distributors : plum productions

Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
Acts Of ConfessionPlum Productions1991  
All American GirlPlum Productions19911X
And I Do Windows TooPlum Productions1986 X
ArabicaMario Salieri Entertainment Group19922X
Bad GirlsPlum Productions1992 X
Bad Girls 2Plum Productions1992 X
Bad Girls 3Plum Productions1990 X
Bad Girls 4Plum Productions1991 X
Beach Sluts of the PacificPlum Productions1998  
Big TownPlum Productions1994 X
Black HeartPlum Productions2000 X
Black LustPlum Productions19981X
Black Rookie Pussies 3Plum Productions2000  
Boobtown BettiesPlum Productions20003X
BubblesPlum Productions1992 X
CarelessPlum Productions19931 
Chantier interdit au publicColmax1996 X
Cheerleaders Misbehavin' 1Plum Productions20002X
Cheerleaders Misbehavin' 2: Coach's HousePlum Productions20003X
Classic PicsPlum Productions1988  
Cock Doctor: Yo The Doc is In Da HousePlum Productions2001  
Coed CutiesPlum Productions20012X
Coed DevirginizationsPlum Productions20001X
Coed Devirginizations 2Plum Productions2001 X
Compendium Of Bruce Seven's Most Graphic Scenes 12Plum Productions1998 X
Cool SheetsPlum Productions1989 X
Cry For PleasurePlum Productions1999  
Dick Loving Bitches 3Plum Productions2001 X
Dick Loving Bitches 8Plum Productions2003 X
Dirty GirlsPlum Productions1988  
Dirty LaundryPlum Productions1988 X
Dirty WeekendPlum Productions19972X
Dracula999 Black & Blue Productions19952X
EcstasyPlum Productions1986 X
EndangeredPlum Productions1993 X
Erotic Fantasies (II)Plum Productions1999  
Erotic Fantasies 2Plum Productions2002  
Erotic Fantasies 3Plum Productions2000  
FacePlum Productions19942X
Filthy Delight 1Plum Productions1990  
Filthy Delight 2Plum Productions1990 X
Filthy Delight 3Plum Productions1990  
Filthy Delight 4Plum Productions1990  
Frat Girls Of Double Double DPlum Productions19932X
Fruit DefenduPlum Productions1983 X
Gang Bang Bitches 1Plum Productions1994  
Gang Bang Bitches 10: Nurse Patricia Kennedy's Private BangPlum Productions1996  
Gang Bang Bitches 11: Christi Lake's Biker Gang BangPlum Productions1996  
Gang Bang Bitches 12: La Vette Swing Shift Gang BangPlum Productions1997  
Gang Bang Bitches 13: Housemaid Gets BangedPlum Productions19971X
Gang Bang Bitches 14: Hospital Gang BangPlum Productions19971X
Gang Bang Bitches 15: Clean-up Gang BangPlum Productions1997  
Gang Bang Bitches 16Plum Productions19971 
Gang Bang Bitches 17Plum Productions1998  
Gang Bang Bitches 18Plum Productions1998  
Gang Bang Bitches 19Plum Productions1998  
Gang Bang Bitches 2Plum Productions1994 X
Gang Bang Bitches 20Plum Productions19981 
Gang Bang Bitches 21Plum Productions1998  
Gang Bang Bitches 22Plum Productions1999  
Gang Bang Bitches 23Plum Productions19991 
Gang Bang Bitches 24Plum Productions19991 
Gang Bang Bitches 25Plum Productions1999  
Gang Bang Bitches 26Plum Productions1999  
Gang Bang Bitches 27Plum Productions19992X
Gang Bang Bitches 28Plum Productions20001X
Gang Bang Bitches 29Plum Productions20001X
Gang Bang Bitches 3Plum Productions1994  
Gang Bang Bitches 30Plum Productions20002X
Gang Bang Bitches 31Plum Productions20003X
Gang Bang Bitches 4Plum Productions1994  
Gang Bang Bitches 5Plum Productions1995  
Gang Bang Bitches 6Plum Productions1995 X
Gang Bang Bitches 7: Rachel Love A Go-go GangbangPlum Productions1995  
Gang Bang Bitches 8: Whitney's Saturday Night GangbangPlum Productions1995  
Gang Bang Bitches 9: Muffy's Country Club GangbangPlum Productions1995  
Ghetto Girlz 1Plum Productions1999 X
Ghetto Girlz 2Plum Productions1999 X
Ghetto Girlz 3Plum Productions1999 X
