distributors : leisure time entertainment

Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
100% Gay Black MenLeisure Time Entertainment2003  
12 Guy Cum BathLeisure Time Entertainment2010 X
18 and Eager Babysitter TrainingLeisure Time Entertainment2003 X
18 and Eager Boffing the BabysitterLeisure Time Entertainment2003 X
18 and Eager Chest Like a BoyLeisure Time Entertainment2002  
18 and Eager for AnalLeisure Time Entertainment20031X
18 and NastyLeisure Time Entertainment20001X
200 Scenes 4: Outrageous 200'sLeisure Time Entertainment2008  
3-Way TranssexualsLeisure Time Entertainment2001 X
4 Bi: 3 Fingers In His AssLeisure Time Entertainment1999  
4 Hour Spectacular 5Leisure Time Entertainment1997  
40 Deep Throat ScenesLeisure Time Entertainment2009 X
40 Of Adults Youngest Male StarsLeisure Time Entertainment2001  
40 of the World's Most Beautiful She-MalesLeisure Time Entertainment2000 X
A Man And His TrannieLeisure Time Entertainment1999  
A Woman's SecretLeisure Time Entertainment1998  
Absolute Worst Of Amateur 1Leisure Time Entertainment1993  
Advanced Male Masturbation TechniquesLeisure Time Entertainment1996  
Adventures in ParadiseLeisure Time Entertainment1992 X
After The Lights Go OutLeisure Time Entertainment1989  
After The Lights Go OutLeisure Time Entertainment1991  
Against All BodsLeisure Time Entertainment1991 X
All Amateur Kinky Couples 1Leisure Time Entertainment1995  
All Amateur Kinky Couples 2Leisure Time Entertainment1995  
All Amateur Perfect 10'sLeisure Time Entertainment1995  
All Amateur-Black EditionLeisure Time Entertainment2000  
All Black In Her AssLeisure Time Entertainment2009 X
All Black Superstars Of PornLeisure Time Entertainment2009  
All For YouLeisure Time Entertainment1998 X
All Gay Ass MastersLeisure Time Entertainment   
All-Star Anal Interviews 1Leisure Time Entertainment1995  
All-star InterviewsLeisure Time Entertainment1995  
Amateur A CuppersLeisure Time Entertainment1993  
Amateur AuditionsLeisure Time Entertainment1996 X
Amateur Bi DreamsLeisure Time Entertainment2002  
Amateur Bi-SexualsLeisure Time Entertainment1997  
Amateur Gay GirlsLeisure Time Entertainment1995  
Amateur She MaleLeisure Time Entertainment1998  
Amateur Video Public Sex in CaliforniaLeisure Time Entertainment20021X
Amazing PenetrationsLeisure Time Entertainment1993 X
American Dream GirlsLeisure Time Entertainment1994  
American Dream GirlsLeisure Time Entertainment1998 X
American Dream Girls (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1990  
American Dream Girls 1Leisure Time Entertainment1996 X
American Dream Girls 2Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
American Dream Girls 2Leisure Time Entertainment1994  
American Dream Girls 21Leisure Time Entertainment1997  
American Dream Girls 26Leisure Time Entertainment1997  
American Dream Girls 3Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
American Dream Girls 31Leisure Time Entertainment1997  
American Dream Girls 4Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
American Dream Girls 5Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
American Dream Girls 6Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Anal AmateursLeisure Time Entertainment1996 X
Anal and DP Extravaganza 1Hollywood Fuck Factory2006 X
Anal and DP Extravaganza 2Hollywood Fuck Factory2006 X
Anal AngelsLeisure Time Entertainment19862X
Anal AngelsLeisure Time Entertainment1990  
Anal Angels 1Leisure Time Entertainment1995  
Anal Angels 2Leisure Time Entertainment1996 X
Anal Angels 3Leisure Time Entertainment1996 X
Anal Angels 6Leisure Time Entertainment1996 X
Anal AsianLeisure Time Entertainment1994 X
Anal Eager BoysLeisure Time Entertainment2000  
Anal LustLeisure Time Entertainment1998 X
Anal ReamingLeisure Time Entertainment1997  
Analyst 2Leisure Time Entertainment1986 X
Animal InstinctsLeisure Time Entertainment1991 X
Around The World With Lisa LippsLeisure Time Entertainment1993  
Asian BoysLeisure Time Entertainment2001  
Asian EcstasyLeisure Time Entertainment1996 X
Ass Masters 1Leisure Time Entertainment19951 
Ass Masters 10Leisure Time Entertainment1996 X
Ass Masters 11Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Ass Masters 14Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Ass Masters 15Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Ass Masters 2Leisure Time Entertainment19951X
Ass Masters 3Leisure Time Entertainment1995 X
Ass Masters 4Leisure Time Entertainment1995 X
Ass Masters 5Leisure Time Entertainment1995 X
Ass Masters 6Leisure Time Entertainment1995 X
Ass Masters 7Leisure Time Entertainment1996 X
Ass Masters 8Leisure Time Entertainment1996 X
Ass Masters 9Leisure Time Entertainment1996 X
Assume the PositionLeisure Time Entertainment19981X
Awesome Anal AsiansLeisure Time Entertainment1994  
Awesome AsiansLeisure Time Entertainment19981X
Awesome Asians 23Leisure Time Entertainment2001 X
Babes of BonervilleLeisure Time Entertainment1995  
Babes With BallsLeisure Time Entertainment2000 X
Babyface 1Leisure Time Entertainment20011X
Babyface 2Raunch-O-Rama Video20071X
Back to Black 1Leisure Time Entertainment1993  
Back to Black 2Leisure Time Entertainment1993 X
Backdoor BabysittersLeisure Time Entertainment19961X
Backdoor Club 1Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Backdoor Club 2Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Backside BoysLeisure Time Entertainment20052 
Backstage PassLeisure Time Entertainment1992 X
Bad MedicineLeisure Time Entertainment1992 X
Bad Medicine (new)Leisure Time Entertainment19941 
Banging College BoysLeisure Time Entertainment20021 
Bare Back RidersLeisure Time Entertainment19931X
Bare EssentialsLeisure Time Entertainment1991 X
Bare EssentialsLeisure Time Entertainment1988 X
Barely Legal LatinasLeisure Time Entertainment20021X
Beaver Hunt Video 1Leisure Time Entertainment1994  
Beaver Hunt Video 2Leisure Time Entertainment1994  
Beaver Hunt Video 3Leisure Time Entertainment1994  
Beaver Hunt Video 6Leisure Time Entertainment1994  
Bedtime TalesLeisure Time Entertainment1995 X
Before and AfterLeisure Time Entertainment2002  
Behind Closed DoorsLeisure Time Entertainment1997 X
Behind the Black Door 1Leisure Time Entertainment1987  
Believe It Or Not Bi SexLeisure Time Entertainment2002 X
