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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
1 Lucky Fuck 2Platinum X Pictures20063X
1 Lucky Fuck 3Platinum X Pictures20065X
50 To 1 1Platinum X Pictures200514X
50 To 1 2Brandon Iron Productions20055X
50 To 1 3Brandon Iron Productions20068X
50 To 1 4Brandon Iron Productions20069X
A Cup GirlsPlatinum X Pictures2008 X
All The Way SistasPlatinum X Pictures20073X
All Up in That AssPlatinum X Pictures20091X
Altered Assholes 1Platinum X Pictures20045X
Altered Assholes 2Platinum X Pictures20047X
Altered Assholes 3Platinum X Pictures20057X
Amateur Latin Bum ChumsPlatinum X Pictures2015  
Anal BeautiesPlatinum X Pictures20046X
Anal Cum AddictsPlatinum X Pictures200412X
Anal MoviePlatinum X Pictures2008 X
Anal POV Sluts 1Platinum X Pictures20056X
Anal POV Sluts 2Platinum X Pictures20055X
Anal Violation 2Platinum X Pictures20065X
Anal Violation 3Platinum X Pictures20064X
Anal Violation 4Platinum X Pictures2008 X
Ass 2 Mouth 1Platinum X Pictures20044X
Ass 2 Mouth 2Platinum X Pictures20045X
Ass 2 Mouth 3Platinum X Pictures20053X
Ass 2 Mouth 4Platinum X Pictures20065X
Ass Lickers 4Platinum X Pictures20037X
Ass Lickers 5Platinum X Pictures20055X
Ass Wreckage 1Platinum X Pictures20048X
Ass Wreckage 3Platinum X Pictures20053X
AssacrePlatinum X Pictures20064X
ATM POV Platinum X Pictures20055X
Back ShotsPlatinum X Pictures20072X
Baker's Dozen 1Platinum X Pictures200411X
Baker's Dozen 2Platinum X Pictures200410X
Baker's Dozen 3Platinum X Pictures20048X
Baker's Dozen 4Platinum X Pictures200513X
Baker's Dozen 5Platinum X Pictures200513X
Baker's Dozen 6Platinum X Pictures200510X
Baker's Dozen 7Platinum X Pictures20058X
Baker's Dozen 8Platinum X Pictures200613X
Baker's Dozen 9Platinum X Pictures20065X
Barely FuckablePlatinum X Pictures2013 X
Barely Old Enough to FuckPlatinum X Pictures2010 X
Bell Bottoms 1Brandon Iron Productions20035X
Bell Bottoms 2Brandon Iron Productions20049X
Bell Bottoms 3Brandon Iron Productions200510X
Best Of MandyPlatinum X Pictures2013 X
Best Of Mandy 2Platinum X Pictures2013 X
Big Bottoms Up 2Platinum X Pictures20073X
Big Giant Titties 1Platinum X Pictures20056X
Big Giant Titties 2Platinum X Pictures20066X
Big Giant Titties 3Platinum X Pictures20066X
Big Tit Anal Whores 3Platinum X Pictures20064X
Bikini Booty BouncePlatinum X Pictures20074X
Bitch SlappedPlatinum X Pictures20061X
Black 'n Blonde Sex Acts 1Platinum X Pictures20043X
Black and the Blonde 1Platinum X Pictures20032X
Black and the Blonde 2Platinum X Pictures2003 X
Black and the Blonde 3Platinum X Pictures20036X
Black AssassinsPlatinum X Pictures20072X
Black Ballin'Platinum X Pictures20053X
Black Dick in Daddy's Daughter 3Platinum X Pictures2008 X
Black Dick in Daddy's Daughter 4Platinum X Pictures20091X
Black Dick in Me POV 1Platinum X Pictures20055X
Black Dick in Me POV 2Platinum X Pictures20053X
Black Dick in Me POV 3Platinum X Pictures20064X
Black Dick in Me POV 4Platinum X Pictures20061X
