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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
Backdoor Brides 1Paradise Visuals1986 X
Backdoor Brides 2Paradise Visuals19862X
Backdoor Brides 4Paradise Visuals1993 X
Backdoor Summer 2Paradise Visuals1989 X
Backfield in MotionParadise Visuals1990 X
BeefeatersParadise Visuals19891X
Blame it on the BlondesParadise Visuals1985  
Blonde On The RunParadise Visuals1985 X
CarnivalParadise Visuals1995 X
China BitchParadise Visuals1989 X
DangerousParadise Visuals1990 X
Deep BlueHeavenly Productions1988 X
Deep UndercoverParadise Visuals1989 X
Devil in Mr. HolmesParadise Visuals19871X
Dirty 30's Cinema 12Paradise Visuals1986  
Double D Housewives 1Paradise Visuals19941X
Double D NursesParadise Visuals1994 X
Europe on Two Guys Per DayParadise Visuals1986  
Forbidden FruitParadise Visuals1984 X
French Open 1Paradise Visuals1993  
French Open 2Paradise Visuals1994 X
Get Me While I'm HotParadise Visuals1987 X
Getting L.A.'dParadise Visuals19861X
Ginger Lynn the MovieParadise Visuals19881X
Girls of ParadiseParadise Visuals1986 X
Girls of Paradise (new)Paradise Visuals1987  
Hard to SwallowParadise Visuals1985 X
High Price SpreadParadise Visuals1987 X
Hot Pink and Chocolate BrownParadise Visuals1988 X
Ladies In HeatParadise Visuals1986 X
Ladies of the 80'sParadise Visuals1985 X
LayoutParadise Visuals19861X
Let's Play DoctorParadise Visuals19942X
Lost InnocenceParadise Visuals1986 X
Lust in SpaceParadise Visuals1985 X
Lust in the Fast LaneParadise Visuals1984  
LustyParadise Visuals1986  
Lusty LayoutParadise Visuals1986 X
Make Me WatchParadise Visuals1995 X
Make UpParadise Visuals2007 X
New PositionsParadise Visuals1994 X
Night Of Loving DangerouslyParadise Visuals19841X
On Golden BlondeParadise Visuals19841X
On My LipsParadise Visuals1988 X
Once Upon a MadonnaParadise Visuals1985 X
One Night at a TimeParadise Visuals1984 X
Positions Wanted: Experienced OnlyParadise Visuals1994 X
Pumping EthelParadise Visuals1989 X
Ramb-ohhParadise Visuals19861X
Ramb-ohh 2 The Sex PlatoonParadise Visuals1987 X
Red VelvetParadise Visuals1989 X
Rise of the Roman Empress 1Paradise Visuals1987 X
Rise of the Roman Empress 2Paradise Visuals1990 X
Scared StiffParadise Visuals1984 X
Sex AlertParadise Visuals1995 X
SlammedParadise Visuals1995 X
Soul GamesParadise Visuals1988 X
Straight A StudentsParadise Visuals1993 X
Terms Of EndowmentParadise Visuals1986 X
Those Young GirlsParadise Visuals19841 
Trick ShotsParadise Visuals1995 X
Warm Bodies Hot NightsParadise Visuals1988  
White TrashParadise Visuals1986 X
Who Came in the Back DoorParadise Visuals1987 X
Whore of the WorldsParadise Visuals1985  
Whore of the Worlds (new)Paradise Visuals1987 X
Work-out ReliefParadise Visuals1997  
WPINK TVParadise Visuals19843X
WPINK TV (new)Paradise Visuals19891X
WPINK TV 2Paradise Visuals1986 X
WPINK TV 4Paradise Visuals1993 X
WPINK TV 5Paradise Visuals1993 X
XterminatorParadise Visuals1986 X
Year of the Sex DragonParadise Visuals1986 X

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