distributors : southern shore

Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
Amore - BedroomSouthern Shore1995  
Amore - DanceSouthern Shore1995  
Amore - Photo SessionSouthern Shore1995  
AndreaSouthern Shore1992 X
Anjelica - Photo SessionSouthern Shore1994  
Anjelica: Dance and LingerieSouthern Shore1994  
April Hunter - Lotion And LaceSouthern Shore19961 
April Hunter - StripteaseSouthern Shore1997  
Becky SunshineSouthern Shore1993  
BiancaSouthern Shore1994 X
Brandy GoldSouthern Shore1992  
Brittany AndrewsSouthern Shore1997 X
Convention CutiesSouthern Shore19971 
Danni - Goes PublicSouthern Shore1997  
Danni - Lotion And LaceSouthern Shore1997  
Danni Ashe - Oil Me DownSouthern Shore19961 
Danni Ashe And FriendsSouthern Shore19971 
Danni At The Beach 2Southern Shore1992  
Danni At The MansionSouthern Shore1992 X
Danni At The ZooSouthern Shore1992  
Exposed A'sSouthern Shore1995  
Fawn Miller Solo 1Southern Shore19923 
Fawn Miller Solo 2Southern Shore19931 
Florida Femmes 1Southern Shore19991 
Florida Femmes 2Southern Shore19991 
J.R.Southern Shore1995 X
JordanSouthern Shore1995 X
KellySouthern Shore1994  
Kimberly Behind the ScenesSouthern Shore1993 X
Kimberly KuppsSouthern Shore1993 X
KristaSouthern Shore1995 X
Leslie Wells... For My FansSouthern Shore19981 
Lingerie Show: Danni ReturnsSouthern Shore1995  
Lisa Ann: DanceSouthern Shore1994  
Lisa Ann: Lotion and LaceSouthern Shore1994  
Lisa Ann: PhotoSouthern Shore1994  
Lorissa McComas & MarilynSouthern Shore19991 
Lorissa McComis - Dance RoutinesSouthern Shore1997  
Lorissa McComis - Oil Me DownSouthern Shore19961 
LovetteSouthern Shore1995 X
Mason - BedroomSouthern Shore1995  
Mason - DanceSouthern Shore1995  
Mason - PhotoSouthern Shore1995  
Mason - ReturnsSouthern Shore1995  
Missy 1Southern Shore1991  
Missy 2Southern Shore1991  
Misty - Bed And BathSouthern Shore1994  
Misty - PhotoSouthern Shore1994  
Misty - Raised SkirtSouthern Shore1994  
Misty Rain DeluxeSouthern Shore20081 
Nikki DialSouthern Shore1992  
Pearl Necklace Video 14Southern Shore1992  
Pearl Necklace Video 5Southern Shore1992  
Rachel And BunnySouthern Shore1995  
Rachel LoveSouthern Shore1996  
SabrinaSouthern Shore1993  
Sally and MelissaSouthern Shore1995  
Shelby (Jennifer)Southern Shore1993  
Suzie BoobiesSouthern Shore1991 X
Tabitha Gayle Solo / Kandi Kreme SoloSouthern Shore19971 
TamiSouthern Shore1996  
Tantalizing TrioSouthern Shore19961 
Vanessa At The BeachSouthern Shore1995  
WhitneySouthern Shore1995 X

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