Black Dick in Me POV 5Platinum X Pictures20091X
Black Dick'en Black Chicks 1Platinum X Pictures2007 X
Black Dick'en Black Chicks 2Platinum X Pictures20082X
Black Girls Gettin' OffPlatinum X Pictures2013 X
Black in the Crack Black in the Back 1Platinum X Pictures20054X
Black in the Crack Black in the Back 2Platinum X Pictures20065X
Black Mamba 1Platinum X Pictures2006 X
Black Mamba 2Platinum X Pictures20065X
Boarding School SlutsPlatinum X Pictures20131X
Boy Fucks Girl 1Platinum X Pictures20063X
Boy Fucks Girl 2Platinum X Pictures20064X
Boy Fucks Girl 3Platinum X Pictures20074X
Broken EnglishPlatinum X Pictures20046X
Brunettes Bang It BetterPlatinum X Pictures2013 X
Bucket BlastersPlatinum X Pictures2014 X
Butt BitchesPlatinum X Pictures20063X
Butt Lick'in Sweethearts 1Platinum X Pictures20045X
Chicka Chicka BoomPlatinum X Pictures2010 X
Chix in the Mix 1Jewel De'Nyle Productions20046X
Chix in the Mix 2Jewel De'Nyle Productions20047X
Chocolate Cream Machines 2Platinum X Pictures2013 X
Chocolate Vanilla Cum Eaters 1Platinum X Pictures20053X
Chocolate Vanilla Cum Eaters 2Platinum X Pictures20055X
Chocolate Vanilla Cum Eaters 3Platinum X Pictures20063X
Chocolate Vanilla Cum Eaters 4Platinum X Pictures20072X
Clit Lickers ClubPlatinum X Pictures2014 X
Cock Craving Cuties 1Platinum X Pictures20068X
Cock Craving Cuties 2Platinum X Pictures20076X
Cock Craving Cuties 3Platinum X Pictures20074X
Cock Lovin Butt HuggersPlatinum X Pictures2015  
Cock Me And A Tranny Makes ThreePlatinum X Pictures2015 X
Concealed WeaponPlatinum X Pictures2009 X
Contract GirlPlatinum X Pictures2013 X
Courtney Cummz: Fuck Me RightPlatinum X Pictures2013 X
Courtney Cummz: Goo GobblersPlatinum X Pictures2013 X
Courtney Cummz: Interracial Goo GobblersPlatinum X Pictures2013 X
Courtney Cummz: Nothing But PussyPlatinum X Pictures2013 X
Courtney Cummz: Slit Lickin' SlutzPlatinum X Pictures2013 X
Covered in CumPlatinum X Pictures20081X
Craving CassideyPlatinum X Pictures2013 X
Cum Fuck MePlatinum X Pictures2014 X
Cum Guzzlers 5Steve Holmes Productions20065X
Cum In The BackdoorPlatinum X Pictures2011  
Cum Oozing Holes 1Platinum X Pictures20058X
Cum Soaked TeensPlatinum X Pictures20055X
CumvertPlatinum X Pictures20054X
De'Bella's Young FellasPlatinum X Pictures20075X
Defiled In StylePlatinum X Pictures20047X
Dirty Girlz 1Platinum X Pictures20039X
Dirty Girlz 2Platinum X Pictures20037X
Dirty Girlz 3Platinum X Pictures20044X
Dirty Girlz 4Jewel De'Nyle Productions20055X
Don't Fuck It ... Just Suck ItPlatinum X Pictures20071X
Dropping Loads 1Platinum X Pictures2006 X
Dropping Loads 2Platinum X Pictures2007 X
Dual Invasion 4Platinum X Pictures20067X
Euro Girls Talk SlutsPlatinum X Pictures2013 X
Euro Talk SlutsPlatinum X Pictures2013 X
Fashionably LaidPlatinum X Pictures20045X
Feed Me CumPlatinum X Pictures2011 X
Feeling Black 2Platinum X Pictures20037X
Feeling Black 3Platinum X Pictures20045X
Fetish Ball 1Platinum X Pictures20064X
Fetish Ball 2Platinum X Pictures20076X