Best of Bi Sex 1Leisure Time Entertainment1998  
Best of Bi Sex 2Leisure Time Entertainment1998  
Best of Jill KellyLeisure Time Entertainment2002 X
Best of She-Males and Drag QueensLeisure Time Entertainment2000  
Between A Rock And A Hot PlaceLeisure Time Entertainment1989  
Between A Rock And A Hot Place (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1993  
Between The CheeksLeisure Time Entertainment1999 X
Beverly Hills Geisha (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1993  
Beyond PassionLeisure Time Entertainment1993 X
Bi And Kinky Super SpecialLeisure Time Entertainment2001  
Bi and Kinky: Pussy in the MiddleLeisure Time Entertainment1998  
Bi BeginnersLeisure Time Entertainment2000 X
Bi Couples Who SwapLeisure Time Entertainment2001  
Bi MedicineLeisure Time Entertainment1991 X
Bi Sexual BrothersLeisure Time Entertainment2002 X
Bi Sexual CocksLeisure Time Entertainment1998 X
Bi VirginsLeisure Time Entertainment2001  
Bi WivesLeisure Time Entertainment2001  
Big As They GetLeisure Time Entertainment2002 X
Big Black CockLeisure Time Entertainment2002 X
Big Black Men Like Dick TooLeisure Time Entertainment2002  
Big Dick Bi'sLeisure Time Entertainment2000 X
Big Dick She-MalesLeisure Time Entertainment2006 X
Big Fat Gay DickLeisure Time Entertainment2002 X
Big Tit Spanish ChicksLeisure Time Entertainment1996  
Big Tits Big DicksExecutive (Leisure Time Entertainment)2001  
Big Titted She-MalesLeisure Time Entertainment2002 X
Big White Tits Big Black DicksLeisure Time Entertainment2004  
Bigger Is BetterLeisure Time Entertainment2002 X
Black Anal-istLeisure Time Entertainment1987 X
Black Analyst 2Leisure Time Entertainment1995  
Black Ass Masters 2Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Black Ass Masters 4Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Black BeautiesLeisure Time Entertainment1995 X
Black on WhiteLeisure Time Entertainment2010 X
Black PowerLeisure Time Entertainment1996 X
Black Sensations (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1991  
Blondes With Beautiful ButtsLeisure Time Entertainment1996  
Blue BallsLeisure Time Entertainment1995 X
Bo-dacious (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1992  
Born BadLeisure Time Entertainment19981X
Bossy She-MalesLeisure Time Entertainment2003  
Bottom FeedersLeisure Time Entertainment2002 X
Bound For PleasureLeisure Time Entertainment1996 X
Boys 4 YouLeisure Time Entertainment2000  
Boystown Boys OnlyLeisure Time Entertainment2000  
Brand New Fuck HolesLeisure Time Entertainment2005 X
Breakin' The BarriersLeisure Time Entertainment1997  
Bring on the NightLeisure Time Entertainment1994  
Buck's Excellent Transexual AdventureLeisure Time Entertainment1989  
Buff She-MalesLeisure Time Entertainment2003  
Bustin' OutLeisure Time Entertainment1988  
Butt HuntLeisure Time Entertainment19941X
Butt Hunt 1Leisure Time Entertainment1994  
Butt Hunt 10Leisure Time Entertainment1995 X
Butt Hunt 11Leisure Time Entertainment1995  
Butt Hunt 12Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Butt Hunt 13Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Butt Hunt 14Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Butt Hunt 15Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Butt Hunt 19Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Butt Hunt 2Leisure Time Entertainment1994  
Butt Hunt 22Leisure Time Entertainment1997  
Butt Hunt 3Leisure Time Entertainment1994 X
Butt Hunt 4Leisure Time Entertainment1995 X
Butt Hunt 5Leisure Time Entertainment1995  
Butt Hunt 6Leisure Time Entertainment1995  
Butt Hunt 7Leisure Time Entertainment1995 X
Butt Hunt 8Leisure Time Entertainment1995  
Butt Hunt 9Leisure Time Entertainment1995 X
ButtlerLeisure Time Entertainment1995  
Byron Long's Gay LustLeisure Time Entertainment2006  
C'mon And Love MeLeisure Time Entertainment1997  
California BlacksLeisure Time Entertainment1994  
California Blondes 1Video Exclusives1986  
California Blondes 2Leisure Time Entertainment1988 X
California Blondes 2 (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1994  
California BoysLeisure Time Entertainment  X
Camp Beaverlake (new)Leisure Time Entertainment19931 
Can't Beat The FeelingLeisure Time Entertainment1989  
Carnal CutiesLeisure Time Entertainment1996  
Carnal Cuties 2Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Carnal PossesionsLeisure Time Entertainment1988 X
Carnal Possesions (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1990  
Caught By SurpriseLeisure Time Entertainment2002 X
Chance MeetingsLeisure Time Entertainment1988  
Cheek to CheekLeisure Time Entertainment1986 X
Cheerleaders Crave Black Cock TooVamp20051X
Cheri's On Fire (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1990  
Cherry CheerleadersLeisure Time Entertainment1988 X
Cherry Cheerleaders (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1990  
Chest MatesLeisure Time Entertainment1988  
Chest Mates (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1991  
Chicks Have Dicks TooLeisure Time Entertainment2008  
Chicks In Charge Of ChicksMaximum Xposure2005 X
China Girl (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1991  
Chocolate NipsLeisure Time Entertainment2003 X
City GirlLeisure Time Entertainment1996  
Cock AddictLeisure Time Entertainment2003 X
College GirlLeisure Time Entertainment19911X
Colossal Combos 22Leisure Time Entertainment1992  
Colossal Combos 25Leisure Time Entertainment1993  
Colossal Combos 9Leisure Time Entertainment1991  
Come As You Are (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1992  
Coming In AmericaLeisure Time Entertainment1988 X
Coming of AgeLeisure Time Entertainment1996 X
Coming of Age (II)Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Con Jobs (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1994  
Confessions of a She-Male Leisure Time Entertainment2003 X
CovergirlsLeisure Time Entertainment19853X
Crack Masters 2Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Cram Session (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1991  
Cream DreamsVideo Exclusives1987 X
Cream Dreams (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1991  
Creamy CheeksLeisure Time Entertainment1987 X
CrossoverLeisure Time Entertainment1989 X
