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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
1-800-934-BOOBVidco Entertainment1992 X
50 Million Dollar CherryVidco Entertainment1987 X
A.S.S.Vidco Entertainment19881X
All That JizmVidco Entertainment1994 X
Amber Lynn Non-stopVidco Entertainment1988 X
Amber Lynn's Personal BestVidco Entertainment1986 X
American Nympho in LondonVidco Entertainment1988 X
Anal AmateursVidco Entertainment1992 X
Anal MadnessVidco Entertainment1993  
Anal MisconductVidco Entertainment1995 X
Anal ShameVidco Entertainment1995 X
AnalizerVidco Entertainment1994 X
Angela in WonderlandVidco Entertainment1986 X
Angels With Sticky FacesVidco Entertainment1991 X
B.Y.O.B.Vidco Entertainment1985 X
Bare WavesVidco Entertainment1986 X
BaronessVidco Entertainment1988 X
Best of Bi SexVidco Entertainment1990 X
Best of Double PenetrationVidco Entertainment1993  
Best of She-Male 1Vidco Entertainment1998  
Best of She-Male 2Vidco Entertainment1998  
Best of She-Male 3Vidco Entertainment1998  
Best of She-Male 5Vidco Entertainment1998  
Best of Stud 2Vidco Entertainment1990  
Bi Bi American StyleVidco Entertainment1986 X
Bi SurpriseVidco Entertainment19881X
Big OrgyVidco Entertainment19791X
Big ThrillVidco Entertainment1989 X
Bigger They ComeVidco Entertainment1993 X
Black AcesVidco Entertainment1995 X
Black and White AffairVidco Entertainment1984 X
Black DynastyVidco Entertainment1985 X
Black FuckVidco Entertainment1995  
Black StockingsVidco Entertainment19901X
Black To The FutureVidco Entertainment1986 X
Blacks Next DoorVidco Entertainment1988 X
Blow Bi BlowVidco Entertainment1990  
Blue MovieVidco Entertainment1989 X
Blue VoodooVidco Entertainment1978 X
Bored GamesAlpha France1979 X
Born to Be MaidVidco Entertainment1987 X
Bringing Up the RearVidco Entertainment1993 X
Busty Wrestling BabesVidco Entertainment1986 X
Butt Bongo BabesVidco Entertainment1993 X
Butt BossVidco Entertainment1993 X
Caddy Shack-upVidco Entertainment1986 X
California Blondes 3Vidco Entertainment1991 X
California Blondes 5Vidco Entertainment1992 X
California Blondes 6Vidco Entertainment1994  
Call GirlVidco Entertainment1986 X
Candy's Little Sister SugarVidco Entertainment19881X
Captain Hooker and Peter PornVidco Entertainment19871X
CaressesVidco Entertainment1979 X
Cells of PassionVidco Entertainment1981  
Cheerleaders 85Vidco Entertainment1984 X
Chocolate CandyVidco Entertainment1984 X
Chocolate CHIPSVidco Entertainment1988 X
Club TabooVidco Entertainment1987  
Coming HolmesVidco Entertainment1986 X
Coming OutVidco Entertainment1993 X
ConflictVidco Entertainment1988 X
Connections LiveVidco Entertainment1985  
Constant CravingVidco Entertainment19931X
Convenience Store GirlsVidco Entertainment1987 X
Corporate AssetsVidco Entertainment19852X
Crystal BlueVidco Entertainment1987 X
Dark Side of the MoonVidco Entertainment1986 X
Debbie Goes to HawaiiVidco Entertainment1988 X
DecadenceVidco Entertainment1988 X
Deep and WetVidco Entertainment1986 X
Deep FantasiesVidco Entertainment1988  
Deep Throat FantasiesVidco Entertainment1988 X
Depraved InnocentVidco Entertainment1986 X
Desert FoxVidco Entertainment1991 X
Desert HeatCanyon Studios19861X
Desperate WomenVidco Entertainment1985 X
Desperately Seeking SuzieVidco Entertainment1985 X
Dial-a-nurseVidco Entertainment1992 X
Dirty BoysVidco Entertainment1994 X
Dirty LettersVidco Entertainment19851X
Dirty LingerieVidco Entertainment1990 X
Dirty MoviesVidco Entertainment1989 X
Dirty SharyVidco Entertainment19843X
Divorce Court ExposeVidco Entertainment1987 X
Divorce Court Expose 2Vidco Entertainment1987 X
Don't Get Them WetVidco Entertainment1987 X
