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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
18 Xtra 1Score20052X
18 Xtra 2Score2005 X
18 Xtra 3Score2006 X
18 Xtra 4Score20051X
30 Something XXXtraScore2003 X
40 Something XXXtra 1Score20043X
40 Something XXXtra 2Score2004 X
40 Something XXXtra 3Score2004 X
40 Something XXXtra 4Score20051X
50 Plus MILFs 1Score2009 X
50 Plus MILFs 2Score2010 X
50 Plus MILFs 3Score2011 X
50 Plus MILFs 4Score2012 X
50 Plus MILFs 5Score2013 X
50 Plus MILFs 6Score2014  
50 Plus MILFs: Anal Edition 1Score2010 X
50 Plus MILFs: Anal Edition 2Score2010 X
50 Plus MILFs: Anal Edition 3Score2012 X
50 Plus MILFs: Anal Edition 4Score2013 X
50 Plus MILFs: Anal Edition 5Score2013 X
60 Plus MILFs 1Score2010 X
60 Plus MILFs 2Score2011 X
60 Plus MILFs 3Score2012 X
60 Plus MILFs 4Score2013 X
60 Plus MILFs 5Score2014  
60 Plus MILFs 6Score2015 X
60 Plus MILFs 7Score2016  
60 Plus MILFs: Anal Edition 1Score2016  
After School Slut Club 1Score20111X
After School Slut Club 2Score2012 X
After School Slut Club 3Score20142X
After School Slut Club 4Score20151X
After School Slut Club 5Score2016 X
All Stacked All NaturalScore20101X
All the Way inScore2016 X
All the Way ReneeScore2010 X
Alone with Kelly KayScore20131X
Amanda's Anal AdventuresScore20055X
Amateur Pussy Hunt X-CutScore2017 X
Amateur Pussy Hunt X-Cut 3Score2018 X
Angela White Finally FucksScore2011 X
Angelica's Lesbian AdventuresScore20032X
Ashley's First TimeScore20091X
Autumn's First TimeScore1998  
Baby Face Xtra 1Score2002  
Baby Face Xtra 2Score2003  
Baby Face Xtra 3Score2003  
Baby Face Xtra 5Score20043X
Bangin Ass BitchesScore2011 X
Bangin' Brandy TaloreScore2006 X
Ben Dover Does The Boob CruiseScore20031X
Best of Baby Face XtraScore2003 X
Best of Bosom Buddies 1Score20032X
Best of Bosom Buddies 2Score2003 X
Best of Chloe VevrierScore20012X
Best of LinseyScore20011 
Best of Score XtraScore2003 X
Best of Voluptuous 1Score20032X
Best of Voluptuous 2Score20044X
Big Ass Boot Camp Score20081X
Big Ass POVScore20061X
Big Assed White Chicks 1Score2010 X
Big Assed White Chicks 2Score2012 X
Big Assed White Chicks 3Score2013 X
Big Assed White Chicks 4Score2013  
Big Assed White Chicks Hardcut 1Score20131X
Big Assed White Chicks Hardcut 3Score20141X
Big Boob Finishing SchoolScore2010 X
Big Boob ParadiseScore2007 X
Big Boob SquealersScore2008 X
Big Cheeked FreaksScore2009 X
Big Fat TitsScore2008 X
Big Girl Sex SchoolScore2010 X
Big Girl Strip ClubScore2010 X
Big Racks Hot MILFs 1Score2013  
Big Racks Hot MILFs 2Score2014  
Big Tit A-List 1Score2009 X
Big Tit A-List 2Score2011 X
Big Tit A-List 3Score2014  
Big Tit A-List 4Score2016  
Big Tit FuckfestScore2007 X
Big Tit Glory HoleScore20091X
