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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
2 in the Chamber 1Vouyer Media20074X
2 in the Chamber 2Vouyer Media2008 X
3 On Me POVVouyer Media20065X
3 Or More...ScoreVouyer Media2012 X
7 The Hardway 1Vouyer Media20027X
7 The Hardway 2Vouyer Media20038X
7 The Hardway 3Vouyer Media20072X
A.S.A Asian Sex AddictVouyer Media2011 X
Absolute Amateurs 1Vouyer Media2009 X
Absolute Amateurs 2Vouyer Media2009 X
Absolute Amateurs 3Vouyer Media2009 X
Absolute Amateurs 4Vouyer Media20102X
All Star MILFsVouyer Media2017  
Amy Ried StoryVouyer Media20083X
Anal Addicts (II)Vouyer Media2012 X
Anal Is My Middle NameVouyer Media2009 X
Anal OccupationVouyer Media20124X
Appetite For Ass DestructionParadise Film2008 X
Arse PiratesVouyer Media2012 X
Asa ExperienceVouyer Media2013 X
Asian AnnihilationVouyer Media20093X
Asian PersuasionVouyer Media2013 X
Asphyxia Heels The WorldBurning Angel20124X
Azn All StarsVouyer Media2010 X
AZN Strip TeazeVouyer Media20103X
Back Up On ItVouyer Media2018 X
Backdoor BreedersVouyer Media2012 X
Banging Blonde BitchesVouyer Media2013 X
BartendersBurning Angel20104X
Beating Around The BushVouyer Media2013 X
Beggin' for a Peggin'Vouyer Media20112X
Between the CheeksVouyer Media2013 X
Big Bang TheoryVouyer Media2009 X
Big GulpVouyer Media2015 X
Big Tits on the JobVouyer Media20113X
Big Titty BitchesVouyer Media2015 X
Bitch, PleaseVouyer Media2018 X
Black Bottom Girls 1Vouyer Media20063X
Black Bottom Girls 2Vouyer Media20072X
Black Bottom Girls 3Vouyer Media20071X
Black Bottom Girls 4Vouyer Media20071X
Black Bottom Girls 5Vouyer Media20083X
Black Bottom Girls 6Vouyer Media2008 X
Black Bottom Girls 7Vouyer Media2010 X
Black Jack 1Vouyer Media2008 X
Black Jack 2Vouyer Media2008 X
Black Listed BrunettesVouyer Media20133X
Black Out 2Vouyer Media2016 X
Blow Bang TheoryVouyer Media2012 X
Bombshell Bottoms 1Vouyer Media20063X
Bombshell Bottoms 2Vouyer Media20065X
Bombshell Bottoms 3Vouyer Media20076X
Bombshell Bottoms 4Vouyer Media20084X
Bombshell Bottoms 5Vouyer Media20091X
Bombshell Bottoms 6Vouyer Media2010 X
Bombshell Bottoms 7Vouyer Media20104X
Breakin' 'Em In 10Vouyer Media20073X
Breakin' 'Em In 11Vouyer Media20073X
Breakin' 'Em In 12Vouyer Media20094X
Breakin' 'Em In 3Vouyer Media20025X
Breakin' 'Em In 8Vouyer Media20058X
Breakin' 'Em In 9Vouyer Media20066X
Burning Angel NewbiesBurning Angel20111X
Busty Babysitters 1Vouyer Media20102X
Busty Babysitters 2Vouyer Media20111X
Cannibals: Women Eating WomenVouyer Media2008 X
Choke On ItVouyer Media2012 X
Chow DownVouyer Media2013 X
Cindy In HeatParadise Film20101X
Cock and LoadVouyer Media2015 X
Cock Meat SandwichVouyer Media2015 X
Control FreaksVouyer Media20084X
Control IssuesVouyer Media2016 X
Creampie Craving CutiesVouyer Media2015 X
Crowd Pleaser'sVouyer Media20061X
Crushing on Draven StarBurning Angel20103X
Crushing on KleioBurning Angel20103X
Cum Drippers 2Vouyer Media20028X
Cum Drippers 7Vouyer Media20043X
Cum Drippers 9Vouyer Media20075X
Cum Drunk DebutantesParadise Film2009 X
Cum on My Tattoo 4Burning Angel20084X