Double PlayVidco Entertainment1993 X
DP Girls 1: Double DipVidco Entertainment19971X
Dr. DesireVidco Entertainment19841X
Dr. Truth's Great SexVidco Entertainment1986 X
Dream Girls 3Vidco Entertainment1984  
Dream Girls 4Vidco Entertainment1984  
Dream LoversVidco Entertainment1980 X
Ebony and Ivory FantasiesVidco Entertainment1988 X
Editor's Choice 1Vidco Entertainment1990  
Editor's Choice 2Vidco Entertainment1991  
ETVVidco Entertainment1988 X
ExcessVidco Entertainment19892X
ExhibitionistVidco Entertainment1991 X
ExposureVidco Entertainment1988 X
Eye of the TigressVidco Entertainment19881X
Family AffairsVidco Entertainment1990 X
Fanta-SizeVidco Entertainment1988  
Fashion PassionVidco Entertainment1986 X
FlasherVidco Entertainment1986 X
Flesh And EcstasyVidco Entertainment1985 X
Foolish PleasureVidco Entertainment1992 X
ForeskinVidco Entertainment1989  
Foreskin FanatasiesVidco Entertainment1989  
Friday the 13thVidco Entertainment1987 X
Friday the 13th 2Vidco Entertainment19891X
Fuck Me UpVidco Entertainment1994 X
FurburgersVidco Entertainment1987 X
Future SodomVidco Entertainment19881X
Gimme an XVidco Entertainment1993 X
Ginger Lynn Non-stopVidco Entertainment19881X
Girls of Hollywood HillsVidco Entertainment1985 X
Girls Who Love Girls 1Vidco Entertainment1989 X
Girls Who Love Girls 10Vidco Entertainment1989  
Girls Who Love Girls 11Vidco Entertainment1989 X
Girls Who Love Girls 12Vidco Entertainment1989  
Girls Who Love Girls 13Vidco Entertainment1989  
Girls Who Love Girls 14Vidco Entertainment1989  
Girls Who Love Girls 15Vidco Entertainment1989 X
Girls Who Love Girls 16Vidco Entertainment1989 X
Girls Who Love Girls 17Vidco Entertainment1989 X
Girls Who Love Girls 18Vidco Entertainment1989 X
Girls Who Love Girls 19Vidco Entertainment1989  
Girls Who Love Girls 2Vidco Entertainment1988 X
Girls Who Love Girls 3Vidco Entertainment1989 X
Girls Who Love Girls 4Vidco Entertainment1989 X
Girls Who Love Girls 5Vidco Entertainment1989  
Girls Who Love Girls 6Vidco Entertainment1989 X
Girls Who Love Girls 7Vidco Entertainment1989  
Girls Who Love Girls 8Vidco Entertainment1989 X
Girls Who Love Girls 9Vidco Entertainment1989  
Girls' ClubVidco Entertainment1993 X
Golden Girls 2Vidco Entertainment1981 X
Growing YearsVidco Entertainment1986 X
HandsomeVidco Entertainment19811X
Hard Core CafeVidco Entertainment1988 X
Hard Rocking BabesVidco Entertainment1987  
Haulin' 'n Baulin' Vidco Entertainment1988  
He SheStar Gaze1999 X
He-DevilsVidco Entertainment1990 X
Head And TailsVidco Entertainment1985 X
Head LockRasputin Productions1989 X
Hidden FantasiesVidco Entertainment1986 X
Hollywood Honeys 1Vidco Entertainment1982  
Hollywood Honeys 2Vidco Entertainment1982  
Hollywood ViceVidco Entertainment19852X
Hot for TeacherVidco Entertainment19931X
Hot Nights and Dirty DaysVidco Entertainment1988 X
Hot Nights Hard BodiesVidco Entertainment1986 X
Hot on His TailVidco Entertainment1987  
Hot ShotsVidco Entertainment1992 X
House of LustVidco Entertainment1985 X
House of the Rising MoonVidco Entertainment1986 X
I Like to Be WatchedVidco Entertainment1984 X
I Want It AllVidco Entertainment1984 X
Illicit AffairsVidco Entertainment1989 X
Immaculate ErectionVidco Entertainment1992 X
In a Crystal FantasyVidco Entertainment1988 X
In All the Right PlacesVidco Entertainment19861X
Innocent TabooVidco Entertainment1986 X
Inside Christy CanyonVidco Entertainment1986  
Intense HeatVidco Entertainment2000  
InteractiveVidco Entertainment19931X
JacquelineVidco Entertainment1986  
Jane Bond Meets OctopussyVidco Entertainment19861X
Jane Bond Meets the Man With the Golden RodVidco Entertainment1987  