Big Tit OverloadScore20081X
Big Tit POVScore20052X
Big Tit POV: Anal EditionScore20081X
Big Tit POV: Black LabelScore2008 X
Big Tit RubdownScore2008 X
Big Tit Skinny DipScore20111X
Big Tit Tune UpScore20082X
Bikini BustersScore20061X
Bikini TeeniesScore20071X
Black and Stacked 1Score20051X
Black and Stacked 2Score20053X
Black and Stacked Xtra 1Score2003 X
Black and Stacked Xtra 2Score20031X
Black and Stacked Xtra 3Score20032X
Blast Dat AssScore20091X
BlowScore2006 X
Boned BratsScore20131X
Boob Cruise 1998Score1998 X
Boob Cruise 1998 After HoursScore1998 X
Boob Cruise 2000Score20001 
Boob Cruise Babes 1Score20044X
Boob Cruise Babes 2Score2004  
Boob Cruise Babes 3Score2004  
Boob Cruise Babes 4Score2004  
Boob Cruise ParadiseScore20053X
Boob ScienceScore20092X
Boobs AhoyScore20031X
Booty BangersScore20081X
Bosom Buddies 1Score1995  
Bosom Buddies 4Score20043X
Bosom Buddies 5Score20023X
Bosom Buddies 6Score20051X
Bounce Baby BounceScore2007 X
Breast of Scoreland 1Score2009 X
Breast of Scoreland 2Score2011  
Breast of XL Girls Hardcut 5Score2017 X
Breast SexScore20061X
Brick House BrawdsScore2007 X
Bun GlazerScore2007 X
Busty 'n' WetScore20082X
Busty Anal Sluts 1Score2012 X
Busty Anal Sluts 2Score2013 X
Busty Anal Sluts 3Score2015 X
Busty Anal Sluts Hardcut 1Score20141X
Busty AriannaScore20101X
Busty Auditions 1Score2000  
Busty Auditions 2Score2002  
Busty Bang SessionsScore2008 X
Busty Big-UnsScore2007 X
Busty Brown SugarScore2010 X
Busty Cock Worshippers 1Score20061X
Busty Cock Worshippers 2Score2010 X
Busty Cock Worshippers 3Score2012 X
Busty Cock Worshippers 4Score2013 X
Busty Cream TeamScore2008 X
Busty Czech BabesScore20051X
Busty Dildo Lovers 1Score2003 X
Busty Dildo Lovers 2Score20045X
Busty Dildo Lovers 3Score20043X
Busty Dildo Lovers 4Score2004 X
Busty Dildo Lovers 5Score2005 X
Busty Dildo Lovers 6Score2004 X
Busty Euro BabesScore20053X
Busty Euro MaidsScore20042X
Busty HookersScore20052X
Busty Jack GirlsScore20071X
Busty Kerry Marie 1Score2005 X
Busty Kerry Marie 2Score2005 X
Busty Kerry Marie: Cum Fuck My TitsScore20071X
Busty Riding AcademyScore2008 X
Busty Slut ExpoScore20091X
Busty Snatch ClubScore2005 X
Busty Workin' SistasScore2009 X
Butts 'N' SlutsScore20062X
Buxom SlutsScore20071X
Cherry PickedScore2010 X
Chesty PreggosScore20082X
Chesty Preggos 2Score2009 X
Chloe Vevrier Ultimate EncoreScore20001 
Chocolate Stuffed MILFs 1Score2010 X
Chocolate Stuffed MILFs 2Score2011 X
Chocolate Stuffed MILFs 3Score2015 X
Christy Marks Anal AngelScore20091X
Christy Marks Fuckin' FilledScore2011 X
Christy Marks Gets FuckedScore2008 X
Christy's Big BangScore2009 X
Chubby 'N' FuckedScore20111X
Chubby and Fucked 2XL Girls2014  
Climax With AnnaScore20071X
