distributors : pm productions

Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
5 New York ClassicsPM Productions20021 
Abduction in the ParkPM Productions1986 X
All Tied Up - ScorpioPM Productions1982  
Black Hanky LeftPM Productions1983  
Black HeatPM Productions1970 X
Black on BlackPM Productions1984 X
Blue Hanky LeftPM Productions1983  
Boots and SaddlesPM Productions1980 X
Box EncounterPM Productions1978 X
Broadway BoysPM Productions1982 X
Cell Block 9PM Productions19811X
Cherokee StationPM Productions19852X
Christopher Street BluesPM Productions1978 X
Creme De BananaPM Productions1973  
Cum and Get ItPM Productions1980 X
Death Of ScorpioPM Productions1979 X
Deep ThrustPM Productions1982 X
Dishonorable DischargePM Productions19841X
DynamitePM Productions1978 X
Force It DownPM Productions1986  
Golden Boys of the SSPM Productions1976  
Green Hanky LeftPM Productions1980  
Grey Hanky LeftPM Productions1983  
Harley's AngelsPM Productions19791X
Home ComingPM Productions19741X
Hot FlashesPM Productions1976 X
In Search of the Perfect ManPM Productions1979  
In the Heat of the KnightPM Productions1976 X
In the Name of LeatherPM Productions1985 X
Jr. CadetsPM Productions1981 X
Killing Me SoftlyCream Of The Crop1980 X
Kiss Today GoodbyePM Productions19762X
Le VoyeurPM Productions1982 X
Light Blue Hanky LeftPM Productions1983  
Macho Grande Something Weird Video1984  
Make It HardPM Productions1985 X
Men Come FirstPM Productions1980 X
Men Grip TighterPM Productions1983 X
Muscle BoundPM Productions1978 X
Mustard Hanky LeftPM Productions1982  
Nasty BunchPM Productions2006  
Navy BluePM Productions1975 X
Night BeatPM Productions1990  
Nine-PlusPM Productions1982  
Oil Rig 99PM Productions1982 X
Orange Hanky LeftPM Productions1983  
Oriental DickPM Productions1985  
P.M. Preview Tape 1PM Productions1997  
P.M. Preview Tape 2PM Productions1985  
P.M. Preview Tape 3PM Productions1997  
P.M. Preview Tape 4PM Productions1997  
Pier GroupsPM Productions1982 X
Point Me Toward TomorrowCream Of The Crop1977 X
Raoul's MasterpiecePM Productions1975  
Red Ball ExpressPM Productions1981 X
Red Hanky LeftPM Productions1983  
Return to Planet SexxxPM Productions1999  
Robin's Egg Blue Hanky Left: 69'erPM Productions1982  
Room 328PM Productions19831X
RushingPM Productions1975  
Safe SexPM Productions1985 X
Savage Rides AgainPM Productions1984  
Screen TestPM Productions1985 X
Sex Canadian StylePM Productions1989  
Sex Toys (II)Wildcat Studios1985  
Sexual EncountersPM Productions1980 X
Spittin' ImagePM Productions1989  
SubwayPM Productions1980 X
Surf And TurfPM Productions1978 X
Swallow ItWildcat Studios1986 X
Their Tender MomentsPM Productions1978  
They All Came!PM Productions1986 X
Tough GuysPM Productions1981 X
Tough Guys: Getting' OffPM Productions1981  
TrisexualsPM Productions1985  
Video Encounters of the Sexual Kind (II)PM Productions1983  
We'll Meet AgainPM Productions1980 X
Writer's DelightPM Productions1979 X
Young YankeesPM Productions1984 X

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