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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
1-800-TIMEInfinity Film And Video1991 X
Aja X-posedInfinity Film And Video1990 X
Aja X-posed 2Infinity Film And Video1990  
Alicia Monet X-posedInfinity Film And Video1990  
All in the Name of LoveInfinity Film And Video1992 X
Amber Lynn X-posedInfinity Film And Video1990  
Amber Lynn X-posed 2Infinity Film And Video1990  
Angel Kelly X-posedInfinity Film And Video1990  
Angela Baron X-posedInfinity Film And Video1990  
Animal AttractionInfinity Film And Video1994 X
As Bad as She Wants to BeInfinity Film And Video1991  
Babes Boobs and BikesInfinity Film And Video1996  
Backdoor BabewatchInfinity Film And Video1995 X
Bangin with the Home GirlsInfinity Film And Video19921X
Bigger Than LifeInfinity Film And Video19951 
Black Babewatch 1Infinity Film And Video1995  
Black on Black (II)Infinity Film And Video1994  
Blonde TemptationInfinity Film And Video1995  
Blow OutInfinity Film And Video1991  
Blue HeavenInfinity Film And Video19901X
Bodies In MotionInfinity Film And Video1994 X
Body and SoulInfinity Film And Video1995 X
BookInfinity Film And Video19901X
Breakfast At Tiffany'sInfinity Film And Video1995  
Bubbles (II)Infinity Film And Video1992  
Busty AngelsInfinity Film And Video1996 X
Carol Cummings X-posed 1Infinity Film And Video1990  
Carol Cummings X-posed 2Infinity Film And Video1990  
Christy Canyon X-posedInfinity Film And Video1990  
Christy Canyon X-posed 2Infinity Film And Video1990  
Christy Canyon X-posed 3Infinity Film And Video1990  
Crazy On YouInfinity Film And Video1992 X
Dane Gets It GoodInfinity Film And Video1991 X
Dane Harlow StoryInfinity Film And Video1991  
Dane's BrothelInfinity Film And Video1991  
Dane's PartyInfinity Film And Video1991  
Dane's SurpriseInfinity Film And Video1991  
Decadent DelightsInfinity Film And Video1992  
Deliciously TeriInfinity Film And Video1993 X
Dirty DeedsInfinity Film And Video1992 X
Dirty DixieInfinity Film And Video1992  
Dixie Dynamite And The All-star Tit QueensInfinity Film And Video1992  
Dyno-miteInfinity Film And Video1993  
Ebony Ayes X-posedInfinity Film And Video1992  
ExcitableInfinity Film And Video1992  
Freaks Of Leather 1Infinity Film And Video19931X
Freaks Of Leather 2Infinity Film And Video1994  
Fringe BenefitsInfinity Film And Video1993 X
Gazonga GoddessInfinity Film And Video1993  
Gazonga Goddess 2Infinity Film And Video1994  
Girls of the Crystal CabaretInfinity Film And Video1995 X
Girls Who Shave GirlsInfinity Film And Video1993  
Hangin' OutInfinity Film And Video1993  
Hard To HoldInfinity Film And Video1993 X
HeartbreakerInfinity Film And Video1991 X
Heather Lere X-PosedInfinity Film And Video1990  
HeavenlyInfinity Film And Video1995  
Heavenly HootersInfinity Film And Video1993 X
Hot Couchi'sInfinity Film And Video1996  
Hot SpotInfinity Film And Video1994 X
Hot TamalesInfinity Film And Video1994 X
Hot to TrotInfinity Film And Video1993 X
Hot to TrotInfinity Film And Video1987 X
House of Spartacus 1Infinity Film And Video1993 X
House of Spartacus 2Infinity Film And Video1993  
I Dream Of TeriInfinity Film And Video1993 X
I Dream Of TiffanyInfinity Film And Video1992  
Illusions 1Infinity Film And Video1992  
Illusions 2Infinity Film And Video1992 X
Janet Littledove X-posedInfinity Film And Video1992  
Jean Afrique And Renee Foxx X-posedInfinity Film And Video1991  
Kristarrah Knight X-posedInfinity Film And Video1990  
Lady In BlueInfinity Film And Video19911X
Last American Sex GoddessInfinity Film And Video1993 X
Last Temptation Of TeriInfinity Film And Video1992 X
Lauren Hall X-posedInfinity Film And Video1990  
Let's Fall in LoveInfinity Film And Video1996 X
Long Dan SilverInfinity Film And Video19921 
Lust For LeatherInfinity Film And Video1993 X
Man Of SteelInfinity Film And Video19921X
Masked BallInfinity Film And Video1992  
Mix UpInfinity Film And Video1992 X
My Secret DesiresInfinity Film And Video1991  
Naughty But NiceInfinity Film And Video1993 X
Naughty by NatureInfinity Film And Video1992 X
Night At The Wax WorksInfinity Film And Video1990  
One Night Love AffairInfinity Film And Video1992  
Oriental Girls in HeatInfinity Film And Video1995  
Oriental ObsessionInfinity Film And Video1993 X
Pawn BrokerInfinity Film And Video1990 X
Pleasure ChestInfinity Film And Video1993 X
Private PlacesInfinity Film And Video1995  
Rachel Ashley X-posedInfinity Film And Video1990  
Raging PassionsInfinity Film And Video1996  
Randy And DaneInfinity Film And Video1991  
Red Hot HoneysInfinity Film And Video1994  
Rocky MountainsInfinity Film And Video1991  
Scent Of LeatherInfinity Film And Video1993 X
SensationsInfinity Film And Video1997 X
She's No Angel 2Infinity Film And Video1995 X
Sheer EcstasyInfinity Film And Video1993 X
Smarty PantsInfinity Film And Video1992 X
Stephanie Rage X-posedInfinity Film And Video1992  
Suburban Swingers 1Infinity Film And Video1993  
Suburban Swingers 2Infinity Film And Video1996  
Suzanne StLorraine X-posedInfinity Film And Video1990  
Sweet SunshineInfinity Film And Video1994  
Take it Like a ManInfinity Film And Video1994 X
Tell Me What You NeedInfinity Film And Video1997  
Teri's FantasiesInfinity Film And Video1993 X
Texas TowersInfinity Film And Video1993  
This Could Be The NightInfinity Film And Video19931 
Too Fast for LoveInfinity Film And Video1992  
Top HeavyInfinity Film And Video1993 X
Totally TeriInfinity Film And Video1992  
Twice As HardInfinity Film And Video1992 X
Udderly FantasticInfinity Film And Video1993 X
Viviana's Dude RanchInfinity Film And Video1992  
Voodoo VixensInfinity Film And Video1991  
Welcome to ParadiseInfinity Film And Video19941 
Wet EventInfinity Film And Video1993  
Whispers In The WindInfinity Film And Video1996  
Wild ThingInfinity Film And Video1994 X
You Said a MouthfulInfinity Film And Video1992  

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