distributors : penguin productions

Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
From Paris with LustPenguin Productions1985 X
Full Metal BikiniPenguin Productions1989  
I Love L.A. 1Penguin Productions19871X
I Love L.A. 2Penguin Productions1987  
In And Out Of AfricaPenguin Productions1987 X
John C. Holmes - The Lost FilmsPenguin Productions19881X
La BimboPenguin Productions1987 X
Living in a Wet DreamPenguin Productions1986 X
Lottery LustPenguin Productions19861X
Lust Tango in ParisPenguin Productions1987 X
Marina VicePenguin Productions19851X
Midnight EyesPenguin Productions1978  
Mrs. Rodgers NeighborhoodPenguin Productions1989  
Play It Again SamanthaPenguin Productions1987  
Push It to the LimitPenguin Productions1989  
Return of Johnny WaddPenguin Productions19864X
Rockey X 1Penguin Productions19861X
Rockey X 2Penguin Productions1988  
Saturday Night BeaverPenguin Productions19863X
Temptations Of An AngelPenguin Productions1989  
VicieusesPenguin Productions1998  
White ChocolatePenguin Productions1988 X

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