Firebush 1Platinum X Pictures20046X
Firebush 2Platinum X Pictures20048X
Firebush 3Platinum X Pictures20054X
First Class Euro Sluts 4Platinum X Pictures20047X
First Class Euro Sluts 5Platinum X Pictures20053X
First Class Euro Sluts 6Platinum X Pictures20065X
First Time Amateur Street WhoresPlatinum X Pictures2013 X
First Time Being A WhorePlatinum X Pictures2013 X
Fitness Sluts 1Platinum X Pictures20046X
Four on the Whore 1Platinum X Pictures20055X
Four On The Whore 2Platinum X Pictures20069X
Fresh New Faces 1Michael Stefano Productions20038X
Fresh New Faces 2Platinum X Pictures20036X
Fresh New Faces 4Platinum X Pictures20045X
Freshly Fucked 1Platinum X Pictures20055X
Freshly Fucked 2Platinum X Pictures20066X
Freshly Fucked 3Platinum X Pictures20061X
Freshly Fucked 4Platinum X Pictures20074X
Freshly Fucked 5Platinum X Pictures2008 X
Fuck Em Where They FartPlatinum X Pictures2011 X
Fuck Me Like You Hate MePlatinum X Pictures20091X
Fuck Me Now 1Platinum X Pictures20065X
Fuck Me Now 2Platinum X Pictures20091X
Fuck My AssPlatinum X Pictures20054X
Fuck Those Big Shiny AssesPlatinum X Pictures2008 X
Full Anal Access 1Michael Stefano Productions20039X
Full Anal Access 2Michael Stefano Productions200311X
Full Anal Access 3Michael Stefano Productions20035X
Full Anal Access 4Lucky Luciano Productions20044X
Full Service FuckingPlatinum X Pictures20091X
Gash AttackPlatinum X Pictures2013 X
Girls Girls Girls 1Platinum X Pictures2008 X
Girls Girls Girls 2 (II)Platinum X Pictures20091X
Girls of Platinum X 15Platinum X Pictures2013 X
Good Source Of Iron 1Platinum X Pictures20038X
Good Source Of Iron 2Platinum X Pictures20046X
Good Source Of Iron 3Platinum X Pictures20046X
Good Source Of Iron 4Platinum X Pictures20046X
Good Source Of Iron 5Platinum X Pictures200512X
Good Source Of Iron 6Platinum X Pictures200616X
Good the Bad and the Slutty 1Platinum X Pictures20064X
Good the Bad and the Slutty 2Platinum X Pictures20075X
Good the Bad and the Slutty 3Platinum X Pictures2007 X
Got My Toy Who Needs A BoyPlatinum X Pictures2015 X
Hand SoloPlatinum X Pictures20046X
Hardcore Whores 2Platinum X Pictures2006 X
Hardcore Whores 4Platinum X Pictures2009 X
Hella ButtPlatinum X Pictures2007 X
Hola PanochaPlatinum X Pictures20071X
Horny HighschoolersPlatinum X Pictures2014 X
Hot Ass Latinas 1Platinum X Pictures20047X
Hot Ass Latinas 2Platinum X Pictures20044X
Hot Ass Latinas 3Platinum X Pictures20058X
Hot Ass Latinas 4Platinum X Pictures20054X
Hot Tubbin' Latin Lovin' 1Platinum X Pictures2008 X
Hot Tubbin' Latin Lovin' 2Platinum X Pictures2008 X
I Am A Monster Cock Virgin 1Platinum X Pictures2013 X
I Am A Monster Cock Virgin 2Platinum X Pictures2013 X
I Am A Monster Cock Virgin 3Platinum X Pictures2013 X
I Am A Monster Cock Virgin 4Platinum X Pictures2013 X
I Am A Monster Cock Virgin 5Platinum X Pictures2013 X
I Like My Girls HungPlatinum X Pictures2011 X
I Love It Rough 1Platinum X Pictures200314X
I Love It Rough 2Platinum X Pictures20036X