Cum Shot CocktailVouyer Media2013 X
Dark Meat RisesVouyer Media2013 X
Diggin in the Gapes 1Vouyer Media20085X
Diggin in the Gapes 2Vouyer Media20082X
Diggin in the Gapes 3Vouyer Media2009 X
Diggin in the Gapes 4Vouyer Media2009 X
Does This Dick Make My Ass Look BigVouyer Media2012 X
Don't Waste It Taste It 1Vouyer Media20064X
Don't Waste It Taste It 2Vouyer Media20073X
Don't Waste It Taste It 3Vouyer Media20073X
Don't Waste It Taste It 4Vouyer Media2008 X
DoppelgangerBurning Angel20104X
Double D POV 1Vouyer Media200510X
Double D POV 2Vouyer Media20057X
Dude, I Just Fucked Your MomVouyer Media2016 X
Dunkin' Bro NutsVouyer Media2015 X
Eat Me OutBurning Angel20112X
Every Rose Has Its ThornVouyer Media2011 X
Face Down, Ass UpVouyer Media2013 X
Face WashVouyer Media2012 X
Fetish Fucks 1Vouyer Media20075X
Fetish Fucks 2Vouyer Media20083X
Fetish Fucks 3Vouyer Media20086X
Fetish Fucks 4Vouyer Media20092X
Filla' My 'nilla with Your Big Black Drilla'Vouyer Media2016 X
Filthy MILFsVouyer Media2014 X
Fire Crotch CutiesVouyer Media2012 X
Frosty Finish 1Vouyer Media20063X
Frosty Finish 2Vouyer Media20075X
Fuck Buddies (II)Vouyer Media2018 X
Fuck Me in the Bathroom 2Burning Angel20082X
Fuck Me in the Bathroom 3Burning Angel20093X
Fuck Me in the Bathroom 4Burning Angel20102X
FuckabillyBurning Angel20103X
Fucking AssholesVouyer Media2012 X
Game of BonesVouyer Media20131X
Gauntlet 1Vouyer Media20066X
Gauntlet 2Vouyer Media20065X
Gauntlet 3Vouyer Media20075X
Getting Jack'dVouyer Media2018 X
Girls Girls Girls 1Burning Angel20072X
Girls Girls Girls 2Burning Angel20094X
Grade A AssVouyer Media2013 X
Group LoveVouyer Media2013 X
Hairy XXXmasVouyer Media2017 X
Hard Act To SwallowVouyer Media2013 X
How Do You Want Me?Vouyer Media20067X
Hump DayVouyer Media2016 X
I Fuck on the First DateVouyer Media2012 X
I Kissed a Girl and I Licked ItVouyer Media2009 X
I Swallow On The First DateVouyer Media2010 X
I'm Black, You're White... Let's FuckVouyer Media2013 X
Impure ThoughtsVouyer Media2009 X
In Thru the Back Door 1Vouyer Media20065X
In Thru the Back Door 2Vouyer Media20074X
In Thru the Back Door 3Vouyer Media20075X
In Thru the Back Door 4Vouyer Media20076X
In Thru the Back Door 5Vouyer Media2008 X
In Thru the Back Door 6Vouyer Media2009 X
Ink'd BeautiesVouyer Media2015 X
Internet All StarsVouyer Media20091X
It's Big It's Black It's Jack 1Vouyer Media20064X
It's Big It's Black It's Jack 10Vouyer Media20103X
It's Big It's Black It's Jack 2Vouyer Media20065X
It's Big It's Black It's Jack 3Vouyer Media20074X
It's Big It's Black It's Jack 4Vouyer Media20073X
It's Big It's Black It's Jack 5Vouyer Media20083X
It's Big It's Black It's Jack 6Vouyer Media2008 X
It's Big It's Black It's Jack 7Vouyer Media20084X
It's Big It's Black It's Jack 8Vouyer Media20091X
It's Big It's Black It's Jack 9Vouyer Media2009 X
Jack AttackVouyer Media2012 X
Jack Hammered 2Vouyer Media2015 X
Jack In JuvenilesVouyer Media2012 X
Jack in Me POV 1Vouyer Media20073X
Jack in Me POV 2Vouyer Media20082X
Jack in the AssVouyer Media20073X
Jack Napier's Keepin It RealVouyer Media20113X
Jack on BlackVouyer Media2012 X