Crossover Video: Latin TranssexualLeisure Time Entertainment2002  
Cum EatersLeisure Time Entertainment2002 X
Cum For TwoLeisure Time Entertainment2002 X
Cum LoversLeisure Time Entertainment2007 X
Cum On BiLeisure Time Entertainment1995  
Cumming Clean (II)Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Dancing in the DarkLeisure Time Entertainment19961 
DangerousLeisure Time Entertainment1993 X
Dark DesireLeisure Time Entertainment1996 X
Dark Desires 2Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Dark MeatLeisure Time Entertainment19982X
Debbie Does Dallas 4Leisure Time Entertainment19881X
Debbie Does Dallas 5Leisure Time Entertainment1988  
Deep Inside ViviannaLeisure Time Entertainment1992 X
Deep Throating MenLeisure Time Entertainment1997  
Deep Throating Uncut CocksLeisure Time Entertainment1997  
Delicate MattersLeisure Time Entertainment1989  
Delicate Matters (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1993  
Desperate HoursLeisure Time Entertainment1997  
Devil in Barbara DareLeisure Time Entertainment1989  
Dickin AroundLeisure Time Entertainment19931X
Dirty DancingLeisure Time Entertainment1989  
Dirty DarlingsLeisure Time Entertainment1996 X
Dirty Darlings 2Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Dirty Diane (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1993  
Dirty Dr. FeelgoodLeisure Time Entertainment1988  
Dirty Dr. Feelgood (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1991  
Dirty MindLeisure Time Entertainment1994  
Dirty TricksLeisure Time Entertainment1989  
Double CumLeisure Time Entertainment2003 X
Double Dick BalledLeisure Time Entertainment2003 X
Double Penetrated She-MalesLeisure Time Entertainment1995 X
Double Trouble (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1992 X
Double Your PleasureLeisure Time Entertainment1988 X
Dream Dates (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1991  
Dreams Of Your BodLeisure Time Entertainment1997  
Dressed In LeatherLeisure Time Entertainment1993  
Drink My Cream Pie Leisure Time Entertainment2008 X
Dripping WetLeisure Time Entertainment2001 X
Ebony EcstasyLeisure Time Entertainment1998  
Ebony Humpers (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1990  
Ebony Humpers 1Leisure Time Entertainment1986  
Ebony Humpers 10Leisure Time Entertainment1997  
Ebony Humpers 2Leisure Time Entertainment1987  
Ebony Humpers 2 (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1991  
Ebony Humpers 3Leisure Time Entertainment1987  
Ebony Humpers 3 (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1993  
Ebony Humpers 4Leisure Time Entertainment1988  
Ebony Humpers 6Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Emergency 69Leisure Time Entertainment19981 
Entice MeLeisure Time Entertainment1993 X
Erotic RendezvousLeisure Time Entertainment1988 X
Erotic World of Male LustLeisure Time Entertainment1997  
Every Last DropLeisure Time Entertainment1998 X
Every Man Should Have OneLeisure Time Entertainment1991  
Every Man's Fancy (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1992 X
Every Man's FetishLeisure Time Entertainment2002 X
Executive SuitesLeisure Time Entertainment1990  
Exotic TastesLeisure Time Entertainment1995  
Explicit OralLeisure Time Entertainment1995  
Explosive Gay CumshotsLeisure Time Entertainment1997  
Extreme Close UpsLeisure Time Entertainment2002 X
Extreme CumshotsLeisure Time Entertainment2002 X
Extreme DosesLeisure Time Entertainment2005 X
Extreme Fetish Flicks: Animal InstinctsLeisure Time Entertainment2003  
Extreme Scenes For GaysLeisure Time Entertainment1999  
Fantasy DriveLeisure Time Entertainment1991 X
Fantasy Drive (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1992  
Fantasy Play For BisexualsLeisure Time Entertainment1997  
Fantasy Play For Gay LoversLeisure Time Entertainment1997  
Fantasy Play For GaysLeisure Time Entertainment1997  
Farm Boy FetishesLeisure Time Entertainment2002  
Feel the HeatLeisure Time Entertainment1988  
Female ClimaxLeisure Time Entertainment1997  
Fill Me UpLeisure Time Entertainment1993 X
Fill My HoleLeisure Time Entertainment2002 X
Fill My She Male HolesLeisure Time Entertainment1995  
Fire Down BelowLeisure Time Entertainment1997 X
Flesh For FrankensteinLeisure Time Entertainment1988  
Flesh For Frankenstein (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1994  
Flying High with Rikki LeeLeisure Time Entertainment1991 X
Flying High With Tracey AdamsLeisure Time Entertainment1987 X
Fondle With CareLeisure Time Entertainment1989  
Formal AffairLeisure Time Entertainment1991 X
Formal Affair (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1994  
FrankenpenisLeisure Time Entertainment19962X
French LessonsLeisure Time Entertainment1985 X
Fresh AssLeisure Time Entertainment2000 X
Fresh Ass 2Leisure Time Entertainment2000 X
Fresh ButtsLeisure Time Entertainment2000  
Fresh Off the Bus 3: Dad's Best FriendLeisure Time Entertainment2007 X
Fresh Off the Bus 4: Barely Legal BabysittersLeisure Time Entertainment2007  
Fuck Holes: Just Blow JobsLeisure Time Entertainment2003 X
Fuck My White Ass Black Man 1Leisure Time Entertainment2005 X
Full ServiceLeisure Time Entertainment2011 X
Fully Functional Trannies Babes With BallsLeisure Time Entertainment2000  
Fun for AllLeisure Time Entertainment1993  
G Spot Girls (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1991  
Gail Force And Friends XXX WorkoutLeisure Time Entertainment1986 X
Gays With Big DicksLeisure Time Entertainment1995  
Gazongas 1Video Exclusives1987 X
Gazongas 1 (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1992 X
Gazongas 2Leisure Time Entertainment1988 X
Gazongas 2 (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1991 X
Gazongas 3Leisure Time Entertainment1988  
Gazongas 3 (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1994  
Gazongas 4Leisure Time Entertainment1992 X
Gazongas 5Leisure Time Entertainment1993 X
Gazongas 6Leisure Time Entertainment1996 X
Gender BenderLeisure Time Entertainment1992 X
Girl Next Door 2 (II)Hollywood Fuck Factory2006 X
Girls Loving GirlsLeisure Time Entertainment1996 X
Girls of BallstreetLeisure Time Entertainment1988 X
Girls of Ballstreet (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1991  
Girls of COOZE (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1991  
