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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
3 Degrees Of HumiliationMSR Releasing19991X
At LargeMSR Releasing2001 X
Behind the Red Door: Be AfraidMSR Releasing2005  
Blow Me: Part OneMSR Releasing2001  
Blow Me: Part TwoMSR Releasing2001  
Closed Set: The New CrewMSR Releasing2002 X
Deeper ThroatMSR Releasing1999 X
Don't Ask Don't TellMSR Releasing2000 X
Face RydersMSR Releasing2003 X
Field Trip: Escape To CatalinaMSR Releasing2004 X
First CrushMSR Releasing20021X
Giant: MSR's Big Dick Sex Club 1MSR Releasing2003  
Giant: MSR's Big Dick Sex Club 2MSR Releasing2003  
Hell RoomMSR Releasing2005 X
Homo ErectusMSR Releasing20021X
HorsemenMSR Releasing2004 X
Joe Gage Sex Files 1: Jack-Off Party At Billy Bob'sMSR Releasing2003 X
Joe Gage Sex Files 2: Uncle Pruitt Taught Me How To Do ItMSR Releasing2003 X
Joe Gage Sex Files 3: Kegger Frat PartyMSR Releasing2003 X
Joe Gage Sex Files 4: Blue Collar Beer BlastMSR Releasing2004 X
Joe Gage Sex Files 6: Ex Military, Once a Marine, Always a MarineMSR Releasing2011 X
L.A. Sex PartyMSR Releasing2002 X
L.A. Sex Party: Director's CutMSR Releasing2002  
ListMSR Releasing2003 X
Manhattan Sex Party 1MSR Releasing20012X
Manhattan Sex Party 2MSR Releasing2003 X
Prowl 1MSR Releasing1999 X
Prowl 3MSR Releasing2003 X
Prowl 4: Back with a VengeanceMSR Releasing2005  
Prowl 5: As Rough As It Gets!MSR Releasing2005  
Road TripMSR Releasing2002 X
Rough TradeMSR Releasing2004 X
Sex In The CityMSR Releasing2000 X
Sex PigsMSR Releasing2003 X
Shooters (II)MSR Releasing20041X
Size is EverythingMSR Releasing2000 X
Studs N' PupsMSR Releasing2004  
Ten Tops One FullerMSR Releasing20041X
Tough Guys: Gettin' OffMSR Releasing2005  
Tough Guys: No LimitsMSR Releasing2005  
Truck Stop On I-95MSR Releasing2004 X
White TrashMSR Releasing20021X

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