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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
Afro Erotica 1Wet Video1986  
Afro Erotica 10Wet Video1987 X
Afro Erotica 11Wet Video1987 X
Afro Erotica 12Wet Video1987  
Afro Erotica 13Wet Video1987  
Afro Erotica 14Wet Video1987  
Afro Erotica 15Wet Video1987  
Afro Erotica 16Wet Video1987  
Afro Erotica 17Wet Video1987  
Afro Erotica 18Wet Video1987  
Afro Erotica 19Wet Video1987  
Afro Erotica 2Wet Video1986  
Afro Erotica 20Wet Video1987 X
Afro Erotica 21Wet Video1988  
Afro Erotica 22Wet Video1988  
Afro Erotica 23Wet Video1988  
Afro Erotica 24Wet Video1988  
Afro Erotica 25Wet Video1988  
Afro Erotica 26Wet Video1988  
Afro Erotica 27Wet Video1988  
Afro Erotica 28Wet Video1988  
Afro Erotica 29Wet Video1988 X
Afro Erotica 3Wet Video1986  
Afro Erotica 30Wet Video1988  
Afro Erotica 31Wet Video1989 X
Afro Erotica 4Wet Video1986  
Afro Erotica 5Wet Video1986 X
Afro Erotica 6Wet Video1986  
Afro Erotica 7Wet Video1987  
Afro Erotica 8Wet Video1987  
Afro Erotica 9Wet Video1987  
Anal Over 40Wet Video1997  
Backdoor Bonanza 1Wet Video1986  
Backdoor Bonanza 10Wet Video1988 X
Backdoor Bonanza 11Wet Video1988 X
Backdoor Bonanza 12Wet Video1989 X
Backdoor Bonanza 13Wet Video1989 X
Backdoor Bonanza 14Wet Video1989 X
Backdoor Bonanza 15Wet Video1989 X
Backdoor Bonanza 2Wet Video1986 X
Backdoor Bonanza 3Wet Video1987  
Backdoor Bonanza 4Wet Video19871X
Backdoor Bonanza 5Wet Video1987 X
Backdoor Bonanza 6Wet Video1987 X
Backdoor Bonanza 7Wet Video1988 X
Backdoor Bonanza 8Wet Video1988 X
Best of Alicia MonetWet Video2002  
Best of Amber LynnWet Video1989 X
Best of Amber Lynn 2Wet Video1988  
Best of Angel KellyWet Video1988  
Best of Annette HavenWet Video1988 X
Best of Barbara Dare 1Wet Video1988  
Best of DanielleWet Video1987 X
Best of Erica BoyerWet Video1987  
Best of Ginger Lynn 1Wet Video19981 
Best of Ginger Lynn 2Wet Video1988  
Best of John HolmesWet Video19841X
Best of Kimberly CarsonWet Video2002  
Best of Nina HartleyWet Video1986 X
Best of Patti Petite 1Wet Video1987  
Best of Rachel RyanWet Video1988  
Best of Ron JeremyWet Video1990 X
Best of Taija RaeWet Video1987  
Best of Vanessa Del RioWet Video1988  
Bi Bi LoveOver Lord2004 X
Big BangWet Video1987 X
Bisexual Action 1Wet Video1990  
Bisexual Action 2Wet Video1991  
Black ChillWet Video1986 X
Black HeatWet Video1987  
Black LavaWet Video1986 X
Black MagicWet Video1986 X
Both Ends BurningWet Video1987 X
Close ShavesWet Video1987 X
Confessions Of A Middle Aged NymphoWet Video1986  
Dangerous WomenWet Video1986 X
Doctor PenetrationWet Video1986 X
Double Penetrations 1Wet Video1986  
Double Penetrations 2Wet Video1987  
Double Penetrations 3Wet Video1988  
Double Penetrations 5Wet Video1988 X
Double Penetrations 6Wet Video1988 X
Double Penetrations 7Wet Video1989 X
Double Penetrations 8Wet Video1991  
Double Penetrations 9Wet Video1991  
Flip Of A CoinWet Video1997  
Forbidden BodiesWet Video19861X
Girls Who Dig Girls 1Wet Video1986  
Girls Who Dig Girls 10Wet Video1989 X
Girls Who Dig Girls 11Wet Video1989  
Girls Who Dig Girls 12Wet Video1989  
Girls Who Dig Girls 13Wet Video1989  
Girls Who Dig Girls 14Wet Video1989 X
Girls Who Dig Girls 15Wet Video1989  
Girls Who Dig Girls 16Wet Video1989  
Girls Who Dig Girls 17Wet Video1989  
Girls Who Dig Girls 18Wet Video1989  
Girls Who Dig Girls 19Wet Video1989  
Girls Who Dig Girls 2Wet Video1986  
Girls Who Dig Girls 20Wet Video1989  
Girls Who Dig Girls 3Wet Video1987  
Girls Who Dig Girls 4Wet Video1987  
Girls Who Dig Girls 5Wet Video1988 X
Girls Who Dig Girls 6Wet Video1988  
Girls Who Dig Girls 7Wet Video1989  
Girls Who Dig Girls 8Wet Video1988  
Girls Who Dig Girls 9Wet Video1989  
Great Sex Scenes 1Wet Video1986  
Harlem CandyWet Video1987 X
Hot NumbersWet Video19871X
Hot RocksWet Video1987 X
Hot ServiceWet Video1989 X
I Am Curious BlackWet Video1987 X
I Know What Girls LikeWet Video19861X
JammedWet Video19971 
Joy ToysWet Video1985  
Laying CableWet Video19971 
Licorice TwistsWet Video1985 X
Lifestyles of the Black and FamousWet Video1986 X
Lifestyles of the Blonde and DirtyWet Video1987  
Little Bit Of HoneyWet Video1987  
Mad Jack Beyond ThunderboneWet Video19861X
Oral Ecstasy 1Wet Video1988  
Oral Ecstasy 2Wet Video1988  
Oral Ecstasy 3Wet Video1988 X
Oral Ecstasy 4Wet Video1988  
Oral Ecstasy 5Wet Video1989 X
Outrageous Orgies 1Wet Video1988  
Outrageous Orgies 2Wet Video1988 X
Outrageous Orgies 3Wet Video1988  
Outrageous Orgies 4Wet Video1988  
Outrageous Orgies 5Wet Video1989  
Outrageous Orgies 6Wet Video1989  
Plenty of PleasureWet Video1990 X
Pretty In BlackWet Video1985 X
Rambone Does HollywoodWet Video1986 X
Rambone Meets the Double PenetratorsWet Video19861X
Rambone The DestroyerWet Video19852X
Rump HumpersWet Video1985 X
Savage BabesWet Video1997 X
Shaved PinkWet Video19851X
Sin CityWet Video1986 X
Slam HoundsWet Video1997  
Summer LoversWet Video1987  
Taste of BlackWet Video1987 X
Taste of WhiteWet Video1987 X
Tease MeWet Video1985 X
Too Hot to HandleWet Video1990 X
TransactionWet Video1986 X
Tuff StuffWet Video1987 X
Twisted TrampsWet Video1997  
Video BoneWet Video1986 X
Wild In The SheetsWet Video1986 X
Wild StuffWet Video1987 X

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