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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
2000 Lbs. Of LoveLipstik Video1998 X
Aerobisex Girls 1Lipstik Video1983 X
Aerobisex Girls 2Lipstik Video19891X
Anal Annie and the Backdoor HousewivesLipstik Video1984 X
Anal Annie and the Magic DildoLipstik Video1987 X
Anal Annie and the Men in Her LifeLipstik Video1993 X
Anal Annie and the Willing HusbandsLipstik Video19851X
Anal Annie Just Can't Say NoLipstik Video1985 X
Anal Annie's All-Girl Escort ServiceLipstik Video1990 X
Anal NymphettesLipstik Video19951X
Anal RompLipstik Video1995 X
Anal TrampsLipstik Video1995 X
Babes of the Bay 1Lipstik Video1993 X
Babes of the Bay 2Lipstik Video1995 X
Best of Anal AnnieLipstik Video1993 X
Big Boobs PartyLipstik Video1985 X
BitchesLipstik Video1993 X
Charlie's Devils 1Lipstik Video2000 X
Charlie's Devils 2: The Next PositionLipstik Video2001 X
Computer GirlsLipstik Video1984 X
Curse of the Lesbian Love GoddessLipstik Video1998 X
Fast TrackLipstik Video1992 X
Flaming Tongues 2Lipstik Video1988 X
Flaming Tongues 3Lipstik Video1988  
Freak of the WeekLipstik Video1995 X
Girl World 1Lipstik Video1989 X
Girl World 1Lipstik Video1987 X
Girl World 2Lipstik Video1987  
Girl World 3Lipstik Video1989 X
Girl World 4Lipstik Video1989 X
Girl World Collectors EditionLipstik Video1989  
Girlfriends Of Candy WongLipstik Video1984 X
Girls and Their ToysLipstik Video1982 X
Girls Of Anal U.Lipstik Video1995 X
Girls Of Dyke ManorLipstik Video19962X
Girls Of KLIT HouseLipstik Video19852X
Goin Down at the Bunny RanchLipstik Video20031 
Hotel LesbosLipstik Video1986 X
Inner PinkLipstik Video1988 X
Inner Pink 2Lipstik Video1990 X
Inner Pink 3Lipstik Video1994 X
Inner Pink 4Lipstik Video1995 X
Les Lesbos of Paris 1Lipstik Video1985  
Les Lesbos of Paris 2Lipstik Video1985 X
Lesbian CastleLipstik Video1994 X
Lesbian Dating GameLipstik Video1993 X
Lesbian Ho' Down at the Bunny RanchLipstik Video20001X
Lesbian Love ConnectionLipstik Video19921X
Lesbian Love DollsLipstik Video1995 X
Lesbian Mystery Theatre: Case of the Deadly DikeLipstik Video1994  
Lingerie GirlsLipstik Video1987 X
Lips On LipsLipstik Video19891X
Mother Nature's Bulging BelliesLipstik Video1995 X
Nightmare On Lesbian StreetLipstik Video1995 X
Outlaw WomenLipstik Video1984 X
Rear Action GirlsLipstik Video19841X
Rear Action Girls 2Lipstik Video1985  
ReunionLipstik Video1984 X
Roommates to LoversLipstik Video1995 X
Sappho SextetLipstik Video1984 X
Search For Canadian BeaverLipstik Video1994 X
Sex ProfessionalsLipstik Video1995 X
Shaved BunniesLipstik Video1985 X
StunnersLipstik Video1994 X
Stunt WomanLipstik Video1990  
Three Beauties and a MaidLipstik Video19832X
Transsexual NewsLipstik Video2001  
Transsexual SuperstarsLipstik Video2000 X
Trashy LadiesLipstik Video1993 X
Valentine's ChallengeLipstik Video1992 X
Valentine's WonderlandLipstik Video1992 X
Video GirlsLipstik Video1985 X
Watching TV SexLipstik Video2000 X
What's The Lesbian Doing In My Pirate MovieLipstik Video1995 X
Woman's LustLipstik Video1983  
Women Times 4Lipstik Video1983  
Women's Secret DesiresLipstik Video19832X

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