Girls of the Bamboo PalaceLeisure Time Entertainment1989  
Girls of the Bamboo Palace (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1993  
Girls With Big JugsLeisure Time Entertainment1995  
Glamour GirlLeisure Time Entertainment1991  
Glory Hole Suck OffLeisure Time Entertainment1999  
Golden GlobesLeisure Time Entertainment1988  
Golden Globes (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1994  
Good Golly Miss HollyLeisure Time Entertainment1993  
Good Time GirlsVideo Exclusives1985 X
Got MILFLeisure Time Entertainment2004 X
Grandpa's Going BisexualLeisure Time Entertainment2003 X
Greatest Anal PenetrationsLeisure Time Entertainment2002 X
Growing Up GayLeisure Time Entertainment2001  
Hard at WorkLeisure Time Entertainment1990 X
Hard Male FetishesLeisure Time Entertainment1998  
Hard MusclesLeisure Time Entertainment2003  
Hardcore and Barely Legal Latinas 1Leisure Time Entertainment2005 X
Hardcore and Barely Legal Latinas 2Leisure Time Entertainment2006 X
Hardcore and Barely Legal Latinas 3Leisure Time Entertainment2006  
Hardcore Beginners 1Leisure Time Entertainment1995  
Hardcore Beginners 10Leisure Time Entertainment19951 
Hardcore Beginners 12Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Hardcore Beginners 13Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Hardcore Beginners 14Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Hardcore Beginners 16Leisure Time Entertainment1996 X
Hardcore Beginners 2Leisure Time Entertainment1995  
Hardcore Beginners 20Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Hardcore Beginners 3Leisure Time Entertainment1995  
Hardcore Beginners 4Leisure Time Entertainment1995  
Hardcore Beginners 5Leisure Time Entertainment1995  
Hardcore Beginners 6Leisure Time Entertainment1995  
Hardcore Beginners 7Leisure Time Entertainment1995  
Hardcore Beginners 8Leisure Time Entertainment1995  
Hardcore Beginners 9Leisure Time Entertainment1995  
Hardcore HoneysLeisure Time Entertainment1990  
Hardcore Honeys (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1994  
Hardcore Spectaculars 5Leisure Time Entertainment1997  
Have I Got A Girl For YouLeisure Time Entertainment1990  
Have I Got A Girl For You (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1993  
Having It AllLeisure Time Entertainment1991 X
He-She KissesLeisure Time Entertainment1998  
He-She's Night OutLeisure Time Entertainment2000  
He-She's So FineLeisure Time Entertainment2000  
Heat of the NiteLeisure Time Entertainment1988  
Heather's SecretsLeisure Time Entertainment1989 X
Here's Looking At You (new)Leisure Time Entertainment19901 
Hidden PleasuresLeisure Time Entertainment1991 X
High RollersLeisure Time Entertainment19872 
High Rollers (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1994  
Hired Guns Giant Cock Superstars: Steve HolmesLeisure Time Entertainment  X
Hole In OneLeisure Time Entertainment1993 X
Holly Body Does HollywoodLeisure Time Entertainment1993  
Holly Does Hollywood 1Leisure Time Entertainment19851 
Holly Does Hollywood 2Leisure Time Entertainment1987  
Holly Does Hollywood 3Leisure Time Entertainment1989  
Holly Wants A CockerLeisure Time Entertainment1993  
Hollywood HarlotsLeisure Time Entertainment1987 X
Hollywood HeartbreakersLeisure Time Entertainment1985  
Homeade Amateur Black Sex FlicksLeisure Time Entertainment2010  
HomebodiesLeisure Time Entertainment1988  
Hometown GirlLeisure Time Entertainment1994  
Hometown Honeys 1Leisure Time Entertainment1986  
Hometown Honeys 2Leisure Time Entertainment1988 X
Hometown Honeys 2 (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1994  
Hometown Honeys 3Leisure Time Entertainment1989 X
Hometown Honeys 4Leisure Time Entertainment1992 X
Hometown Honeys 5Leisure Time Entertainment1993  
Hometown Honeys 6Leisure Time Entertainment1995  
Hose JobsLeisure Time Entertainment1995 X
Hot BlondesLeisure Time Entertainment1988 X
Hot BlondesLeisure Time Entertainment1996 X
Hot Blondes (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1990  
Hot Chicks With Hard DicksLeisure Time Entertainment2002  
Hot DreamsLeisure Time Entertainment1989 X
Hot Dreams (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1992  
Hot Meat (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1991  
Hot RodsLeisure Time Entertainment1988 X
Hot Rods (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1993  
Hot Savannah NightsLeisure Time Entertainment1990 X
Hot She Male ThreesomesLeisure Time Entertainment2003 X
Hot Summer NightsLeisure Time Entertainment1988  
Hot To SwapLeisure Time Entertainment1989  
Hot To Swap (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1990  
Hot YachtsLeisure Time Entertainment1987  
Hot Yachts (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1990  
Humongous HootersLeisure Time Entertainment1993 X
Hunk Hunt 1Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Hunk Hunt 10Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Hunk Hunt 11Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Hunk Hunt 12Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Hunk Hunt 14Stallion Video1996  
Hunk Hunt 16Leisure Time Entertainment1997  
Hunk Hunt 17Leisure Time Entertainment1997  
Hunk Hunt 19Leisure Time Entertainment1997  
Hunk Hunt 2Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Hunk Hunt 22Stallion Video1996  
Hunk Hunt 23Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Hunk Hunt 24Stallion Video1997  
Hunk Hunt 25Stallion Video1997  
Hunk Hunt 26Leisure Time Entertainment   
Hunk Hunt 29Stallion Video1997  
Hunk Hunt 3Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Hunk Hunt 30Leisure Time Entertainment1997  
Hunk Hunt 4Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Hunk Hunt 5Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Hunk Hunt 6Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Hunk Hunt 7Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Hunk Hunt 8Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Hunk Hunt 9Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Hurts So GoodLeisure Time Entertainment1991 X
I Just Want To Make Love To YouLeisure Time Entertainment1993  
I Married a She MaleLeisure Time Entertainment2003 X
I'm All WetLeisure Time Entertainment2002 X