Jane Bond Meets ThunderballsVidco Entertainment19861X
Jane Bond Meets ThunderthighsVidco Entertainment1988 X
Juicy Sex ScandalsVidco Entertainment1991 X
Jungle JiveVidco Entertainment1992 X
KeishaVidco Entertainment1988 X
Kinky CouplesVidco Entertainment19901X
License to ThrillVidco Entertainment19852X
Lick BushVidco Entertainment1992 X
Little NookieVidco Entertainment1992 X
Load WarriorVidco Entertainment1987 X
Load Warrior 2Vidco Entertainment1987 X
Love ButtonVidco Entertainment1989 X
Love HurtsVidco Entertainment1992 X
Luscious Baker GirlsVidco Entertainment19901X
Lust At SeaVidco Entertainment1986 X
Mad SexVidco Entertainment1986 X
Magic PoolVidco Entertainment1988 X
Mardi Gras PassionsVidco Entertainment1987  
Master of PleasureVidco Entertainment1988 X
Material GirlVidco Entertainment1986 X
Mikey Likes ItVidco Entertainment1986 X
Miss PassionVidco Entertainment19844X
MistressVidco Entertainment1993 X
Momma's BoyVidco Entertainment1984 X
Money HoleVidco Entertainment1993 X
Monumental Knockers 1Vidco Entertainment1987  
Monumental Knockers 10Vidco Entertainment1988  
Monumental Knockers 13Vidco Entertainment1992  
Monumental Knockers 14Vidco Entertainment1992  
Monumental Knockers 15Vidco Entertainment1992  
Monumental Knockers 16Vidco Entertainment1992  
Monumental Knockers 2Vidco Entertainment1987  
Monumental Knockers 3Vidco Entertainment1987  
Monumental Knockers 4Vidco Entertainment1987  
Monumental Knockers 5Vidco Entertainment1987  
Monumental Knockers 6Vidco Entertainment1987 X
Monumental Knockers 7Vidco Entertainment1988  
Monumental Knockers 8Vidco Entertainment1988  
More Chocolate CandyVidco Entertainment1985 X
Motel SweetsVidco Entertainment1987 X
Mouth WateringVidco Entertainment1986 X
Naughty NursesVidco Entertainment19931X
New Kid on the BlockVidco Entertainment1991 X
Nina Hartley Non-stopVidco Entertainment1988 X
ObsessedVidco Entertainment1987 X
ObsexxedVidco Entertainment1992 X
Open Up TracyVidco Entertainment1984  
Our Major is SexVidco Entertainment1984 X
OutlawVidco Entertainment19891X
Over The Hill Gang BangVidco Entertainment19971X
PantiesVidco Entertainment1993 X
Parting ShotsVidco Entertainment1989 X
PerfectionVidco Entertainment1985 X
Pleasure SeekersVidco Entertainment19901X
Portrait of an AffairVidco Entertainment1988 X
Prescription For PassionVidco Entertainment1984 X
Princess of the NightVidco Entertainment19901X
Pro BallVidco Entertainment1991 X
Queen Of SpadesVidco Entertainment1986 X
Raising HellVidco Entertainment1987 X
Ready Willing And AnalVidco Entertainment1993 X
Red Hot Fire GirlsVidco Entertainment1989 X
Red Hot RoadrunnerVidco Entertainment1987 X
Rio HeatVidco Entertainment1987 X
SaddletrampVidco Entertainment1988 X
Secret MistressVidco Entertainment1986 X
Secret Urges (II)Vidco Entertainment1994  
SeducedVidco Entertainment1993 X
Seduction By FireVidco Entertainment1987 X
Serviced with a SmileVidco Entertainment1978 X
SexperteaseVidco Entertainment1985 X
Sexual HealerVidco Entertainment19911X
Sexual MisconductVidco Entertainment1994 X
Sharon Mitchell Non-stopVidco Entertainment1989 X
She-Male Encounters 1Vidco Entertainment1981  
She-Male Encounters 10: She-Male VacationVidco Entertainment1985  
She-Male Encounters 11: She-Male RoommatesVidco Entertainment1986  
She-Male Encounters 12: Orgy at the Poysinberry Bar 2Vidco Entertainment1986  
She-Male Encounters 13: She-Male ReformatoryVidco Entertainment1987  
She-Male Encounters 14: She-Male WrestlersVidco Entertainment1987  
She-Male Encounters 15: She-Male WhorehouseVidco Entertainment1987  
She-Male Encounters 16: She-Male SanitariumVidco Entertainment1988  
She-Male Encounters 17: She-Male SororityVidco Entertainment1988  
