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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
Addicted to SexAvica Entertainment2005 X
American She Males 1Avica Entertainment2005 X
American She Males 2Avica Entertainment2006 X
Backdoor PlayAvica Entertainment1996  
Big Beautiful Tits 1Avica Entertainment2005 X
BlankensteinAvica Entertainment1993  
Booty Ho's Get OffAvica Entertainment1997  
Breast Files 1Avica Entertainment1994 X
Breast Files 2Avica Entertainment1994 X
Breast Files 3Avica Entertainment1995 X
Butt Bangers 2Avica Entertainment2003 X
Cookies and CreamAvica Entertainment2007 X
Cum Baby CumAvica Entertainment1994 X
CurvaceousAvica Entertainment2007 X
Dark SecretsAvica Entertainment2007 X
Dick and Jane 1: In BudapestAvica Entertainment1993 X
Dick and Jane Do the StripAvica Entertainment1994  
Dick and Jane Go to a Bachelor PartyAvica Entertainment1996  
Dick and Jane Go to Hollywood 1Avica Entertainment19931X
Dick and Jane Go to Hollywood 2Avica Entertainment1993 X
Dick and Jane Go to Hong KongAvica Entertainment1995  
Dick and Jane Go to MexicoAvica Entertainment1994 X
Dick and Jane Go to NorthridgeAvica Entertainment1994  
Dick and Jane in Ass SpinAvica Entertainment19941 
Dick and Jane in San FranciscoAvica Entertainment1996  
Dick and Jane in the MountainsAvica Entertainment19941 
Dick and Jane Look for Pussy in the ParkAvica Entertainment1994  
Dick and Jane Penetrate ParisAvica Entertainment19951X
Dick and Jane Return to HungaryAvica Entertainment1993 X
Dick and Jane Sneak on the SetAvica Entertainment1993  
Dick and Jane The Best of the StarsAvica Entertainment1995  
Dick and Jane Up Down and All AroundAvica Entertainment1994  
Dick and Jane's Big Breast AdventureAvica Entertainment1994  
Dick and Jane's Video Mail 1: From Around the WorldAvica Entertainment1996  
Dick and Jane's Video Mail 2: From CaliforniaAvica Entertainment1996  
Dick and Jane's Video Mail 3: From ArizonaAvica Entertainment1996  
Dick and Jane's Video Mail 4: From VirginvilleAvica Entertainment1996  
Dick and Jane: The Best of AnalAvica Entertainment1995 X
Dick and Jane: The Best of European GirlsAvica Entertainment1995  
DP SweetheartsAvica Entertainment2004 X
Drop Your Panties GrannyAvica Entertainment2000  
Fill My HolesAvica Entertainment2006 X
Freaky TailzAvica Entertainment1996  
Freek 'n YouAvica Entertainment1995  
Fresh Asian Sex Sluts 1Avica Entertainment1999 X
Fresh Asian Sex Sluts 2Avica Entertainment1999  
Gangbang All the WayAvica Entertainment2005 X
Gangbang FantasiesAvica Entertainment2007 X
Ganggstas ParadiseAvica Entertainment1995  
Girls With Big TitsAvica Entertainment2004  
Girlz 2 WomenAvica Entertainment1996  
GoldenbushAvica Entertainment1996  
Haired Girls 2Avica Entertainment2000 X
Haired Girls 6: Long and DarkAvica Entertainment2006 X
Hawaii's Exotic Beauties: Leanni LeiAvica Entertainment1998  
I Cream On JeannieAvica Entertainment1995 X
Island Heat: Leanni's Jungle AdventureAvica Entertainment1998  
Koko is Cumin' At ChaAvica Entertainment1994  
Lady M's Anything Nasty 1: Pink Pussy PartyAvica Entertainment1996  
Lady M's Anything Nasty 2: Meat SubstituteAvica Entertainment19961 
Lady M's Anything Nasty 3Avica Entertainment1997  
Lesbian NightsAvica Entertainment1996  
Love ContactAvica Entertainment2001  
Lust At SeaAvica Entertainment1998 X
Mellon ManAvica Entertainment1994 X
Mellon Man 2Avica Entertainment1994 X
Mellon Man 3Avica Entertainment1995 X
Mellon Man 4Avica Entertainment1995 X
Mellon Man 5Avica Entertainment1995 X
Mellon Man 6Avica Entertainment1995 X
Mellon Man 7Avica Entertainment1996 X
Mellon Man 8Avica Entertainment1996 X
Nikki Dial's Secrets Of SexcessAvica Entertainment19961 
Old and Young 4Avica Entertainment1999 X
Old and Young 9Avica Entertainment2006 X
Old Ladies 2Avica Entertainment2000 X
Orient SexpressAvica Entertainment1996 X
Perversity in ParisAvica Entertainment1995  
Private Diaries 1: ChristinaAvica Entertainment1995  
Pussy Vs. PussyAvica Entertainment2010 X
Sensual Solos 1Avica Entertainment1993  
Sensual Solos 2Avica Entertainment1993  
Sensual Solos 3Avica Entertainment1993  
Sista ActAvica Entertainment1994  
Small Top Bitches at the OfficeAvica Entertainment1996  
Spread It WideAvica Entertainment1996  
Squirting GameAvica Entertainment2007 X
Strap On NymphosAvica Entertainment2008 X
Super Fat Women Avica Entertainment2008 X
Sweet Brown SugarAvica Entertainment1994 X
Tailz From Da Hood 1Avica Entertainment1995  
Tailz From Da Hood 2Avica Entertainment1995  
Tailz From Da Hood 3Avica Entertainment1996  
Tailz From Da Hood 4Avica Entertainment1996  
Tailz From Da Hood 5Avica Entertainment1996  
TitsAvica Entertainment1995 X
Unfaithful Wives 2Avica Entertainment2005 X
Unfaithful Wives 3Avica Entertainment2006 X
Unfaithful Wives 4Avica Entertainment2007 X
Unfaithful Wives 5Avica Entertainment2008 X
Vampire's KissAvica Entertainment19932X
Whoomp! There She IsAvica Entertainment1993 X

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