I'm in Need of LoveLeisure Time Entertainment1997  
In the RawLeisure Time Entertainment19961X
Inch Bi InchLeisure Time Entertainment1989 X
Indecent Proposals (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1991  
Inspect Her GadgetLeisure Time Entertainment2001 X
Interracial AnalLeisure Time Entertainment2003 X
Interracial CocksLeisure Time Entertainment2005 X
Interracial FantasiesLeisure Time Entertainment19951X
Intimate AffairsLeisure Time Entertainment1990  
Into The NightLeisure Time Entertainment1997 X
It's Only LoveLeisure Time Entertainment1993  
Itty Bitty Tiny WieniesLeisure Time Entertainment2006 X
Jake Steed's Bi SceneLeisure Time Entertainment2002  
Jean Afrique SpecialLeisure Time Entertainment1988  
Jewel of the OrientLeisure Time Entertainment1991  
John Wayne Bobbit's Bloopers and Behind the ScenesLeisure Time Entertainment1996  
John Wayne Bobbitt UncutLeisure Time Entertainment19941X
Joys Of Sec'sLeisure Time Entertainment1989  
Just 18 (II)Leisure Time Entertainment2004  
Just Between FriendsLeisure Time Entertainment1989 X
Just Legal 2: Her First Cock ReamingLeisure Time Entertainment1999  
Just Like SistersLeisure Time Entertainment1988 X
Keep It Cumming (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1992  
Kelly Blue Pumps UpLeisure Time Entertainment19911 
Keyhole Productions 102: Cum ShotsLeisure Time Entertainment1985  
Keyhole Productions 104Leisure Time Entertainment1985  
Keyhole Productions 108: Spectacular OrgasmsLeisure Time Entertainment1986  
Keyhole Productions 112: Black AnalLeisure Time Entertainment1987  
Keyhole Productions 138: Dick LickersLeisure Time Entertainment1989  
Keyhole Productions 214: Christy Canyon SucksLeisure Time Entertainment1989  
Kink-o-rama 1Leisure Time Entertainment1992  
Kink-o-rama 2Leisure Time Entertainment1993  
KINK-TVLeisure Time Entertainment1994  
Kinky Cameraman 1Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Kinky Cameraman 2Leisure Time Entertainment1996 X
Kinky GaysLeisure Time Entertainment2002  
Kinky NursesLeisure Time Entertainment1995 X
KnockoutLeisure Time Entertainment19941X
Lady In Blue (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1993  
Lady of the HouseLeisure Time Entertainment1990 X
Lay Lady LayLeisure Time Entertainment1991  
Lay Lady Lay (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1994  
Legend Of King Karl (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1992  
Let's Get NakedLeisure Time Entertainment1987 X
Letting It All Hang OutLeisure Time Entertainment1993  
Lipp ServiceLeisure Time Entertainment1993  
LipstickLeisure Time Entertainment1997 X
Little Black Girl Next Door 1Vamp2006 X
Little French MaidsLeisure Time Entertainment1988 X
Little French Maids (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1991  
Little Tits, Little ButtsLeisure Time Entertainment1992  
Living in SinLeisure Time Entertainment1990  
Lonely And BlueLeisure Time Entertainment19901 
Looking for LoveLeisure Time Entertainment1992 X
Lost LoversLeisure Time Entertainment1990  
LoveLeisure Time Entertainment1993  
Lover GirlsLeisure Time Entertainment1985 X
Lover Girls (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1993  
Lovin' Every Minute Of ItLeisure Time Entertainment1994  
Luscious LadyLeisure Time Entertainment1993  
Lust Of Blackula (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1993  
Lusty DetectiveLeisure Time Entertainment1988 X
Lusty Detective (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1994  
Made in HollywoodLeisure Time Entertainment1990 X
Make Her SquirtLeisure Time Entertainment2002 X
Man to Man (II)Leisure Time Entertainment1995 X
Massive Black Cocks Leisure Time Entertainment2008 X
Massive MelonsLeisure Time Entertainment2002 X
Matched PairsLeisure Time Entertainment19881 
Matched Pairs (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1992  
Mature LoversLeisure Time Entertainment2004 X
Men in Black LeatherLeisure Time Entertainment2000 X
Men Who Take ChargeLeisure Time Entertainment1997  
Micro Video Super SpecialRaunch-O-Rama Video1994  
Midnight FantasiesLeisure Time Entertainment1990  
Midnight Fantasies (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1994  
MILF Munchers All WomenLeisure Time Entertainment2008 X
Milk MaidsLeisure Time Entertainment2000 X
Monster TitsLeisure Time Entertainment2004 X
Monsters Of CockLeisure Time Entertainment2004 X
Morning To JeanLeisure Time Entertainment1990  
Much More Than A Mouthful 1Leisure Time Entertainment1988  
Much More Than A Mouthful 1 (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1991  
Much More Than A Mouthful 2Leisure Time Entertainment1989  
Much More Than A Mouthful 2 (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1992  
Much More Than A Mouthful 3Leisure Time Entertainment1993  
Much More Than a Mouthful 4Leisure Time Entertainment1994  
My Ass is HungryCherry Boxxx2016 X
My Best Friend's DaughterLeisure Time Entertainment2001 X
My Son's Best FriendLeisure Time Entertainment2002 X
Naked LunchLeisure Time Entertainment1995 X
Naked PleasureLeisure Time Entertainment1996  
Nasty All Male OrgiesLeisure Time Entertainment1998  
Nasty BehaviorLeisure Time Entertainment1996  
Nasty BlacksLeisure Time Entertainment1988  
Nasty DancingLeisure Time Entertainment1988 X
Nasty ReputationLeisure Time Entertainment1991 X
Nasty She Male CocksLeisure Time Entertainment1998  
Nasty She-Male SexLeisure Time Entertainment2000  
Naturally NaughtyLeisure Time Entertainment1997 X
Naturally SweetLeisure Time Entertainment1989  
Naughty NightsLeisure Time Entertainment1996 X
Naughty NursesLeisure Time Entertainment1986 X
Naughty NymphsLeisure Time Entertainment19871X
Naughty Nymphs (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1991  
Naughty Student NursesLeisure Time Entertainment1996  
Never Say Good BiLeisure Time Entertainment1989 X
Nice Girls Need Love TooLeisure Time Entertainment19961 
Night FantasyLeisure Time Entertainment1996  
Night WatchLeisure Time Entertainment1990 X
Nights In Black Satin (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1991  
Nikki And The Pom Pom GirlsLeisure Time Entertainment1987 X
Nikki And The Pom Pom Girls (new)Leisure Time Entertainment19881 
Not So InnocentLeisure Time Entertainment1989 X
