distributors : abigail productions

Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
A Cut AbovePink Box Productions2008 X
BlindfoldAbigail Productions2008 X
Busty Sweethearts 1Abigail Productions2011 X
Busty Sweethearts 3Abigail Productions2012 X
Busty Sweethearts 4Primal Attraction2012 X
CandlesAbigail Productions2009 X
Cock Hits The Spot 1Abigail Productions2011 X
Cock Hits the Spot 2Abigail Productions2011 X
Cock Hits The Spot 3Primal Attraction2012 X
Cock Hits The Spot 4Primal Attraction2012 X
Delicate BeautyAbigail Productions20101X
Delicate Beauty 2Abigail Productions2011 X
Dirty Wet GirlsAbigail Productions20111X
Down the Rabbit's HoleAbigail Productions20101X
Driven To Ecstasy 1Abigail Productions2008 X
Driven To Ecstasy 2Abigail Productions20111X
Driven To Ecstasy 3Abigail Productions20111X
Driven To Ecstasy 4Abigail Productions2011 X
Ex Girlfriend Archives 7Abigail Productions2012 X
First DatesAbigail Productions2008 X
Foreign Affairs Abigail Productions2008 X
Friends and LoversAbigail Productions2008 X
Girlfriend Vignettes 1Abigail Productions2009 X
Girlfriend Vignettes 2Abigail Productions2009 X
Girlfriend Vignettes 3Abigail Productions2009 X
Grrl Seen Abigail Productions2008  
Guilty PleasureAbigail Productions2009 X
Guilty Pleasures 2Abigail Productions20101X
Guilty Pleasures 3Abigail Productions20111X
Guilty Pleasures 4Abigail Productions2011 X
Head of HouseholdPink Box Productions2008 X
Indulgence 1Abigail Productions20101X
Indulgence 2Abigail Productions20111X
Indulgence 3Abigail Productions2011 X
Indulgence 4Abigail Productions2011 X
Intoxication 1Abigail Productions2008 X
Intoxication 2Abigail Productions20101X
LayoverAbigail Productions2010 X
Lesbian Amateurs 2Pink Box Productions2008 X
Lesbian Amateurs 3Pink Box Productions2007 X
Lesbian Fantasies 1Abigail Productions2009 X
Lesbian Fantasies 2Abigail Productions20101X
Lesbian Fantasies 3Abigail Productions20111X
Lesbian Fantasies 4Abigail Productions2011 X
Lesbian Fantasies 5Abigail Productions2012 X
Lesbian Life: Real Sex in San FranciscoAbigail Productions2008 X
Lesbian Life: Real Sex NYCAbigail Productions2009 X
Lesbian PartyAbigail Productions2012 X
Lesbian Spotlight: Alexis AmoreAbigail Productions2012 X
Lesbian Spotlight: Alyssa ReeceAbigail Productions2011 X
Lesbian Spotlight: Ann Marie RiosAbigail Productions2011 X
Lesbian Spotlight: Bridget B.Abigail Productions2011 X
Lesbian Spotlight: Cadence St. JohnAbigail Productions2011 X
Lesbian Spotlight: Capri CavalliAbigail Productions2011 X
Lesbian Spotlight: Charley ChaseAbigail Productions2011 X
Lesbian Spotlight: Charmane StarAbigail Productions2012 X
Lesbian Spotlight: Faye ReaganAbigail Productions2012 X
Lesbian Spotlight: Jayden JaymesAbigail Productions2011 X
Lesbian Spotlight: Jayme LangfordAbigail Productions2011 X
Lesbian Spotlight: Jessica JaymesAbigail Productions2011 X
Lesbian Spotlight: Jordan KingsleyAbigail Productions2011 X
Lesbian Spotlight: London KeyesAbigail Productions2012 X
Lesbian Spotlight: Louisa LanewoodAbigail Productions2011 X
Lesbian Spotlight: Madison ScottAbigail Productions2011 X
Lesbian Spotlight: Natasha NiceAbigail Productions2012 X
Lesbian Spotlight: Nikki RhodesAbigail Productions20111X
Lesbian Spotlight: Puma SwedeAbigail Productions2011 X
Lesbian Spotlight: Samantha RyanAbigail Productions2011 X
Lesbian Spotlight: Sea J RawAbigail Productions2011 X
Lesbian Spotlight: Shyla StylezAbigail Productions2011 X
Lesbian Spotlight: Sienna WestAbigail Productions2011 X
Lesbian Spotlight: Sophie DeeAbigail Productions2012 X
Lesbian Spotlight: Taylor VixenAbigail Productions2011 X
Lesbian Spotlight: Zoe BrittonAbigail Productions2012 X
Lesbian Teen Tryouts 1Abigail Productions2012 X
Lesbian Teen Tryouts 2Abigail Productions2012 X
Love NestAbigail Productions2008 X
Love Shack 2Abigail Productions2008 X
Love Shack: Home Sweet HomeAbigail Productions2008 X
Milfs Take Charge 1Primal Attraction2012 X
Milfs Take Charge 2Primal Attraction2012 X
Painful LessonsAbigail Productions2008 X
Pretty Filthy 1Abigail Productions2009 X
Pretty Filthy 2Abigail Productions20101X
Pretty Filthy 3Abigail Productions20111X
Pretty Filthy 4Abigail Productions2011 X
Shemale TemptationsAbigail Productions2012 X
Suburban Lesbo House SlavePink Box Productions2008 X
Teen Sex Sessions 1Primal Attraction2012 X
Teen Sex Sessions 2Primal Attraction2012 X
TimeshareAbigail Productions2008 X
Triple TroubleAbigail Productions2011 X
Triple Trouble 2Abigail Productions2011 X
Watch Me Play 1Abigail Productions20111X
Watch Me Play 2Abigail Productions2011 X
Wet 1Abigail Productions2009 X
Wet 2Abigail Productions20101X
Wet GirlfriendsAbigail Productions2009 X
When Girls Play 1Abigail Productions2007 X
When Girls Play 2Abigail Productions2007 X
When Girls Play 3Abigail Productions2007 X
When Girls Play 4Abigail Productions2007 X
When Girls Play 5Abigail Productions2007 X
When Girls Play 6Abigail Productions2007 X
When Girls Play 7Abigail Productions2008 X
When Girls Play 8Abigail Productions2008 X
Woman's Touch 1Abigail Productions2008 X
Woman's Touch 2Abigail Productions20101X
Woman's Touch 3Abigail Productions20111X

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