I Love It Rough 3Platinum X Pictures20039X
I Need Some Black in MePlatinum X Pictures2010 X
I'll Take It Up My Ass PleasePlatinum X Pictures2013 X
I'm Your Slut 2Platinum X Pictures20037X
Intensities In 10 Cities 1Platinum X Pictures20036X
Intensities In 10 Cities 2Platinum X Pictures200515X
Internal Discharge 4Platinum X Pictures20091X
Interracial CreampiesPlatinum X Pictures2013 X
Interracial Creampies 2Platinum X Pictures2013 X
Interracial Hole Stretchers 1Platinum X Pictures20055X
Interracial Hole Stretchers 2Platinum X Pictures20056X
Interracial Hole Stretchers 4Platinum X Pictures20064X
Interracial Hole Stretchers 5Platinum X Pictures20063X
Interracial Hole Stretchers 6Platinum X Pictures20063X
Interracial Lust 1Platinum X Pictures20039X
Interracial Lust 2Platinum X Pictures20038X
Interracial Lust 3Platinum X Pictures20045X
Interracial Lust 4Jewel De'Nyle Productions20064X
Interracial Sperm DonorsPlatinum X Pictures20062X
Jewel De'Nyle's Last MovieAbsolute Jewel20047X
Jizz JunkiesPlatinum X Pictures20063X
Jizz on My JuggsPlatinum X Pictures2007 X
Lick Between the Lines 1Absolute Jewel20058X
Lick Between the Lines 2Jewel De'Nyle Productions20064X
Lipstick and Lingerie 1Platinum X Pictures20045X
Lipstick and Lingerie 2Platinum X Pictures20043X
Look What I Can Do 2Platinum X Pictures2015 X
Love The CockPlatinum X Pictures2013 X
Lusty Legs 3Platinum X Pictures20046X
Lusty Legs 4Toni Ribas20057X
Lusty Legs 5Platinum X Pictures20052X
Mason's Sexual DisorderPlatinum X Pictures200312X
Mixin' It Up: Interracial FuckfestPlatinum X Pictures2014 X
Mommy Fucks Best 1Platinum X Pictures20063X
Mommy Fucks Best 2Platinum X Pictures20074X
Mommy Fucks Best 3Platinum X Pictures20071X
Mommy Fucks Best 4Platinum X Pictures2009 X
Mommy Fucks Best 5Platinum X Pictures20092X
Mush MelonsPlatinum X Pictures2013 X
Mush Melons 3Platinum X Pictures2013 X
My Chick's Got BallsPlatinum X Pictures20101X
My First Pink 2Platinum X Pictures2013 X
Nasty Hardcore Latinas 1Platinum X Pictures20045X
Nasty Hardcore Latinas 2Platinum X Pictures20045X
Nasty Hardcore Latinas 3Platinum X Pictures20056X
Natural Beauties 1Platinum X Pictures20043X
Natural Beauties 2Platinum X Pictures20042X
Naughty Brunettes With ToysPlatinum X Pictures2013 X
New Girls 2Platinum X Pictures20043X
New Girls 3Platinum X Pictures20054X
Nuts Butts Euro SlutsPlatinum X Pictures20046X
On The Road: BrazilPlatinum X Pictures2008 X
On the Road: South Beach 1Platinum X Pictures2006 X
On the Road: South Beach 2Platinum X Pictures20075X
On Your Knees BitchPlatinum X Pictures20056X
On Your Knees Bitch 2Platinum X Pictures2007 X
Ouch That's My AssPlatinum X Pictures2009 X
Papa Holmes' Little GirlsSteve Holmes Productions20053X
Penis PartyPlatinum X Pictures2011 X
Photographic Mammaries 1Brandon Iron Productions200410X
Photographic Mammaries 2Platinum X Pictures20045X
Photographic Mammaries 3Platinum X Pictures20048X
Photographic Mammaries 4Platinum X Pictures20056X