Nothing's Too KinkyLeisure Time Entertainment1998  
Nurse FantasiesLeisure Time Entertainment1997 X
Object of My Desire (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1990  
Office SlutLeisure Time Entertainment2003  
On the Wet Side (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1990  
Once Upon A TimeLeisure Time Entertainment1989 X
Once Upon a Time (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1992  
One More NightLeisure Time Entertainment1996  
One of a KindLeisure Time Entertainment1992 X
Only in Your DreamsLeisure Time Entertainment1988 X
Open HouseLeisure Time Entertainment1989 X
Open House (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1991  
Oral Support (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1992  
Out of ControlLeisure Time Entertainment1996 X
OutnumberedMaximum Xposure2004 X
Oversexual TouristLeisure Time Entertainment1990  
Party AnimalsLeisure Time Entertainment1987 X
Party Animals (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1995  
Party DollsLeisure Time Entertainment1992  
Party FavorsLeisure Time Entertainment1993 X
Passion PrescriptionVenus 991990 X
Passion Prescription (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1994  
Peek-a-booLeisure Time Entertainment1987  
Peek-a-boo (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1991  
Perfect 10 1Leisure Time Entertainment1994  
Perfect 10 2Leisure Time Entertainment1994  
Perfect GirlLeisure Time Entertainment1991 X
Perfect Girl (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1993  
Perfect PetLeisure Time Entertainment1991 X
Perfect She-Male AssesLeisure Time Entertainment2002  
Perfect TensLeisure Time Entertainment19981X
Petite And Sweet 1Leisure Time Entertainment1995 X
Petite And Sweet 10Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Petite And Sweet 12Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Petite And Sweet 13Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Petite And Sweet 14Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Petite And Sweet 2Leisure Time Entertainment1996 X
Petite And Sweet 25Leisure Time Entertainment1997  
Petite And Sweet 7Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Petite And Sweet 8Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Petite And Sweet 9Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Platinum PrincessLeisure Time Entertainment1988  
Playin' Hard To GetLeisure Time Entertainment1994  
Playing The FieldLeisure Time Entertainment1990 X
Playing The Field (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1994  
Pleasing The BossLeisure Time Entertainment2004 X
Pleasure PrincipleLeisure Time Entertainment1988 X
Pleasure Principle (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1991  
Poolside PussyMaximum Xposure2005 X
Positive PositionsLeisure Time Entertainment1989  
Positive Positions (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1993  
Precious AssetsLeisure Time Entertainment1987  
Pretty And Perverse She-Male SexLeisure Time Entertainment2008 X
Pretty Girl BoyLeisure Time Entertainment2001 X
Prince of Beverly HillsLeisure Time Entertainment1987  
Prince of Beverly Hills (new)Leisure Time Entertainment19901 
Prince of Beverly Hills Comes AgainLeisure Time Entertainment1988  
Princess of DarknessLeisure Time Entertainment1988 X
Pump That PussyLeisure Time Entertainment2003 X
Pure EnergyLeisure Time Entertainment1990  
Pussy Hunt 10Leisure Time Entertainment1995  
Pussy Hunt 11Leisure Time Entertainment1995  
Pussy Hunt 12Leisure Time Entertainment1995  
Pussy Hunt 13Leisure Time Entertainment1995  
Pussy Hunt 14Leisure Time Entertainment1995  
Pussy Hunt 15Leisure Time Entertainment1995  
Pussy Hunt 16Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Pussy Hunt 17Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Pussy Hunt 18Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Pussy Hunt 19Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Pussy Hunt 20Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Pussy Hunt 21Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Pussy Hunt 24Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Pussy Hunt 25Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Pussy Hunt 26Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Pussy Hunt 28Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Pussy Hunt 30Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Pussy Hunt 35Leisure Time Entertainment1997  
Pussy Hunt 4Leisure Time Entertainment1995  
Pussy Hunt 5Leisure Time Entertainment1995  
Pussy Hunt 6Leisure Time Entertainment1995  
Pussy Hunt 7Leisure Time Entertainment1995  
Pussy Hunt 8Leisure Time Entertainment1995  
Pussy Hunt 9Leisure Time Entertainment1995  
Pussy PeekingLeisure Time Entertainment2003 X
PussypoppersLeisure Time Entertainment1999 X
Putting On The RitzLeisure Time Entertainment1990  
Queens of HollywoodLeisure Time Entertainment2000  
Raunch-o-rama 18Leisure Time Entertainment   
Raunch-o-rama Super Six Hour 3Leisure Time Entertainment1995  
Raunchy Ron Presents America's Dirtiest Home Videos 1Leisure Time Entertainment1991  
Raunchy Ron Presents America's Dirtiest Home Videos 14Leisure Time Entertainment1993  
Raunchy Ron Presents America's Dirtiest Home Videos 3Leisure Time Entertainment1991  
Raunchy Ron Presents America's Dirtiest Home Videos 4Leisure Time Entertainment1992  
Raunchy Ron Presents America's Dirtiest Home Videos 5Leisure Time Entertainment1992  
Raunchy Ron Presents America's Dirtiest Home Videos 7Leisure Time Entertainment1992  
Raunchy Ron Presents America's Dirtiest Home Videos 8Leisure Time Entertainment1992  
Raunchy Ron Presents America's Dirtiest Home Videos 9Leisure Time Entertainment1992  
Ready And WillingLeisure Time Entertainment1993  
Ream that She-Male's AssLeisure Time Entertainment2004  
Rear EntryLeisure Time Entertainment1995 X
Red Hot PassionsLeisure Time Entertainment1996  
Restless HeartsLeisure Time Entertainment1997  
Riding Miss DaisyLeisure Time Entertainment1989 X
Ripe And ReadyLeisure Time Entertainment1995 X
Rock Hard FilesLeisure Time Entertainment1991  
Romance and FantasyLeisure Time Entertainment1995  
RoxyLeisure Time Entertainment2004 X
Savage Fury 1Leisure Time Entertainment19852X
Savage Fury 2Leisure Time Entertainment19893X
