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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
Adventures of Max the Naughty DogSinthetic Video1997  
Asian Sex Superstars 1Sinthetic Video19973X
Bubblegum FantasiesSinthetic Video20013X
Diva X BrittanySinthetic Video19994 
Diva X KaoruSinthetic Video20001X
Diva X Taylor MooreSinthetic Video20002 
Diva X The MovieGen XXX19991X
From Bunny With LuvSinthetic Video20011 
More Lovers Caught on TapeSinthetic Video19991X
Pornostar 1Sinthetic Video19974X
Private Vignettes 1Sinthetic Video2000  
Pure Sex 1Lolita Entertainment19992X
Pure Sex 2Lolita Entertainment19994X
Surveillance SexSinthetic Video19983X
Virtual Pornstar: Bunny LuvSinthetic Video20012X

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