She-Male Encounters 18: Murder She Male WroteVidco Entertainment1988  
She-Male Encounters 19: She-Male Toga PartyVidco Entertainment19881X
She-Male Encounters 2Vidco Entertainment1981 X
She-Male Encounters 20: SwitchedVidco Entertainment1989  
She-Male Encounters 3Vidco Entertainment1982  
She-Male Encounters 4Vidco Entertainment1982 X
She-Male Encounters 5: Orgy at the Poysinberry BarVidco Entertainment1982  
She-Male Encounters 6: Trilogy of the BizarreAvanta Productions1983  
She-Male Encounters 7: Divine Atrocities 1Vidco Entertainment1983 X
She-Male Encounters 8: Divine Atrocities 2Vidco Entertainment1983 X
She-Male Encounters 9: She-Male ConfidentialVidco Entertainment1984  
She-Male ShootersVidco Entertainment1995 X
She-Male TalesVidco Entertainment1990 X
SleeplessVidco Entertainment19931X
Slightly UsedVidco Entertainment1987 X
Soft Warm RainVidco Entertainment1987 X
Southern ComfortsCanyon Studios1986 X
Split DecisionVidco Entertainment1988 X
SpoiledVidco Entertainment1987 X
St X-where 1Vidco Entertainment1986 X
St X-where 2Vidco Entertainment1987 X
Stallion DicksVidco Entertainment2000  
Step To The RearVidco Entertainment1991 X
Stolen Kisses 1Vidco Entertainment1989 X
Strange BehaviorVidco Entertainment1990 X
Strictly BusinessVidco Entertainment1987 X
Stroke 13: Extreme UrgeVidco Entertainment1988  
Stroke 19: Swing SetVidco Entertainment1988  
Stroke 26: Anywhere, AnytimeVidco Entertainment1988  
Stroke 31: Ball Bustin' BoysStroke Video1988  
Stroke 8: Bi-Sexual A Go-GoStroke Video1988  
Super TrampVidco Entertainment1989 X
Supersluts of WrestlingVidco Entertainment1986 X
SwapmeetVidco Entertainment1982 X
Sweet ChocolateVidco Entertainment1987 X
Tail for SaleVidco Entertainment1989 X
Taste of Julia PartonVidco Entertainment1992  
Taste of KC WilliamsVidco Entertainment1992  
Taste of MadisonVidco Entertainment1992  
Taste of Patricia KennedyVidco Entertainment1992  
Teach MeVidco Entertainment1984 X
Temptations of the FleshVidco Entertainment1986 X
TherapySurge1985 X
This Is Your Sex LifeVidco Entertainment1988 X
Throbbin HoodVidco Entertainment1987 X
Tight SpotVidco Entertainment1992 X
Tooltime MemoriesVidco Entertainment1985 X
Top HeavyVidco Entertainment1988 X
Tori Welles ExposedVidco Entertainment1990 X
Tori Welles X-posedVidco Entertainment1990  
Triple XposureVidco Entertainment1986 X
Tropical LustVidco Entertainment1987 X
TroubleVidco Entertainment19891X
Twice The FunVidco Entertainment2000 X
Ultimate LoverVidco Entertainment19862X
Undressed RehearsalVidco Entertainment1984 X
VenomVidco Entertainment1995 X
Venom 2Vidco Entertainment19961X
Venom 3Vidco Entertainment1996 X
Venom 4Vidco Entertainment1996 X
Venom 5Vidco Entertainment19961X
Venom 6Vidco Entertainment19961X
Venom 7Vidco Entertainment19961X
Venom 8Vidco Entertainment19971X
Venom 9Vidco Entertainment1998 X
Viper's PlaceVidco Entertainment1987 X
Virgin CheeksVidco Entertainment1986 X
Visions of JeannieVidco Entertainment1985 X
VogueVidco Entertainment1990 X
Vote PinkVidco Entertainment1985 X
Wall to WallVidco Entertainment1985 X
We Love to TeaseVidco Entertainment1985  
Weekend TailAlpha France1979 X
Wet Dreams 2001Vidco Entertainment1986 X
Wicked WhispersVidco Entertainment1985 X
Wild Toga PartyVidco Entertainment1985 X
Willing WomenVidco Entertainment1993 X
X-Rated BlondesVidco Entertainment1992  
X-TVVidco Entertainment1992 X
You Make Me WetVidco Entertainment1985 X
You're the BossVidco Entertainment1985 X
Young Girls in Tight JeansVidco Entertainment19891X
Young Head NursesF.F.C.M.1979 X
Young NymphoVidco Entertainment1986 X

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