Photographic Mammaries 5Platinum X Pictures20065X
Picked Up and FuckedPlatinum X Pictures2009 X
Poppin The Pudge 2Platinum X Pictures2013 X
Porn Star IdolPlatinum X Pictures20038X
POV Pin-ups 1Platinum X Pictures20035X
POV Pin-ups 2Platinum X Pictures20045X
POV Pin-ups 3Platinum X Pictures20045X
POV Pin-ups All-StarsPlatinum X Pictures20046X
Pussy is Not EnoughPlatinum X Pictures20037X
Pussy is Not Enough 2Platinum X Pictures20037X
Ride My Backside 1Platinum X Pictures2008 X
Riot Sluts 1Platinum X Pictures20048X
Riot Sluts 2Platinum X Pictures200510X
Road HeadPlatinum X Pictures20054X
Rocks That Ass 24Platinum X Pictures20044X
S.I.N. Platinum X Pictures20062X
Sean Michaels' POV 1Platinum X Pictures20052X
Sean Michaels' POV 2Platinum X Pictures20055X
Semen Gobblers 1Platinum X Pictures20052X
Semen Gobblers 2Platinum X Pictures2006 X
Semen Gobblers 3Platinum X Pictures20064X
Send It Down 3Platinum X Pictures20075X
Sex And GropingPlatinum X Pictures20056X
Sex Fiends 1Platinum X Pictures20047X
Sex Fiends 2Platinum X Pictures20058X
Sex Fiends 3Platinum X Pictures20056X
Sex Fiends 4Platinum X Pictures20074X
Sex Fiends 5Platinum X Pictures20074X
Sex Slaves 1Platinum X Pictures20064X
Sexy Ass BitchesPlatinum X Pictures2011 X
Sexy Euro Girls 1Platinum X Pictures20044X
Sexy Euro Girls 2Platinum X Pictures20047X
Sinful Asians 1Platinum X Pictures20037X
Sinful Asians 3Platinum X Pictures20046X
Sinful Asians 4Platinum X Pictures20056X
Six PackPlatinum X Pictures20047X
Size Queens 1Jewel De'Nyle Productions20043X
Size Queens 2Platinum X Pictures20057X
Slant Eyed Sluts 1Platinum X Pictures20065X
Slant Eyed Sluts 2Platinum X Pictures20067X
Slant Eyed Sluts 3Platinum X Pictures20062X
Slutinas 1Platinum X Pictures20066X
Slutinas 4Platinum X Pictures20074X
Sluts Packin' Nuts 1Platinum X Pictures20071X
Sluts Packin' Nuts 2Platinum X Pictures20072X
Sluts Packin' Nuts 3Platinum X Pictures2008 X
Sluts Packin' Nuts 4Platinum X Pictures2008 X
Sluts Packin' Nuts 5Platinum X Pictures2008 X
Sluts Packin' Nuts 6Platinum X Pictures20091X
Sluts Packin' Nuts 7Platinum X Pictures2010 X
Smokin' Hot 1Platinum X Pictures20066X
Smokin' Hot 2Platinum X Pictures20073X
SmorgaswhoresPlatinum X Pictures2006 X
SpectaclesPlatinum X Pictures2013 X
Sperm Splattered 1Platinum X Pictures20064X
Sperm Splattered 2Platinum X Pictures20065X
Sperm Splattered 3Platinum X Pictures20075X
Sperm Splattered 4Platinum X Pictures20077X
Spit Shined 1Platinum X Pictures20036X
Spit Shined 2Platinum X Pictures20038X
Spread 'Em Wide 1Platinum X Pictures20038X
Spread 'Em Wide 2Platinum X Pictures20036X
Spread 'Em Wide 3Platinum X Pictures20055X
Steve Austin's There Will Be Cum 1Platinum X Pictures2008 X
Steve Austin's There Will Be Cum 2Platinum X Pictures2008 X
Steve Holmes' Perversions 1Steve Holmes Productions20048X
Steve Holmes' Super SlutsPlatinum X Pictures20044X
Strap it On 1Platinum X Pictures20053X
Strap it On 2Platinum X Pictures20053X
Strap it On 3Platinum X Pictures20055X