Cock DrainersScore20061X
Cockstar GroupiesScore20061X
Cotton Tail 1Score2008 X
Cotton Tail 2Score20122X
Cougar Creamsicles 1Score2013 X
Cougar Creamsicles 2Score2013 X
Cougar Trap 1Score2009 X
Cougar Trap 2Score2010 X
Cougars On the ClockScore2008 X
Cream My TitsScore20071X
Creampie Cutie PiesScore20121X
Creampie Cutie Pies 2Score20131X
Creampie for Granny 1Score2011  
Creampie for Granny 2Score2011 X
Creampie for Granny 3Score2012 X
Creampie for Granny 4Score2014 X
Creampie for Granny 5Score2014 X
Cum Along with Anna SongScore20071X
Cum Filled CougarsScore20081X
Cum Guzzlers POVNaughty Neighbors20131X
Cum-Guzzling Latina MILFsScore20131X
Cum-Sucking MILFsScore20062X
Curvy CreamersVoluptuous2008 X
Day With Angela WhiteScore20031X
Desirae All The WayScore2004 X
Diane Poppos CollectionScore20052X
Dick Hungry MILFsScore20082X
Double Dicked MILFs 1Score2013 X
Double Dicked MILFs 2Score2013 X
Double Dicked MILFs 3Score2014 X
Double Stuffed PlumpersScore20063X
Feed Her Fuck Her 1Score20081X
Feed Her Fuck Her 2Score2009 X
Feed Her Fuck Her 3Score2009 X
Flat and Fucked 1Score20071X
Flat and Fucked 2Score2009 X
Flat and Fucked 3Score2009 X
Flat and Fucked 4Score20101X
Flat and Fucked 5Score20111X
Flat and Fucked 6Score20131X
Flat and Fucked 7Score20141X
Flat and Fucked 8Score2015 X
Flat and Fucked 9Score20171X
Flat and Fucked MILFsScore2014  
Flat and Fucked MILFs HardcutScore2017 X
Fuck My Old Ass 1Score2008 X
Fuck My Old Ass 2Score2009 X
Fuck My Old Ass 3Score2009 X
Fuck My Old Ass 4Score2010 X
Fuck My Old Ass 5Score2011 X
Fuck My Old Ass 6Score2012 X
Fuck My Old Ass 7Score20141X
Fuck My Old Ass 8Score2015 X
Fuckin Mo' TittiesScore2006 X
Fuckin' NaturalsScore2012 X
Fuckin' NerdsScore2006 X
Fuckin' Old LadiesScore2012 X
Full Figured Foxes 1Score20111X
Funbag FuckersScore20081X
Fur Pie MILFsScore2012 X
Girls of ScoreScore1993  
Glazed Cougars 1Score2012  
Glazed TeensScore20122X
Glazed Teens 2Score20132X
Glazed Teens 4Score2017 X
Granny Loves Young CockScore2016  
Granny Wants CumScore2015 X
Gravy Lovers 4Score2015 X
Hard Score Hardcut 3Score2017 X
Hard Score Hardcut 4Score2017 X
Hard Score Hardcut 5Score2017 X
Hard Score Hardcut 6Score2018 X
Hard Score Hardcut 7Score2018 X
Hardscore 1Score20041X
Hardscore 2Score2006 X
Hardscore 3Score2011 X
Hardscore 4Score2013  
Hardscore 5Score2013 X
Hardscore 6Score2015  
Hardscore Hardcut 1Score2014 X
Hardscore Hardcut 2Score2014 X
Heavy HittersScore20071X
Hips To Heels HardcoreScore20043X
Home Schooled SlutsScore20072X
Honey Cunnies 1Score2011 X
Honey Cunnies 2Score2013 X
Hooter HospitalScore2010 X
Hooter HotelScore2008 X
Horny 50 Plus MILFs 2Score2014  
Horny 50 Plus MILFs 4Score2016  
Horny 50 Plus MILFs X CutScore2014 X
