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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
Amazon IslandStar Maker Video1982 X
Appointment with Pain: Dr. Discipline 2Star Maker Video1995  
At The Mercy Of Mistress JacquelineStar Maker Video1993  
Badd Girl's SpankingStar Maker Video1994  
Banana SlitsStar Maker Video1993  
Basic DesireStar Maker Video1985  
Beyond The BorderlineStar Maker Video1996  
Billiard BondageStar Maker Video1996  
Black and White and Red All OverStar Maker Video1994  
Black GodessesStar Maker Video1985  
Bond-aidStar Maker Video1993  
Bondage JourneyStar Maker Video1995  
Bondage ProposalStar Maker Video1993 X
Bondage SeductionStar Maker Video1992 X
Bondage ThrillsStar Maker Video1987  
Bondage Watch: Miss Sharon Mitchell's Diaries 2Star Maker Video1996  
Borderline (II)Star Maker Video1995 X
Boss' Boy ToyStar Maker Video1992  
Bossy MistressStar Maker Video1993 X
Bound Biker Babes 1Star Maker Video1991  
Bound Biker Babes 2: Introduction to the Iron MaidenStar Maker Video1993  
Bunnie's Bondage-landStar Maker Video1994  
Case Studies of the Punishing NurseStar Maker Video1994  
Chateau of TormentStar Maker Video1995 X
Corrected DeceptionStar Maker Video1994  
Crotch TiedStar Maker Video1996  
Dangerous LessonsStar Maker Video1995  
Dark AngelsStar Maker Video1996 X
Dark DesireStar Maker Video1995 X
Dark DisciplineStar Maker Video1994  
Dark Reality `Star Maker Video1995  
Dark Reality 2Star Maker Video1995  
Dean's SpankingStar Maker Video1995  
Debbie's Love SpellStar Maker Video1988  
Deck His Balls With HollyStar Maker Video1993  
Diary of a Submissive SlutStar Maker Video1993  
Disciples Of BondageStar Maker Video1992  
Disciples Of DisciplineStar Maker Video1994 X
Disciplined By CatfightersStar Maker Video1994  
Domination DivasStar Maker Video1997  
Dr. DisciplineStar Maker Video1994  
Dragon Lady's Domination TechniquesStar Maker Video1995  
Dressed to ThrillStar Maker Video1996 X
Dungeon BratsStar Maker Video1994  
Dungeon Builder's PunishmentStar Maker Video1994  
Dungeon DisciplineStar Maker Video1996 X
Dungeon Discipline 2: Chateau of TormentStar Maker Video1996  
Dungeon HumiliationStar Maker Video1996  
Dungeon PunishmentStar Maker Video1995  
Dungeon TrainingStar Maker Video1995  
Dynamite DominatorStar Maker Video1993  
Fetish Phone FemmesStar Maker Video1996  
Flogged For His SinsStar Maker Video1994  
Forbidden Dildo TaboosStar Maker Video1992  
Forgive Them Knot 1Star Maker Video1993  
Forgive Them Knot 2Star Maker Video1993  
Hard Hand LucStar Maker Video1995  
Heel To ToeStar Maker Video1996  
Her Personal TouchStar Maker Video1996  
HoetownStar Maker Video1994  
Holly's HollywoodStar Maker Video1992  
Hot Crimson BunsStar Maker Video1996 X
Humiliating BindStar Maker Video1996  
Journey Into LatexStar Maker Video1992  
Kimbra Slave TrainerStar Maker Video1993  
Kimbra's WhipsStar Maker Video1995  
Latex ControlStar Maker Video1998  
Latex Leather and LaceStar Maker Video1993 X
Lauren's Adventures In BondageStar Maker Video1995  
Lauren's Adventures In Bondage Land 2: Mistress ShaneStar Maker Video1995  
Leather And ThetherStar Maker Video1994  
Leather Lair 3: Night of the Supreme MasterStar Maker Video1993  
Lesbian Kink TrilogyStar Maker Video1992  
Lesbian Kink Trilogy 2Star Maker Video1995  
Lesbian Sex Power and MoneyStar Maker Video1995  
Lipstick LesbiansStar Maker Video1993 X
Madame's BoudoirStar Maker Video1993  
Maidens of Servitude 1Star Maker Video1994  
Maidens of Servitude 2: ObeisanceStar Maker Video1994  
Maidens of Servitude 3: Jealous BindStar Maker Video1994  
