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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
19 and NastyMoonlight Entertainment1990 X
All the President's WomenMoonlight Entertainment19981 
Anal AlleyMoonlight Entertainment1990 X
Anal AristocratsMoonlight Entertainment1996 X
Anal Glamour GirlsMoonlight Entertainment1995 X
Anal Strippers X-posedMoonlight Entertainment1997 X
Anthony and CleopatraMoonlight Entertainment19972X
Aphrodite: Goddess of LoveButterfly Motion Pictures19972 
As Dirty as She Wants to BeMoonlight Entertainment19901X
Ass BackwardsMoonlight Entertainment1991 X
AssmaniaMoonlight Entertainment19941X
Assmania 2Moonlight Entertainment19951X
Back To Anal AlleyMoonlight Entertainment19941X
Bedtime for ByronMoonlight Entertainment1991 X
Behind Blue EyesMoonlight Entertainment1987 X
Behind Blue Eyes 2Moonlight Entertainment1988 X
Behind Blue Eyes 3Moonlight Entertainment1990 X
Bite the Black BulletsMoonlight Entertainment1995 X
Black Bottom GirlsMoonlight Entertainment1994 X
Black Butt JungleMoonlight Entertainment1994 X
Black Snatch FeverMoonlight Entertainment1995 X
Blaze Of GloryMoonlight Entertainment19931X
Blue SaloonMoonlight Entertainment1996 X
BodyslammersMoonlight Entertainment19961X
BombshellMoonlight Entertainment1996 X
Breasts and Beyond 1Moonlight Entertainment1991  
Breasts and Beyond 2Moonlight Entertainment19911X
CaligulaMoonlight Entertainment19962X
Case of the Cockney CupcakeMoonlight Entertainment1989 X
Case of the Crooked CathouseMoonlight Entertainment1988 X
Case of the Mad TicklerMoonlight Entertainment19871X
Case of the Sensuous SinnersMoonlight Entertainment1988 X
Cat LickersMoonlight Entertainment1991 X
Cat Lickers 2Moonlight Entertainment19941X
Cat Lickers 3Moonlight Entertainment1995 X
Cat Lickers 4Moonlight Entertainment19961X
Centerfold StrippersMoonlight Entertainment1994 X
Chicks Licks And Dirty TricksMoonlight Entertainment19932X
Clean and DirtyMoonlight Entertainment1990 X
Close QuartersMoonlight Entertainment1992 X
Color Me AnalMoonlight Entertainment1995 X
Coming CleanMoonlight Entertainment1992 X
Cookie 'n CreamMoonlight Entertainment1992 X
Cop SuckerMoonlight Entertainment19981 
Cop Sucker 2Moonlight Entertainment19982 
D-Cup Dating ServiceMoonlight Entertainment19921X
Dark EncountersMoonlight Entertainment1996 X
Decadent DreamsMoonlight Entertainment1996 X
Devil in the Blue DressMoonlight Entertainment1989 X
Dirty Little Mind Of Martin FinkMoonlight Entertainment19921X
Donna OggettoMoonlight Entertainment2010  
Drilling For GoldMoonlight Entertainment1995 X
Eat Em And SmileMoonlight Entertainment1990  
Eat Em And Smile (new)Moonlight Entertainment1993 X
ErosMoonlight Entertainment19971X
Extreme HeatMoonlight Entertainment1987 X
Face To FaceMoonlight Entertainment1995 X
Foolish PleasuresMoonlight Entertainment19892X
Forbidden Sex of the Kama SutraMoonlight Entertainment1996  
French DollMoonlight Entertainment19941X
Future LustMoonlight Entertainment19892X
Handful Of SummersMoonlight Entertainment1991 X
Hot Diggity DogMoonlight Entertainment19902X
Hot Diggity Dog (new)Moonlight Entertainment1990  
House of Anal PerversionsButterfly Films1997 X
Imaginary LoversMoonlight Entertainment1987 X
In Deep with the DevilMoonlight Entertainment1992 X
In the JeansMoonlight Entertainment1990 X
In the Jeans AgainMoonlight Entertainment1990 X
Jack the StripperMoonlight Entertainment1992 X
Knight In Shining PantiesMoonlight Entertainment1996 X
Last Temptation Of KristiMoonlight Entertainment1988 X
Late Night for LoversMoonlight Entertainment19891X
Lickety PinkMoonlight Entertainment1990  
Live In Love InMoonlight Entertainment19891X
Love DancersMoonlight Entertainment1995 X
Low BlowsMoonlight Entertainment1989 X
Lucy Has a BallMoonlight Entertainment1986 X
Lucy Makes It BigMoonlight Entertainment19871X
Magic FingersMoonlight Entertainment1987 X
Messalina Virgin EmpressMoonlight Entertainment19962 
MoongirlsMoonlight Entertainment1990 X
My Bare LadyMoonlight Entertainment1989 X
Nasty NewshoundsMoonlight Entertainment1987 X
Nightmare on Porn StreetMoonlight Entertainment1988 X
OlympusMoonlight Entertainment19981X
Othello: Dangerous DesireMoonlight Entertainment1998  
PornocchioMoonlight Entertainment1987 X
Prisoner Of LoveMoonlight Entertainment1991 X
Radical Affairs 1Moonlight Entertainment19921X
Radical Affairs 2Moonlight Entertainment1992 X
Radical Affairs 3Moonlight Entertainment1992 X
Radical Affairs 4Moonlight Entertainment1993 X
Radical Affairs 5Moonlight Entertainment1993 X
Radical Affairs 6Moonlight Entertainment1993 X
Radical Affairs 7Moonlight Entertainment19931X
Radical Affairs 8Moonlight Entertainment19941X
Radical Affairs 9Moonlight Entertainment1995 X
Rare StarletMoonlight Entertainment1987 X
Ravishing RoyaltyButterfly Films19971 
Reckless PassionMoonlight Entertainment1986 X
Red OrchidMoonlight Entertainment19981 
Revenge of the Smart AssMoonlight Entertainment1990  
Sex in the First DegreeMoonlight Entertainment1997  
Sex Trek 1Moonlight Entertainment1990 X
Sex Trek 2Moonlight Entertainment1991 X
Sex Trek 3Moonlight Entertainment1992 X
Sex Trek 4Moonlight Entertainment1994 X
Sex Trek 5Moonlight Entertainment19951X
Shameless LadyMoonlight Entertainment1993 X
Shanna's Final FlingMoonlight Entertainment1991 X
ShowstoppersMoonlight Entertainment1988 X
Showstoppers 2Moonlight Entertainment1989 X
Showstoppers 3Moonlight Entertainment1989 X
Showstoppers 4Moonlight Entertainment1989 X
Slippery SlopesMoonlight Entertainment1995 X
Sodo SororityMoonlight Entertainment19971X
Solo LovingMoonlight Entertainment2000  
SpellbindersMoonlight Entertainment19982X
Stairway to HeavenMoonlight Entertainment1989 X
Street WorkersMoonlight Entertainment1995 X
Super Anal OttoMoonlight Entertainment2013  
Tails From The Zipper 1Moonlight Entertainment1993 X
Tails From The Zipper 2Moonlight Entertainment1996  
TangoMoonlight Entertainment2006 X
Tattle TailMoonlight Entertainment1994 X
Trailer Girls of the American SouthMoonlight Entertainment19971X
Vita allo specchioMoonlight Entertainment2009  
Welcome to the JungleMoonlight Entertainment1993  
Wet in the SaddleMoonlight Entertainment1994 X
Wicked WomenMoonlight Entertainment1993 X

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