 Releasing2017 X
Beach Ballin'Channel 1 Releasing20091X
Below The RimChannel 1 Releasing2003 X
Below the Rim 2: Lick it CleanChannel 1 Releasing2011 X
Best of Tommy BladeAll Worlds2010 X
Beyond Compare: Top Cock 2Rascal Video2011 X
Big BootsDirk Yates Video2013 X
Big PackagesChannel 1 Releasing2013  
Black Balled 7All Worlds2009 X
Black Meat White Heat10/9 Productions20071X
Blake Riley Mega StudChannel 1 Releasing2011 X
Blond Leading The BlondChannel 1 Releasing20061X
BoltChannel 1 Releasing2004 X
Boy StruckCzech Boys.com2005 X
Brazilian BonersAll Worlds2013 X
Brent Everett SuperstarRascal (Channel 1 Releasing)2008  
Brother FuckerRascal (Channel 1 Releasing)2011 X
Cameron Marshall Mega StudRascal Video2012 X
Cell Block CocksChannel 1 Releasing2013 X
Chi Chi LaRue's Excess Rascal (Channel 1 Releasing)2008 X
Chi Chi Larue's Lost FilesRascal Video2017  
ClubRascal Video2012 X
Cock TrapChannel 1 Releasing2011  
College Cocks 101: NYC Working BoysChannel 1 Releasing2001 X
College Cocks 3Dirk Yates Video2009 X
College Cocks 5All Worlds2012 X
College Cocks 7Channel 1 Releasing2015 X
Color BlindUnzipped (Channel 1 Releasing)20062X
Cover Me In CumChannel 1 Releasing2013 X
Criminal CocksCatalina Video Distributors2013 X
Cum Guzzler ClubAll Worlds2015 X
Cum LecheAll Worlds2010 X
Daddy ChasersChannel 1 Releasing2015 X
Daddy Issues (III)Channel 1 Releasing2015 X
Daddy It HurtsCatalina Video Distributors2011 X
DeceivedRascal Video2004 X
DetentionChannel 1 Releasing20031X
Detention [Director's Cut]Channel 1 Releasing2003 X
Dirk Yates College Cocks 6Channel 1 Releasing2014 X
Dirk Yates Private Files 1All Worlds2012  
Dirk Yates Private Files 2All Worlds2012  
Dirk Yates Private Files 3Dirk Yates Video2012  
Dirk Yates Private Files 5Dirk Yates Video2012 X
Dirk Yates' College Cocks 4Dirk Yates Video2011 X
Dirk Yates' Glory DaysChannel 1 Releasing2015  
Dirk Yates' Private Amateur Collection 200 Military Cum ShotsDirk Yates Video2003 X
Dirk Yates' Private Amateur Collection 249Channel 1 Releasing2007 X
Dirk Yates' Private Files 4Channel 1 Releasing2013 X
Dirty Lil BrotherChannel 1 Releasing2015 X
Dorm DaysUnzipped Video20041X
Eddie Stone's Private ScreeningRascal (Channel 1 Releasing)2005 X
Everybody FucksChannel 1 Releasing2014 X
Feed the Need Johnny HazzardRascal Video2004 X
Few, The Proud, The Naked 16Dirk Yates Video2010 X
Frat Boy Fuck DownCatalina Video Distributors2011 X
Frontal AssaultAll Worlds2012 X
Frontal Assault 4All Worlds2016 X
Got Twink?Channel 1 Releasing2011 X
Grade A PrimeChannel 1 Releasing2004 X
Hand Picked 1Rascal Video2001 X
Hand Picked 2Rascal Video2002 X
Hard And ReadyPure Pixxx (Channel 1 Releasing)2006 X
HardwareChannel 1 Releasing2005 X
He Fucked My FatherAll Worlds20081X
He's My DaddyChannel 1 Releasing2010 X
Hot ShortsAll Worlds1997 X
House of GamesCatalina Video Distributors19981X
I Can't Fit That in My AssChannel 1 Releasing2013 X
I Can't Fit That in My Ass but I'll TryChannel 1 Releasing2017  
I'm Gettin' PissedAll Worlds2011 X
In the CanRascal (Channel 1 Releasing)2002 X
International FuckersChannel 1 Releasing2010 X
It All Cums Down to CockChannel 1 Releasing2015 X
Jack Happy All Worlds2008 X
Jan Fischer's Looking InRascal Video2006 X
Jeremy Bilding MegastudRascal (Channel 1 Releasing)2011 X
Jocks, Socks and CocksChannel 1 Releasing2014 X
Johnny Hazzard MegastudChannel 1 Releasing2013 X
Josh Vaughn Mega StudChannel 1 Releasing2011 X
KollideChannel 1 Releasing2004 X
LeatherRascal Video2014 X
Leather SessionsChannel 1 Releasing2006 X
Leather Trade SolosSports & Recreation1999  