Jack On Blondes 1Vouyer Media2009 X
Jack On Blondes 2Vouyer Media2009 X
Jack on MomsVouyer Media20103X
Jack's All Stars 1Vouyer Media2008 X
Jack's All Stars 3Vouyer Media2011 X
Jack's Chocolate CreampieVouyer Media2012 X
Jack's CreampiesVouyer Media2009 X
Jack's Giant Juggs 1Vouyer Media20085X
Jack's Giant Juggs 2Vouyer Media2009 X
Jack's Giant Juggs 3Vouyer Media20091X
Jack's Giant Juggs 4Vouyer Media2010 X
Jack's Hip Hop Ho'sVouyer Media2013 X
Jack's Log RideVouyer Media2015 X
Jack's Pussy PosseVouyer Media2015 X
Jack's Too Bu Ku 1Vouyer Media20081X
Jack's Too Bu Ku 2Vouyer Media2008 X
Jasmine Black Is BoobasticParadise Film20101X
Joanna Angel and James Deen's European VacationBurning Angel20092X
Joanna Angel and James Deen's Summer VacationBurning Angel20102X
Joanna Angel Breaks 'Em InBurning Angel20102X
Joanna Angel: Ass-FuckedBurning Angel20113X
Joanna's Angels 3Burning Angel20103X
Just Fuck ItVouyer Media2012 X
Keep 'Em Cummin' 1Vouyer Media20072X
Keep 'Em Cummin' 2Vouyer Media2007 X
LA Pink: A XXX Porn ParodyBurning Angel20094X
Latina ExtremeVouyer Media20105X
Leg AddictsParadise Film2007 X
Lick It Up (II)Vouyer Media2018  
Lip Smacking GoodVouyer Media2012 X
Little Fur-maidsVouyer Media2015 X
Magical Threesome Adventure ExperienceBurning Angel20092X
Make Me Creamy 1Vouyer Media20063X
Make Me Creamy 2Vouyer Media20064X
Make Me Creamy 3Vouyer Media20063X
Make Me Creamy 4Vouyer Media20084X
Make Me Creamy 5Vouyer Media20091X
Mamasans Knock You OutVouyer Media20103X
Massage Parlor MayhemVouyer Media20111X
May The Whores Be With YouVouyer Media2013 X
MILF BlownVouyer Media20085X
MILF-O-LiciousVouyer Media2012 X
Mom's Baking BrowniesVouyer Media20092X
Mope Squad 1Vouyer Media20063X
Mope Squad 2Vouyer Media20074X
Mother's Little FuckersVouyer Media2015 X
Munching MuffVouyer Media2012 X
My Favorite EmoslutsBurning Angel20112X
N' 2 DeepVouyer Media20075X
Nasty and NaturalVouyer Media2017 X
New Trick Chicks Totally Un-CutVouyer Media2009 X
No Skinny BitchesVouyer Media2012 X
No White Meat AllowedVouyer Media2012 X
Not Really The Dukes Of HazzardVouyer Media20104X
Nothin Beats a Good StuffinVouyer Media2012 X
Only Girls Allowed 8Paradise Film2010 X
Oral Fixation (II)Vouyer Media2014  
Oral Olympics: Blo For The GoldVouyer Media2009 X
Papi's Little PutasVouyer Media2015 X
Pay You With My MouthParadise Film2009 X
Platinum PussyVouyer Media2012 X
Plunder The BootyVouyer Media2012 X
Poolside Pussy 1Vouyer Media20083X
Poolside Pussy 2Vouyer Media20091X
Pop That PussyVouyer Media2018 X
POV Punx 1Burning Angel20083X
POV Punx 2Burning Angel20095X
POV Punx 3Burning Angel2010 X
POV Punx 4Burning Angel20102X
POV Punx 5Burning Angel20112X
Punk Rock Pussycat DollsBurning Angel20093X
Pussy PoundingVouyer Media2012 X
Rack-TasticVouyer Media2009 X
Raw Sex SatisfactionParadise Film2007 X
Rear EndedVouyer Media2015 X
Rebel GirlBurning Angel20104X
Ridin' Dirty 1Vouyer Media20074X
Ridin' Dirty 2Vouyer Media20074X
Ridin' Dirty 3Vouyer Media20082X
Ridin' Dirty 4Vouyer Media2008 X
Self Service 1Vouyer Media2009 X
Self Service 2Vouyer Media2010 X