Strap it On 4Platinum X Pictures20062X
Strap it On 5Platinum X Pictures2006 X
Strap it On 6Platinum X Pictures20073X
Strap It On 7Platinum X Pictures20091X
Strap-On SeductionPlatinum X Pictures2010 X
Su She MalePlatinum X Pictures2007 X
Suck It Like A Lollipop 1Platinum X Pictures2008 X
Suck it Like a Lollipop 2Platinum X Pictures2012 X
Sucking Me POVPlatinum X Pictures20071X
Surprise It's A DickPlatinum X Pictures2011 X
Sweet AssPlatinum X Pictures2010 X
Swine's POVPlatinum X Pictures20056X
T and A BuffetPlatinum X Pictures20062X
Take Her Cherry 1Platinum X Pictures2014 X
Take Her Cherry 2Platinum X Pictures2014 X
Taking It AllPlatinum X Pictures2011  
Taste Her Ass 1Platinum X Pictures20047X
Taste Her Ass 2Jewel De'Nyle Productions20054X
Tear Me A New One 2Platinum X Pictures20057X
Tease Me Then Please Me 1Platinum X Pictures20046X
Teen Fuck Holes 2Platinum X Pictures20056X
Teen Fuck Holes 3Platinum X Pictures20059X
Teen Fuck Holes 4Platinum X Pictures20055X
Teen Fuck Holes 5Platinum X Pictures20063X
Teen Fuck Holes 6Platinum X Pictures20065X
Teen Fuck Holes 7Platinum X Pictures2006 X
Teen Fuck Holes 8Platinum X Pictures20074X
Teen POVPlatinum X Pictures20091X
Teenie BoppersPlatinum X Pictures2007 X
Teens Cumming Of Age 1Platinum X Pictures20055X
Teens Cumming Of Age 2Platinum X Pictures20054X
Teens Cumming Of Age 3Platinum X Pictures20055X
Teens Cumming Of Age 4Platinum X Pictures20055X
Teens Cumming Of Age 5Platinum X Pictures20061X
Teens Playing With New Toys 2Platinum X Pictures2013 X
Teens Revealed 2Platinum X Pictures20035X
Teens Revealed 3Platinum X Pictures20035X
Teens Revealed 4Michael Stefano Productions20045X
Ten Little Piggies 1Brandon Iron Productions20036X
Ten Little Piggies 2Platinum X Pictures20036X
Ten Little Piggies 3Platinum X Pictures20044X
Ten Little Piggies 4Platinum X Pictures20045X
Ten Little Piggies 5Platinum X Pictures20046X
Ten Little Piggies 6Platinum X Pictures20055X
Ten Little Piggies 8Platinum X Pictures20066X
Ten Little Piggies 9Platinum X Pictures20064X
There's A Black In My CrackPlatinum X Pictures2013 X
There's A Black In My Crack 2Platinum X Pictures2013 X
Throat Yogurt 1Platinum X Pictures20043X
Throat Yogurt 2Platinum X Pictures20046X
Tight Teen Twats 1Platinum X Pictures20064X
Tons Of T&APlatinum X Pictures2013 X
Trashy TeensPlatinum X Pictures2013 X
Wet Brunettes 1Platinum X Pictures20035X
Wet Brunettes 2Platinum X Pictures20046X
Wet Brunettes 3Platinum X Pictures20044X
Where's the CumPlatinum X Pictures20054X
Where's The Cum 2Platinum X Pictures20056X
White Girl Black Guy Cream PiePlatinum X Pictures20091X
Whore Next DoorPlatinum X Pictures200410X
Wild On Sex 1Platinum X Pictures20038X
Wild On Sex 2Platinum X Pictures20037X
Wild On Sex 3Platinum X Pictures20046X
X'teen'ly SweetCandy Shop2009 X
XXX Platinum Blondes 2Platinum X Pictures20044X
XXX Platinum Blondes 3Platinum X Pictures20047X
Young Fucking Bitches 1Platinum X Pictures20064X

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