Lights And DarksElectro (Channel 1 Releasing)20051X
Little Big League 3: Bottom of the 9thAll Worlds2006 X
Locked Cocked and Ready to RockDirk Yates Video2012 X
London SpunkedAll Worlds2013 X
Long Hot SummerCatalina Video Distributors2008 X
Man Trade SolosSports & Recreation1999  
Man's TailChannel 1 Releasing20031X
Marines Have BallsChannel 1 Releasing2013 X
Matt Summers SuperstarChannel 1 Releasing2009 X
Mitchell Rock: Mega-StudChannel 1 Releasing2011 X
Mystery DateChannel 1 Releasing2011  
Natural SelectionCzech Boys.com2005 X
On TargetChannel 1 Releasing2004 X
Once You've Gone BlackChannel 1 Releasing2017 X
Oral ExamsChannel 1 Releasing20021X
OrgyBoiling Point2000 X
Peep ShowRascal (Channel 1 Releasing)20022X
Perfect GiftChannel 1 Releasing2010 X
Pile On The JocksAll Worlds2012 X
Pillage And Plunder: The MovieRascal Video20021X
Pizza Boy 4: Slice of PieChannel 1 Releasing2017 X
Playing Hard @ IML 2000Channel 1 Releasing2000  
Playing with Fire 4All Worlds2009 X
Pleasure InnMandatory Pictures2005 X
PoundedChannel 1 Releasing2015 X
Pow Right In The KisserRascal Video2016 X
Present ArmsDirk Yates Video2014 X
Pull OutWilliam Higgins Productions2017 X
Rascal: A Toy StoryRascal Video20092X
Raw FootageChannel 1 Releasing2004 X
Raw Poles in Tight HolesChannel 1 Releasing2018 X
Remembering Times Gone BiAll Wet Productions1995 X
Restless YouthsChannel 1 Releasing20071X
Reunion: Guys Coming TogetherCatalina Video Distributors1992 X
Rim GymChannel 1 Releasing2011 X
Rocket RyderAll Worlds1996 X
San Diego WeekendAll Worlds2010 X
ScorchedElectro (Channel 1 Releasing)2004 X
Seeing StarsRascal (Channel 1 Releasing)2005 X
SentencedChannel 1 Releasing2014 X
Sentenced 2: PunishedChannel 1 Releasing2014  
Sentenced 2: Undressed and UndercoverChannel 1 Releasing2014  
Sentenced 3: Intense InterrogationChannel 1 Releasing2014  
Sentenced 4: Ranch Hand Fuck DownChannel 1 Releasing2014  
Shifting GearsAll Worlds20081X
Shore LeaveDirk Yates Video2016 X
Some Things Cum UpChannel 1 Releasing2012 X
Some Things Cum UpRascal Video2003 X
Spencer Reed Mega StudChannel 1 Releasing2014 X
SplatChannel 1 Releasing2011  
Sportin' WoodRascal Video2010 X
Starting YoungRascal Video20022X
Steven Daigle XXXposedChannel 1 Releasing20101X
Steven Daigle: StalkedChannel 1 Releasing2010 X
Stick It InRascal (Channel 1 Releasing)2010 X
Stone FoxChannel 1 Releasing20041X
Str8 Off The Base 4All Worlds2007 X
Stuff It in the Hole: Take One for the Team 2Rascal Video2016 X
Suck It Up Channel 1 Releasing2007 X
Sun SoakedChannel 1 Releasing20071X
Take a Load OffChannel 1 Releasing2011 X
Tender TeensAll Worlds2010 X
Top 2 BottomRascal (Channel 1 Releasing)2010  
Top Brass 10Dirk Yates Video2010 X
Top Brass 11Channel 1 Releasing2010 X
Top Brass 13Channel 1 Releasing2010  
Top Brass 16Dirk Yates Video2011 X
Top Brass 17Dirk Yates Video2012 X
Top Brass 18Dirk Yates Video2012  
Top Brass 9Dirk Yates Video2010 X
Tread HeavyChannel 1 Releasing2009 X
Two for the TakingUnzipped Video2004  
Tyler Riggz: Shot For ShotRascal Video2006 X
Uncut and RawChannel 1 Releasing2016 X
Unknown: Ghost Of A ChanceChannel 1 Releasing2008 X
UntouchedChannel 1 Releasing2005  
What Men DoChannel 1 Releasing2003 X
WickedChannel 1 Releasing20052X
Wild CastleAll Worlds2006 X
Work LoadsChannel 1 Releasing2010 X
Wrong Side of the Tracks 1Channel 1 Releasing2005 X
Wrong Side of the Tracks 2Channel 1 Releasing2005 X
XXX-tra LargeCatalina Video Distributors2005 X
You Got She-MailChannel 1 Releasing2011 X
Young Lads With Monster CocksChannel 1 Releasing2013 X

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