Savage Fury 3Leisure Time Entertainment1994 X
Savannah AffairLeisure Time Entertainment1993 X
Savannah's DesireLeisure Time Entertainment1995 X
Savannah: Only the BestLeisure Time Entertainment1993  
Scent Of SamanthaLeisure Time Entertainment1988  
Screw His Big Black Ass!Leisure Time Entertainment2010 X
Secret AdmirerLeisure Time Entertainment1993 X
Secret Diaries (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1993  
Secret DreamsLeisure Time Entertainment1991 X
Secret Dreams (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1993 X
SeductionLeisure Time Entertainment1990 X
SeductionLeisure Time Entertainment1998 X
Sensational She-malesLeisure Time Entertainment2000  
Sex CharadesLeisure Time Entertainment1989 X
Sex CrazedLeisure Time Entertainment1990 X
Sex Crazed (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1994  
Sex DriveLeisure Time Entertainment1993 X
Sex In Private PlacesLeisure Time Entertainment1996  
Sex KittensLeisure Time Entertainment1990 X
Sex PlaysLeisure Time Entertainment1996  
Sex She WroteLeisure Time Entertainment1991  
Sex SlavesLeisure Time Entertainment1987 X
Sex Slaves (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1990 X
Sex StoriesLeisure Time Entertainment1996 X
Sex with Older WomenLeisure Time Entertainment1997  
SexperiencesLeisure Time Entertainment1987  
Sexual EducationLeisure Time Entertainment1997  
Sexy GrannyLeisure Time Entertainment2003 X
Sexy SecretsLeisure Time Entertainment2003 X
Sexy She-MalesLeisure Time Entertainment1995 X
Shameless DesireLeisure Time Entertainment1990 X
She Male Party GirlsLeisure Time Entertainment1998 X
She Male SpectacularLeisure Time Entertainment1998 X
She Male SurpriseLeisure Time Entertainment2001 X
She Males And Straight GuysLeisure Time Entertainment1998  
She Males with Huge Cocks 2Leisure Time Entertainment2002  
She's America's Most WantedLeisure Time Entertainment1989  
She's America's Most Wanted (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1992  
She's Got A Big Hard DickLeisure Time Entertainment2008 X
She's My Man: She-males With WomenLeisure Time Entertainment1999  
She's No LadyLeisure Time Entertainment1998  
She-Male FantasiesLeisure Time Entertainment2002 X
She-Male PenetrationsLeisure Time Entertainment1998 X
She-Male SuckersLeisure Time Entertainment2002 X
She-Males Big Tits Big DicksLeisure Time Entertainment2003 X
She-Males In HeatLeisure Time Entertainment2001  
She-Males With She-MalesLeisure Time Entertainment2001  
Shemale Group SexLeisure Time Entertainment2004  
Shemales Who Do Men in the AssLeisure Time Entertainment2002  
ShipwreckedLeisure Time Entertainment1987 X
Shipwrecked (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1990 X
Silicone SweetheartsLeisure Time Entertainment19981X
Sinful SistersLeisure Time Entertainment1986 X
Six Plus One 1Leisure Time Entertainment1992  
Six Plus One 2Leisure Time Entertainment1993  
Sizzling She-male Sex PartiesLeisure Time Entertainment1999  
Skin GamesLeisure Time Entertainment1985 X
Skippy, Jif And Jam (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1993  
Sleepless NightsLeisure Time Entertainment1997  
Slippery When WetLeisure Time Entertainment19941X
Sloppy Ho's (II)Cherry Boxxx2005  
Snatch Masters 1Leisure Time Entertainment1995  
Snatch Masters 10Leisure Time Entertainment1995 X
Snatch Masters 11Leisure Time Entertainment1995  
Snatch Masters 12Leisure Time Entertainment1995  
Snatch Masters 13Leisure Time Entertainment1996 X
Snatch Masters 14Leisure Time Entertainment1996 X
Snatch Masters 15Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Snatch Masters 16Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Snatch Masters 17Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Snatch Masters 18Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Snatch Masters 2Leisure Time Entertainment1995 X
Snatch Masters 20Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Snatch Masters 21Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Snatch Masters 22Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Snatch Masters 29Leisure Time Entertainment1997  
Snatch Masters 3Leisure Time Entertainment1995 X
Snatch Masters 34Leisure Time Entertainment1997 X
Snatch Masters 4Leisure Time Entertainment1995  
Snatch Masters 5Leisure Time Entertainment1995  
Snatch Masters 6Leisure Time Entertainment19951 
Snatch Masters 7Leisure Time Entertainment1995  
Snatch Masters 8Leisure Time Entertainment1995  
Snatch Masters 9Leisure Time Entertainment1995  
Soft CaressesLeisure Time Entertainment1989  
SoftballsLeisure Time Entertainment1996  
Sophisticated Lady (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1991  
Southern AccentsLeisure Time Entertainment1992 X
Spanish FlyLeisure Time Entertainment1993 X
Spanish RoseLeisure Time Entertainment1990 X
Spectacular OrgasmsLeisure Time Entertainment1986  
Split SexualityLeisure Time Entertainment2000  
Spooked!Leisure Time Entertainment1988 X
Squirters 1Underground Video20061X
Star 88Leisure Time Entertainment1988 X
Star 93Leisure Time Entertainment1993  
Star Spangled BlacksLeisure Time Entertainment1994  
Star Struck (II)Leisure Time Entertainment1993  
Stasha's Last KissLeisure Time Entertainment1993 X
Steam HeatLeisure Time Entertainment1988 X
Steve Holmes And His 15 Inch CockLeisure Time Entertainment  X
StuffedLeisure Time Entertainment19931X
Suck My She Male CockLeisure Time Entertainment1998 X
Sugar BumpsLeisure Time Entertainment1993  
Summer BreakLeisure Time Entertainment1986 X
Summer DreamsLeisure Time Entertainment1990 X
Summer LoversLeisure Time Entertainment1991 X
Summer Lovers (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1993  
Summertime BoobsInfinity Film And Video1994 X
Sunset and Devine: The British ExperienceLeisure Time Entertainment1996  
Super Babes of Porn 1Leisure Time Entertainment2007  
Super BlondesLeisure Time Entertainment19881 
Super Blondes (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1994  
Super Combo Pack: All Gay Guys 2Leisure Time Entertainment1997  
SuperCocks of Porn! 6: Steve HolmesLeisure Time Entertainment   
Swallow That Big Fat CockLeisure Time Entertainment2000 X
Sweet and Dirty She-male OrgiesLeisure Time Entertainment1999  
Sweet CheeksVideo Exclusives1990 X
