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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
Battle of the Stars 1Now Showing Inc.19851 
Battle of the Stars 2Now Showing Inc.1985  
Black DesireNow Showing Inc.1984  
Bold FantasiesNow Showing Inc.1982 X
Bold ObsessionsNow Showing Inc.1983  
Challenge of DesireNow Showing Inc.1982 X
Dangerous DesiresNow Showing Inc.1986 X
Erotic DimensionNow Showing Inc.1983  
Erotic Dimensions 2Now Showing Inc.1983  
Erotic Dimensions 3Now Showing Inc.1983  
Erotic Dimensions 6Now Showing Inc.1983  
Erotic Dimensions 7Now Showing Inc.1983  
Erotic Dimensions 8Now Showing Inc.1983  
ExhibitionistsNow Showing Inc.1982 X
Fantasex IslandNow Showing Inc.1983 X
FulfilledNow Showing Inc.1980  
FuturesexNow Showing Inc.1985 X
House of Strange DesiresNow Showing Inc.1985 X
I Want To WatchNow Showing Inc.1982  
I've Never Done This BeforeNow Showing Inc.1985 X
Illusions Of EcstasyNow Showing Inc.1984 X
InflamedNow Showing Inc.1984 X
Inspector Cliteau in... the Pink PantiesNow Showing Inc.1985 X
Just For MeNow Showing Inc.1982  
Macho WomenNow Showing Inc.1984  
NastyNow Showing Inc.1985 X
PerformersNow Showing Inc.1986 X
Pleasure HuntNow Showing Inc.1984 X
Pleasure Hunt 2Now Showing Inc.1985 X
PorscheNow Showing Inc.1987 X
Secrets of JenniferNow Showing Inc.1982 X
Sex DancerNow Showing Inc.1986 X
SexsationsNow Showing Inc.1984 X
ShamelessNow Showing Inc.1982 X
So Deep So GoodNow Showing Inc.1988  
Stud WarsNow Showing Inc.1985  
Tail GatingNow Showing Inc.19881X
TemptationNow Showing Inc.1984 X
Ultimate ONow Showing Inc.1985 X
Young Doctors in LustNow Showing Inc.1982 X

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