Horny PlumpersScore2007 X
Hot Wives Cuckold HubbiesScore20151X
I Fucked Your WifeScore20062X
I Fucked Your Wife AgainScore2007 X
Itty Bitty SlittiesScore20081X
Jizzed TeensScore20132X
Jizzed Teens 2Score20141X
Juggy DollsScore20081X
K-JugsScore2010 X
Karina Hart As You WishScore2009 X
Kelly and ChloeScore2000  
Knockin NipplesScore2006 X
Large Lovin' 1Score2008 X
Large Lovin' 2Score2011 X
Large Lovin' 3Score2013 X
Latin LegsScore2007 X
Leanne's Stacked SummerScore2011 X
Leg Sex Carnal Foot FantasiesScore2005 X
Leg Sex DiariesScore2006 X
Leg Sex Hardcore 1: Fantastic FootjobsScore2003 X
Leg Sex Hardcore 2: Extreme FantasiesScore2003 X
Leg Sex PinupsScore20083X
Leg Sex: Feminization Fantasies Score2006 X
Leg WorshipScore2010 X
Legs and LustScore20091X
Lil' FucksScore20112X
Linsey's Lezzie SeductionScore2000  
Lorna Morgan: Now and ForeverScore20072X
Louise's Lesbian EscapadesScore20023X
Majella's Lesbian FantasiesScore20023X
Mammary Lane 1Score2005 X
Mammary Lane 2Score2005 X
Mammary MamboScore2011 X
Marketa's Busty AdventuresScore2004 X
Maximum InsertionScore20042X
Mega-Boob OlympicsScore2003 X
Merilyn Sakova Take 3Score2012 X
Merilyn Sakova: Busty and BeyondScore20091X
Merilyn Sakova: Second CummingScore20062X
Merilyn: The Lost TapesScore20101X
Mia KhalifaScore20157X
MILF BaitScore20081X
MILF BangersScore20062X
MILF Tugs Hardcut 1Score2013 X
MILF Tugs Hardcut 2Score20141X
MILF Tugs Hardcut 3Score2014 X
MILF Tugs Hardcut 4Score2014 X
MILF Tugs Hardcut 5Score2014 X
MILF Tugs Hardcut 6Score2014 X
MILFs and MechanicsScore20072X
MILFs on the ProwlScore20081X
MILFTugs.com 1Score2012  
MILFTugs.com 2Score2012  
MILFTugs.com 3Score2013  
MILFTugs.com 4Score2014  
Miosotis: Natural WonderScore2010 X
Mocha MamsScore2008 X
More to FuckScore20101X
Motel VoyeurScore20091X
Muthas Who Luv BrothasScore20072X
My Big Plump WeddingScore20091X
My Boob HeavenScore2006 X
My Wife Your MeatScore2008 X
Naughty Footjobs Hardcut 1Score20141X
Naughty Footjobs Hardcut 2Score2014 X
Naughty Footjobs: Pantyhose PleasureScore20091X
Naughty Hottie Slumber Party Score20081X
Naughty Neighbors 1Score2010 X
Naughty Neighbors 2Score2011 X
Naughty Neighbors Amateur CouplesScore2004 X
Naughty Neighbors Hardcut 3Score2015 X
Naughty Neighbors Hardcut 9Score2017 X
Naughty Neighbors: Best Orgies 1Score2001 X
Naughty Neighbors: Best Orgies 2Score20042X
Naughty Neighbors: XXX Reality SexScore20071X
Nicole PetersScore2005 X
Nymphos in NylonsScore20061X
Oil 'n' AssesScore20071X
On Location Big Boob ParadiseScore2007 X
On Location Costa del SolScore2012 X
On Location Grand BahamaScore2010 X
On Location Key LargoScore20013X
On Location PortugalScore20044X
On Location Puerto VallartaScore2011 X
Over 60 And SlammedScore20091X