Sex and SexabilitiesVouyer Media2012 X
SexsomniaVouyer Media20113X
SexxxplosionParadise Film20111X
ShaftedVouyer Media2012 X
She's Goin DownVouyer Media20074X
Simon Says Suck My DickVouyer Media2014 X
Slippin' Into Darkness 1Vouyer Media20082X
Slippin' Into Darkness 2Vouyer Media20082X
Smokin HottiesVouyer Media2012 X
Snap ChatsVouyer Media2015 X
SoloistsVouyer Media20091X
Souled Out 1Vouyer Media20084X
Souled Out 2Vouyer Media20085X
Souled Out 3Vouyer Media20095X
Souled Out 4Vouyer Media2009 X
Spread 'EmVouyer Media2013 X
Stinging in the RingParadise Film2009 X
Strip Searched 1Vouyer Media2011 X
Strip Searched 2Vouyer Media20112X
Superstar Showdown 1: Tori Black vs. Alexis TexasReality Blue Media2010 X
Superstar Showdown 2: Asa Akira vs. Kristina RoseReality Blue Media20102X
Superstar Showdown 3: Courtney Cummz vs. Bree OlsonReality Blue Media20112X
Superstar Showdown 4: Alexis Texas vs. Sarah VandellaReality Blue Media20112X
Superstar Showdown 5: Lisa Ann vs. Francesca LeReality Blue Media2011 X
Superstar Showdown 6: Asa Akira vs. KatsuniReality Blue Media20112X
SWAT 1Vouyer Media20077X
SWAT 2Vouyer Media20085X
SWAT 3Vouyer Media20085X
SWAT 4Vouyer Media20081X
SWAT 5Vouyer Media20091X
Sweet Ass PeachesParadise Film20121X
Sweet MammariesVouyer Media2013 X
Szechuan SnatchVouyer Media2015 X
Tales From The GloryholeVouyer Media20103X
Taxi: A Hardcore ParodyVouyer Media20104X
Teen CreamVouyer Media2016 X
Teen FuckersVouyer Media2013 X
Teen Mother FuckersVouyer Media20102X
Teen Mother Fuckers 2Vouyer Media20104X
Teenage All StarsVouyer Media2009 X
Teens In Tight Jeans 1Vouyer Media20064X
Teens In Tight Jeans 2Vouyer Media20064X
Teens In Tight Jeans 3Vouyer Media20081X
Teens In Tight Jeans 4Vouyer Media2008 X
There's No Place Like Mom 1Vouyer Media2010 X
There's No Place Like Mom 2Vouyer Media20111X
This is Us... FuckingVouyer Media2017 X
Threes Please MeVouyer Media2012 X
Time For Group SexVouyer Media2012 X
Tits and TatsVouyer Media2013 X
Too Young to Know BetterVouyer Media2013 X
Top Heavy HomewreckersVouyer Media20102X
Total ControlVouyer Media2013 X
Tramp CampVouyer Media2016 X
True G.F.E. POVVouyer Media2009 X
Tuna HelperVouyer Media2012 X
Twitter My ShitterVouyer Media2009 X
Udderly FantasticVouyer Media2010 X
Untapped Assets 1Vouyer Media20091X
Untapped Assets 2Vouyer Media20103X
Vouyer Vision 3Vouyer Media20077X
What a Difference a Dick MakesVouyer Media2017 X
Who's That Girl 1Vouyer Media20063X
Who's That Girl 2Vouyer Media20063X
Who's That Girl 3Vouyer Media20067X
Who's That Girl 4Vouyer Media20075X
Who's That Girl 5Vouyer Media20075X
Who's That Girl 6Vouyer Media2008 X
Who's That Girl 7Vouyer Media2008 X
Who's That Girl 8Vouyer Media20095X
Who's That Girl 9Vouyer Media20095X
Whole Enchilada 1Vouyer Media20061X
Whole Enchilada 2Vouyer Media20074X
Whole Enchilada 3Vouyer Media20084X
Whores of DarknessBurning Angel20112X
XOXO Joanna AngelBurning Angel20085X
You Wanna Put That Where?Vouyer Media2013 X
Young Ripe Mellons 4Vouyer Media20034X
Young Ripe Mellons 9Vouyer Media2007 X

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