Masked And HoodedStar Maker Video1995  
Masked MistressStar Maker Video1995  
Matronly Stern SpankingsStar Maker Video1994  
Miss Sharon Mitchell's Diaries 1Star Maker Video1995  
Mistress And The PrinceStar Maker Video1995  
Mistress Domino's NutcrackerStar Maker Video1997  
Mistress In TrainingStar Maker Video1996 X
Mistress RulesStar Maker Video1995 X
Mistress Sharon's Girl ToyStar Maker Video1995  
Moist ThighsStar Maker Video1995  
Mommy SeverestStar Maker Video1992  
Moon BeadsStar Maker Video1995  
Nasty DancersStar Maker Video1996  
Nasty Dancers 2Star Maker Video1996 X
Night At The Whipping PostStar Maker Video1991  
Nut CrackerStar Maker Video1996 X
Oriental DominatrixStar Maker Video1995  
Over The BorderlineStar Maker Video1995  
Paddled PayoffStar Maker Video1993  
Porsche Lynn's Affair With DestinyStar Maker Video1996  
Private LessonsStar Maker Video1988 X
Private PleasuresStar Maker Video19941X
Profiles In Discipline 1: Miss Sharon MitchellStar Maker Video1994  
Profiles In Discipline 4: Mistress DominoStar Maker Video1995  
Profiles In Discipline 7: Dru BerrymoreStar Maker Video1997  
Punished DeceptionStar Maker Video1996  
Punishment PlaypenStar Maker Video1995  
Purchased And Punished: Secrets In The Attic 4Star Maker Video1994  
Pussy Posse 2Star Maker Video1996  
Pussy Posse 3Star Maker Video1996  
Pussy Pursuits: The Best of Skye and SummerStar Maker Video1995  
Red Boot DiariesStar Maker Video1992  
Red Tails 1Star Maker Video1993  
Red Tails 2Star Maker Video1994  
Return To Leather LairStar Maker Video1993  
Rock 'n Roll Bondage SlutsStar Maker Video1992  
Savage DisciplineStar Maker Video1993  
Secret RetreatStar Maker Video1991  
Secret Retreat 2: Ultimate SubmissionStar Maker Video1992  
Secret UrgesStar Maker Video1994 X
Secrets In The Attic 1Star Maker Video1994 X
Secrets In The Attic 2Star Maker Video1994  
Secrets In The Attic 3Star Maker Video1994  
Sentence Of PainStar Maker Video1994  
Show Them No Mercy 1Star Maker Video1992  
Show Them No Mercy 2: The Final LessonStar Maker Video1992  
Sissy Spanked In Red PantiesStar Maker Video1992 X
Slave ExchangeStar Maker Video1995  
Smothered Bound and TickledStar Maker Video1993  
Spank!Star Maker Video1992 X
Spanked By SantaStar Maker Video1993  
Spanked Giesha GirlStar Maker Video1995  
Spanked In SpadesStar Maker Video1995  
Spanking Tea PartyStar Maker Video1995  
Story Of Madame DStar Maker Video1996  
Strictly Heels and ToesStar Maker Video1992  
Stud PuppyStar Maker Video1994  
Submissive Exposure Profile 5: Keli ThomasStar Maker Video1996  
Succulent ToesStar Maker Video1994  
Summer's SurrenderStar Maker Video1996  
Sweet HumilityStar Maker Video1995  
Sweet TartsStar Maker Video1993 X
Tales From Leather Lair: The Leather MasterStar Maker Video1992  
Their Absolute PropertyStar Maker Video1994  
Three Mistresses of the ChateauStar Maker Video1995  
Three Mistresses of the MansionStar Maker Video1995  
Toe-tail TortureStar Maker Video1996 X
Toe-tally Foot-ageStar Maker Video1993  
Torturess 2: Trained For PleasureStar Maker Video1996  
TrampledStar Maker Video1993  
Tricia's Painful PleasureStar Maker Video1995  
Tropical Bondage VacationStar Maker Video1996  
TV Sorority SisterStar Maker Video1996  
Two Trained For ObedienceStar Maker Video1994  
Vamp's BlackmailStar Maker Video1983 X
Virginia's TV InitiationStar Maker Video1992  
Women Who Control the Family Jewels 2Star Maker Video1994  
Women Who Control the Family Jewels 4Star Maker Video1996  
YearningsStar Maker Video1983  
Young LipsStar Maker Video1996 X

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