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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
Black Silk StockingsSelect-a-tape1979 X
Cave WomenSelect-a-tape1979 X
Confessions of SekaSelect-a-tape1980 X
Dirty HarrietSelect-a-tape1986 X
Flesh Dance FeverSelect-a-tape19841 
Hannah Does Her SistersSelect-a-tape1986 X
Hot LoveSelect-a-tape1980 X
Joy RidersSelect-a-tape1975 X
JustineSelect-a-tape1980 X
Love GamesSelect-a-tape1975 X
Love Lust and ViolenceSelect-a-tape1976 X
Master and Ms. JohnsonSelect-a-tape1980  
Panorama BlueSelect-a-tape1974 X
Sensuous DetectiveSelect-a-tape19801X
Sex And The StarsSelect-a-tape1972  
Small Town GirlsSelect-a-tape19791X
Touch MeSelect-a-tape19712X

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