Sweet Darlin'Leisure Time Entertainment1990  
Sweet InnocenceLeisure Time Entertainment1997 X
Sweet Like A VirginLeisure Time Entertainment19991 
Sweet TeaseVideo Exclusives1990  
Sweet Temptations (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1994  
Sweet ThingsLeisure Time Entertainment1996 X
Sweet ThingsLeisure Time Entertainment1992 X
Sweet Young and Anal 1Virgin Video2006 X
Ta-tas To YouLeisure Time Entertainment1993  
Take That Tranny AssLeisure Time Entertainment2003 X
Takin It OutsideLeisure Time Entertainment19981 
Taking It Up The ButtLeisure Time Entertainment1995  
Taking the TrannieLeisure Time Entertainment2003  
Tale Of Two Titties (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1992  
Tamara's DreamsLeisure Time Entertainment1990  
Teach Me TonightLeisure Time Entertainment1990 X
Tease For TwoLeisure Time Entertainment1989  
Teen Cream PieLeisure Time Entertainment2007 X
Teenies: Itsy Bitsy BabesLeisure Time Entertainment2002 X
Telemates (new)Venus Video19921 
TemptressLeisure Time Entertainment1997 X
ThreesomesLeisure Time Entertainment1998 X
Tiffany and TonishaLeisure Time Entertainment1992  
Tiffany I Love YouLeisure Time Entertainment1994 X
Tiffany In LoveLeisure Time Entertainment1993  
Tiffany Loves TedLeisure Time Entertainment1993  
Tiffany TonightLeisure Time Entertainment1993  
Tiffany's BedroomLeisure Time Entertainment1993  
Tiffany's CouchLeisure Time Entertainment1993  
Tiffany's FireplaceLeisure Time Entertainment1993  
Tiffany's Last StandLeisure Time Entertainment1993  
Tiffany's TowersLeisure Time Entertainment1992  
Tiny Tits, Tighter PussiesLeisure Time Entertainment1992  
Toilet TeasersLeisure Time Entertainment1999  
Tongue Whipping Trannie AssLeisure Time Entertainment2002  
Torrid TonishaLeisure Time Entertainment1992 X
Totally Fucked (II)Leisure Time Entertainment2004 X
Totally UncensoredLeisure Time Entertainment1996  
Tour De TransLeisure Time Entertainment1989  
Toys for TwatsSin Alliance2002 X
Tracey's Love Chamber (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1993  
Trannie HusbandsLeisure Time Entertainment2003  
Tranny Orgy PartyLeisure Time Entertainment1998  
Tranny TeeniesLeisure Time Entertainment2003 X
Transsexual SpecialLeisure Time Entertainment1999  
Tropical TeaseLeisure Time Entertainment1996  
Tropical TemptationsLeisure Time Entertainment1989  
Trouble MakerLeisure Time Entertainment1990 X
True ConfessionsLeisure Time Entertainment1997  
Two Women And A ManLeisure Time Entertainment1989  
Two Women And A Man (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1991  
Typecast (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1992  
Ultimate PleasureLeisure Time Entertainment1995 X
Uncensored Interviews And SexLeisure Time Entertainment1998  
Untamed PassionLeisure Time Entertainment1991  
Victim Of LoveLeisure Time Entertainment1997 X
Watch Me PeeLeisure Time Entertainment20001X
Water GamesLeisure Time Entertainment2002 X
Water SportsLeisure Time Entertainment1996 X
Watering HoleLeisure Time Entertainment2002 X
WaterworksLeisure Time Entertainment2000 X
Web Of EnticementLeisure Time Entertainment1997  
Wendy Has WhoppersLeisure Time Entertainment1996  
Wendy's Bi ExperienceLeisure Time Entertainment1994 X
Wet and WickedLeisure Time Entertainment1993  
Wet and Wild 1Leisure Time Entertainment1986 X
Wet and Wild 1 (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1993  
Wet and Wild 2Leisure Time Entertainment1994 X
Wet LoveLeisure Time Entertainment2002  
Wet WonderlandLeisure Time Entertainment1988 X
Wet WorkoutLeisure Time Entertainment1987 X
What A Piece of AssLeisure Time Entertainment19991X
What Kind of Girls Do You Think We AreLeisure Time Entertainment19881X
What Kind of Girls Do You Think We Are (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1991  
Where the Girls AreLeisure Time Entertainment19981X
Where the Girls Are (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1991  
White Lies (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1994  
White Satin Nights (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1994  
Who's Dat GirlLeisure Time Entertainment1988  
WhoppersLeisure Time Entertainment19981X
Whoppers 1: Too Much is Never EnoughVideo Exclusives1993  
Whoppers 3Leisure Time Entertainment1993 X
Whoppers 6Leisure Time Entertainment1993  
Wild ExperiencesLeisure Time Entertainment1997  
Wild In The WoodsLeisure Time Entertainment1988 X
Wilde At HeartLeisure Time Entertainment1992  
Wives of the Rich And Famous (new)Leisure Time Entertainment1991  
Women in ChargeLeisure Time Entertainment1990 X
Women Loving WomenLeisure Time Entertainment19971X
XXX 1Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
XXX 10Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
XXX 11Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
XXX 12Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
XXX 13Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
XXX 14Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
XXX 15Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
XXX 16Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
XXX 17Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
XXX 18Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
XXX 19Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
XXX 2Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
XXX 20Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
XXX 21Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
XXX 22Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
XXX 23Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
XXX 3Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
XXX 4Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
XXX 5Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
XXX 6Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
XXX 7Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
XXX 8Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
XXX 9Leisure Time Entertainment1996  
Young and TranssexualLeisure Time Entertainment2002 X
Young LesbiansLeisure Time Entertainment2000 X
Young Nasty Little Cum EatersLeisure Time Entertainment2008  
Your Ass is MineLeisure Time Entertainment2004 X

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