Paola Rios: Bad Girl in B.A.Score2007 X
Paola Rios: Chesty ChicaScore2008 X
Peds and PinsScore20092X
Pickin' Up Latina PussyScore20091X
Pickin' Up More Pussy Score20081X
Pickin' Up Pussy 1Score20081X
Pickin' Up Pussy 4Score2010 X
Piggies For Porkin'Score2009 X
Piped PixiesScore2010 X
Piped Pixies 2Score20141X
Plump and HumpedScore2008 X
Plump DesiresScore20071X
Plush ControlScore20072X
Porn Loser 1Score2008  
Porn Loser 2Score20091X
Porn Loser 3Score20081X
Porn Loser 4Score20091X
Pounding the PledgesScore2007 X
Prime Time with LDMScore2009 X
Private Stuffers 1Score2007 X
Private Stuffers 2Score20082X
Rack RidersScore2008 X
Ready for Stuffing X-Cut 4Score2017 X
Rican Rump ShakersScore2009 X
Ripe RacksScore2009 X
Russian Pussy PartyScore2006 X
School Of Hard CocksScore2016 X
Score Classics 2Score2005 X
Score Hardcore AuditionsScore20041X
Score POVScore20091X
Score SupernaturalsScore20061X
Score Threesomes 1Score2012 X
Score Threesomes 2Score2013 X
Score Threesomes 3Score2016 X
Score TV Holiday EditionScore2011 X
Score TV Uncut and UncensoredScore2010 X
Score Xtra Hardcut 1Score20142X
Score Xtra Hardcut 2Score2014 X
Score Xtra Hardcut 3Score2015 X
Score Xtra Hardcut 4Score2017 X
Score Xtra Hardcut 5Score2017 X
Score Xtra Hardcut 6Score2018 X
Score Xtra Hardcut 7Score2018 X
Score: SexplosionScore20063X
Seasoned SlutsScore2009 X
Seniors and JuniorsScore2011 X
Sex in the TittiesScore2009 X
Sex TutorScore20153X
Sexed and SuckledScore2009 X
Sexxxty SomethingScore2009 X
Silver SlutsScore2013 X
Sixty and Swingin'Score20111X
Slam Dunk TrunksScore2010 X
Slam JamScore2009 X
Sleeping SlutsScore20062X
Stacked and Packed 1Score2004 X
Stacked and Packed 2Score20043X
Stacked and Packed 3Score2004 X
Stacked and Packed 4Score20054X
Stacked and Packed 5Score20053X
Stacked and Packed 6Score20061X
Stacked and ServicedScore20081X
Stacked and StickyScore2013  
Stacked and SuckinScore20081X
Stacked Street Sluts 1Score2008 X
Stacked Street Sluts 2Score2008 X
Stacked Street Sluts 3Score20091X
Stranded TeensScore2006 X
Stuffed MILFsScore2011 X
Stuffed MILFs 2Score20111X
Super Sized Rides 1Score2009 X
Super Sized Rides 2Score20101X
Super Sized Rides 3Score2011 X
Super Sized Rides 4Score2015  
Super Sized SlutsScore20081X
Sweater StretchersScore20081X
Tag-Teaming Grannies 1Score2012  
Tag-Teaming Grannies 2Score2014 X
Tap Dat Chocolate Trunk HardcutScore2014 X
Teen Cum TrapsScore20131X
Teen Lezzies 3Score2006 X
Teen Rectal XXXamsScore2012 X
Teen Tit DreamScore2007 X
Teen XXX Amateurs 1Score2004 X
Teen XXX Amateurs 2Score20043X
Teen XXX Amateurs 3Score2005 X
Teen XXX Amateurs 4Score20042X
Teen XXX Amateurs 5Score20043X
Teens In NeedScore20073X
Teens Next DoorScore20082X
Thick Chicks on Black DicksScore20111X
