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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
All in the FamilyVCR19851X
Amber Lynn's Hotline 976VCR1987 X
Arcadia Lake's FantasiesVCR1981 X
Auto Erotic PracticesVCR1979 X
Awakening of SalleyVCR1984 X
Back Door GirlsVCR19831X
Behind the Brown DoorVCR1986 X
Best of BlondesVCR1987 X
Best of Hot Shorts 1VCR1985 X
Bitches in Heat 1VCR1988 X
Bitches In Heat 10VCR19881X
Bitches In Heat 12VCR1988 X
Bitches In Heat 13VCR1988 X
Bitches In Heat 14VCR1988 X
Bitches In Heat 15VCR1988 X
Bitches In Heat 16VCR1988 X
Bitches in Heat 2VCR1988 X
Bitches in Heat 3VCR1988 X
Bitches in Heat 4VCR1988 X
Bitches In Heat 6VCR19881X
Bitches In Heat 8VCR1988 X
Black 'n White In ColorVCR1987 X
Black HeatVCR1986 X
Black LustVCR1983 X
Blondes On FireVCR1987  
Blue ConfessionsVCR1983 X
Blue InterviewVCR1983 X
Breastography 1VCR1987 X
BreezyVCR1984 X
Bun BustersVCR1984 X
Candida Royalle's FantasiesVCR1981 X
Cavalcade Of StarsVCR1986 X
Confessions of a NymphVCR1985 X
Covergirl Video Fantasies 1VCR1982  
Covergirl Video Fantasies 2VCR1982 X
Covergirl Video Fantasies 3VCR1982  
Cris Cassidy's FantasiesVCR1982  
Crystal Dawn's FantasiesVCR1983 X
D-Cup DelightsVCR1987 X
Deep PassageVCR1978 X
Double PleasureVCR19821X
Ebony Erotica 1VCR1985 X
Ebony Erotica 2VCR1985 X
Erotic World of Candy ShieldsVCR1984 X
Erotic World of Cody NicoleVCR19851X
Erotic World of Crystal DawnVCR19851X
Erotic World of Crystal LakeVCR1985 X
Erotic World of Renee SummersVCR1985 X
Erotic World of SekaVCR19801X
Erotic World of SerenaVCR1980 X
Erotic World of Sunny DayVCR1984 X
Erotic World of Sylvia BenedictVCR19831X
Erotic World of VanessaVCR1981 X
Fine Art Of Anal IntercourseVCR1985 X
Fine Art Of CunnilingusVCR1985 X
Fox FeverVCR1983 X
French CleanersVCR1986 X
Gang BangsVCR19852X
Ginger Lynn And CoVCR1989 X
Holly McCall's FantasiesVCR1982  
Hot PinkVCR1984 X
Hot Shorts: Athena StarVCR19871X
Hot Shorts: Cara LottVCR19861X
Hot Shorts: Christy CanyonVCR19861X
Hot Shorts: Cody NicoleVCR19871X
Hot Shorts: Crystal BreezeVCR19861X
Hot Shorts: Crystal LakeVCR19871X
Hot Shorts: DanielleVCR1987 X
Hot Shorts: GabriellaVCR1986 X
Hot Shorts: Gina CarreraVCR19861X
Hot Shorts: Ginger LynnVCR19861X
Hot Shorts: Heather WayneVCR19861X
Hot Shorts: Jodi SwaffordVCR19861X
Hot Shorts: Laurie SmithVCR19861X
Hot Shorts: Lili MarleneVCR1986 X
Hot Shorts: Lola SummersVCR1986 X
Hot Shorts: RavenVCR19861X
Hot Shorts: Rene SummersVCR19861X
Hot Shorts: Robin CannesVCR1987 X
Hot Shorts: Sandy TaylorVCR19861X
Hot Shorts: SekaVCR19861X
Hot Shorts: Sue NeroVCR1986 X
Hot Shorts: Susan HartVCR19861X
Hot Shorts: Sylvia BenedictVCR19861X
Hot Shorts: Tracey AdamsVCR1986 X
Hot Shorts: Traci LordsVCR1986  
Hot Shorts: Vanessa Del RioVCR19861X
Indecent ItchVCR1986 X
Jessie St. James' FantasiesVCR1981 X
Joys of Erotica 1VCR1980  
Joys of Erotica 102VCR1984  
Joys of Erotica 104VCR1984  
Joys of Erotica 107VCR1984 X
Joys of Erotica 108VCR1984 X
Joys of Erotica 109VCR1984 X
Joys of Erotica 110VCR1984  
Joys of Erotica 111VCR1984  
Joys of Erotica 112VCR1984  
Joys of Erotica 113VCR1985  
Joys of Erotica 114VCR1984  
Joys of Erotica 2VCR1980  
Joys of Erotica Film 214VCR1980  
Joys of Erotica Film 215VCR1980  
Joys of Erotica Film 218VCR1980  
Joys of Erotica Film 222VCR1980  
Joys of Erotica Film 225VCR1980  
Joys of Erotica Film 228VCR1980  
Joys of Erotica Film 229VCR1980  
Joys of Erotica Film 232VCR1980  
Joys of Erotica Film 233VCR1980  
Joys of Erotica Film 237VCR1980  
JuggsVCR1984 X
Karate GirlsVCR1986 X
Kitty Shayne's FantasiesVCR1982  
Lesllie Bovee's FantasiesVCR19821X
Love SlavesVCR19761X
Loving LesbosVCR1983 X
Lysa Thatcher's FantasiesVCR1981  
Merle Michaels' FantasiesVCR1983  
Naked NightVCR1985 X
Nasty NursesVCR1982 X
Nurses Are ComingVCR1979 X
Oriental LustVCR1984 X
Passion ToysVCR1981 X
Phaedra Grant's FantasiesVCR1982  
Pleasure Productions 1VCR1980  
Pleasure Productions 10VCR1984 X
Pleasure Productions 12VCR19852X
Pleasure Productions 2VCR1980 X
Pleasure Productions 3VCR1980 X
Pleasure Productions 4VCR1980  
Pleasure Productions 7VCR1984 X
Pleasure Productions 9VCR1984 X
RavenVCR1984 X
Rear EntryVCR1984 X
Revenge by LustVCR1985  
Samantha Fox's FantasiesVCR1980  
Screaming DesireVCR1985  
Seka's FantasiesVCR19801X
Sensuous Singles: KeishaVCR1987  
Sensuous Singles: Sandi TaylorVCR1987  
Sensuous Singles: Tina MarieVCR1987  
Sensuous Singles: Trinity LorenVCR1987  
Sensuous Singles: Whitney PrinceVCR1987  
ShavedVCR1984 X
Showgirl Superstars Film 176VCR1979  
Soul Kiss ThisVCR1988 X
Strangers When We MeetVCR1990 X
Suzy Nero's FantasiesVCR19801X
Tales of the BacksideVCR1986 X
Taylor Evans' FantasiesVCR1983  
Teas'n And Pleas'nVCR1988 X
Tina Russell ClassicsVCR19821X
Touch of DesireVCR1978 X
Triangle of LustVCR1982  
Vanessa Del Rio's FantasiesVCR1981 X
Velvet TongueAlpha France1976 X
Watermelon BabesVCR1980 X
Wet ShotsVCR1981 X

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