Ghetto Girlz 4Plum Productions2000 X
Ghetto Girlz 5Plum Productions2000 X
Ghetto Girlz 6Plum Productions2000 X
Hands OffPlum Productions1987 X
HeartbeatPlum Productions1995  
Hometown HoochiesPlum Productions20002X
I Wanna Be A Bad GirlPlum Productions1986 X
In the BushPlum Productions1994 X
In the ButtPlum Productions1994  
IndiscretionsPlum Productions1991 X
Intensive Care UnitPlum Productions1997 X
Intimate StrangersPlum Productions19982X
Jail Time JizzPlum Productions1998  
Leather DreamsColmax19914X
Leather Dreams 2Plum Productions19962X
Lesbian Anal VirginsPlum Productions20012X
Lesbian WaterfestPlum Productions19991X
Made in HeavenPlum Productions1991 X
Main Street U.S.A.Plum Productions1992  
Married WomenPlum Productions1990 X
MountiePlum Productions19941X
Nasty Girls 1Plum Productions1989 X
Nasty Girls 2Plum Productions1993 X
Nasty Girls 3Plum Productions19902X
Naughty FavorsPlum Productions20012X
Never EnoughPlum Productions1990 X
New York UncoveredPlum Productions1997 X
New York Uncovered 2Plum Productions19981 
New York Uncovered 3Plum Productions1998  
New York Uncovered 4Plum Productions1998  
New York Uncovered 5Plum Productions19981 
Nice Girls Fuck TooPlum Productions20001X
No One To LovePlum Productions1987 X
Nude AwakeningsPlum Productions1995  
Opie Goes To South CentralPlum Productions1995  
ParadisePlum Productions19991X
Plumb And DumberPlum Productions19951X
Portrait of a NymphPlum Productions1988 X
PoseurPlum Productions19992 
PreyPlum Productions19982X
Princess Orgasma And The Magic BedPlum Productions1992 X
Pulp FrictionPlum Productions19941X
Punish Them GoodPlum Productions1998  
Rear and Pleasant DangerPlum Productions1995 X
RedsPlum Productions19971X
Reel People 10Plum Productions1995 X
Reel People 11Plum Productions1995  
Reel People 12Plum Productions1997  
Reel People 13Plum Productions1997  
Reel People 14Plum Productions1997  
Reel People 15Plum Productions1998  
Reel People 16Plum Productions1999  
Reel People 17Plum Productions1999  
Reel People 3Plum Productions1989 X
Reel People 4Plum Productions1994 X
Reel People 5Plum Productions1994 X
Reel People 6Plum Productions1994 X
Reel People 7Plum Productions1995 X
Reel People 8Plum Productions1995  
Reel People 9Plum Productions1995 X
ReplicaPlum Productions2000 X
Revenge of the Pussy Suckers From MarsPlum Productions1994 X
School's OutPlum Productions20011X
Schoolgirls' Confessions 1Plum Productions20003X
Schoolgirls' Confessions 2Plum Productions2002 X
Secrets Of HeavenPlum Productions2000 X
Sex and the SecretaryPlum Productions1988  
Sexual IntentPlum Productions1990  
Sexual ObsessionPlum Productions1989 X
Shane's World of BondagePlum Productions1998  
Six Degrees Of PenetrationPlum Productions1996 X
Sizzle 1Plum Productions19911 
Sizzle 2Plum Productions19971X
Skin DeepPlum Productions20001X
Sleazy Little GirlsPlum Productions2000  
StarletPlum Productions1991 X
Stray CatPlum Productions19993X
Street BoysPlum Productions1997 X
Summer BreakPlum Productions1991 X
Surfer GirlPlum Productions1992 X
SweatPlum Productions1986  
Sweat 2Plum Productions1988 X
Sweet Treats 1Plum Productions20001X
Sweet Treats 2Plum Productions2000 X
Sweet Treats 3Plum Productions2001 X
Sweet Treats 4Plum Productions2001 X
Talk Dirty to Me One More Time 1Plum Productions1985  
Talk Dirty to Me One More Time 2Plum Productions1987 X
Taste of ChocolatePlum Productions1998 X
True SinPlum Productions1990 X
WACSPlum Productions1992 X
WhackersPlum Productions1995  
While The Cat's AwayPlum Productions1999 X

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