Thick Chicks on DicksScore20081X
Thick Chicks on Dicks 2Score20101X
Thong TeamScore20081X
Thunder TailScore2011 X
Tight and Stretched 2Score2018 X
Tight Teen SlitsScore20053X
Tit 2 Tit With Christy MarksScore2008 X
Tit AttackScore20082X
Tit-Fuck TryoutsScore20072X
Tits and Tugs 1Score20071X
Tits and Tugs 2Score20081X
Tits and Tugs 3Score2008 X
Tits and Tugs 4Score2009 X
Tits and Tugs 5Score20092X
Tits and Tugs 6Score2010 X
Tits and Tugs 7Score2011 X
Tits and Tugs 8Score2011 X
Tits and Tugs 9Score2013 X
Tits and Tugs Hardcut 1Score20141X
Tits and Tugs Hardcut 2Score2014 X
Tits and Tugs Hardcut 3Score20141X
Tits for the TakingScore2008 X
Tits on Top 1Score2007 X
Tits on Top 2Score2013  
Titters In ToylandScore2006 X
Top-Heavy TeasersScore2008 X
Triple X Tit SexScore20071X
Two Timing MILFsScore2010 X
U Bang 'EmScore20062X
Ultimate AutumnScore2001 X
Ultimate CherryScore20041X
Ultimate ChloeScore19991X
Ultimate Julia MilesScore20023X
Ultimate LinseyScore20014X
Ultimate Summer SinnScore2005 X
Ultimate Susie WildenScore20043X
Valory Irene All YoursScore20111X
Voluptuous Black Label HardcutScore2018 X
Voluptuous Xtra 1Score20032X
Voluptuous Xtra 10Score20041X
Voluptuous Xtra 11Score20081X
Voluptuous Xtra 12Score2010  
Voluptuous Xtra 13Score2011 X
Voluptuous Xtra 14Score2012 X
Voluptuous Xtra 15Score2013  
Voluptuous Xtra 2Score20031X
Voluptuous Xtra 3Score2003 X
Voluptuous Xtra 4Score20031X
Voluptuous Xtra 5Score20023X
Voluptuous Xtra 6Score2003 X
Voluptuous Xtra 7Score2003 X
Voluptuous Xtra 8Score2006 X
Voluptuous Xtra 9Score20072X
Voluptuous Xtra Hardcut 1Score2014 X
Voluptuous Xtra Hardcut 10Score2018 X
Voluptuous Xtra Hardcut 11Score2018 X
Voluptuous Xtra Hardcut 3Score20141X
Voluptuous Xtra Hardcut 6Score2016 X
Voluptuous Xtra Hardcut 7Score2017 X
Voluptuous Xtra Hardcut 8Score2017 X
Voluptuous Xtra Hardcut 9Score2017 X
Wet DreamScore2010 X
White Bread Black JellyScore2010 X
Wide Load Nymphos 1Score2007 X
Wide Load Nymphos 2Score20101X
Work That MILFScore20071X
Worship Dat AssScore20081X
XL Girls Home Alone 1Score2004 X
XL Girls Home Alone 2Score2006 X
XL Xtra 1Score20043X
XL Xtra 2Score20053X
XL Xtra 3Score2006 X
XL Xtra 4Score2004 X
XL Xtra 5Score20061X
Xtra 10Score2006 X
Xtra 11Score2004 X
Xtra 12Score20051X
Xtra 13Score2010  
Xtra 14Score2014  
Xtra 15Score2014  
Xtra 16Score2015  
Xtra 4Score2001  
Xtra 5Score2003 X
Xtra 6Score2003 X
Xtra 7Score2002 X
Xtra 8Score2003 X
Xtra 9Score2003 X
XXX Chubby TwatsScore20082X
XXXtreme Big Tit POVScore20071X
Young and Stacked Ines CudnaScore2003 X
Your Mom Loves AnalScore2016 X
Zuzanna's Anal RampageScore20033X
Zuzanna's Hardcore HootersScore20043X

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