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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
300 Inches HIS2007 X
4 Alarm StudAssociated Video Group1991  
501HIS1982 X
7 Card StudHIS1999  
A Little Ain't EnoughHIS1999  
A Night With StrangersHIS1992  
ABCs of SexHIS1993  
AcockaliptoHIS2007 X
AdrenalineHIS1991 X
Adventures of Marc NollHIS1990  
After FiveHIS1993  
All About SteveHIS19941X
All American BoysHIS19833X
All The Right StuffHIS1991  
All You Can Eat ManmeatHIS2007 X
All-Male Preview Tape 1HIS1988  
Alley ActionHIS1992  
Alley CatsHIS1983 X
An Asshole DarklyHIS2006  
Anal AttractionHIS1993 X
ArcadeWest American Films1985 X
Around The World In 80 GaysHIS2008  
Art of the DealHIS1994  
Ass Slammin' Sex Addicts HIS20071X
Ass Worship HIS20081X
AssablancaHIS2007 X
Assaholics AnonymousHIS2007 X
Asses Of EvilHIS2006 X
Athletic SupportersHIS1999  
Aussie SurfHIS1992  
Back Door BoysHIS2008 X
Backpacking BonersHIS2007  
Bad Behavior HIS1995 X
BadlandsAdult Video Group1992 X
Ball BreakerHIS1988  
Balls DeepHIS20071X
Bare BonersHIS19971X
BarebackHorse Video1992 X
Bareback Mountin'HIS2009 X
Barrio ButtfuckersHIS1996 X
BasketeersHIS2007 X
Beach Balling Boys HIS20072X
Bed TalesHIS1991 X
Before the Devil Gives You Head HIS2008 X
Best of Black Knights VideoHIS1991  
Best of Latin Man VideoHIS1991  
Best of Original Recipe Home VideoHIS1991  
Best of Rick SavageHIS1995  
Best of Street Times VideoHIS1991  
Best of the Sleaze: It Aint No Love StoryHIS2006  
Best of the SuperstarsLive Video Inc1981  
Between The Sheets And AloneHIS1991 X
Big and ThickHIS1984 X
Big BangerHIS1992  
Big Bearded And BulgingHIS1997  
Big Box OfficeHIS1992  
Big Boys of SummerHIS1988 X
Big City MenHIS1993  
Big KahunaHIS1991  
Big Men On CampusHIS1978 X
Big MergerHIS1992 X
Big NastyHIS1991  
Big PackagesNew Horizons1989 X
Big RideHIS1993 X
Big ShotHIS1992 X
Big WatermelonHIS   
Bigger Stronger Harder HIS2008 X
Bigger the Better 2HIS1994 X
Biggest Piece I've Ever HadHIS1993  
Black and BlueHIS1992 X
Black BomberBlack Knights Video1991  
Black FantasiesHIS1991  
Black Ghetto FuckersHIS1996  
Black HammerHIS1991 X
Black Jack FeverHIS1993  
Black Leather White StudsHIS1992 X
Black Meat White CreamHIS1994  
Black on BlackHIS1995 X
Black PassionHIS1990 X
Blond BangersHIS1997  
Blown AwayHIS1985 X
Blown CoverHIS1990 X
Body ScorcherMarathon Films1984 X
Body SearchHIS19951X
Body WorksHIS1995 X
Bone Ultimatum HIS2008 X
Bone YardHIS1994 X
BonerHIS1992 X
Boot BlackHIS19941X
Boot Black 2: Spit ShineHIS1995 X
Bottom Dwellers HIS2009 X
Boy ToyHIS1988 X
Boys ClubHIS2009 X
Boys Night OutHIS1988 X
Boys of Company FHIS1984 X
Boys On FireHIS1988  
Boys Will Be BoysHIS2007 X
Brief ExchangesHIS1994  
BrigHot Knight Productions1982 X
British Are ComingHIS1986 X
Brother's DesireHIS19962X
Built Like A Brick HouseHIS1991  
Built To LastHIS1992  
Butt BreakersHIS1997  
Butt PiratesHIS2006 X
Caged HeatHIS1992 X
California CreamingHIS1997  
California Dream InnHIS1993  
California FoxCosco Studio1979  
Callguys, USAHIS1991  
Camp StudHIS1994  
Caribbean CruisingHIS1985 X
Carnival TailsHIS1990  
Casa VergaHIS1994  
Cheap TricksHIS1992  
Cheek 2 CheekHIS1993  
Chip Off the Old BlockHIS1986 X
Choice CutsHIS1983  
Christopher Rage's OrgyHIS19831X
Christopher Rage's OutrageHIS1984  
Closed SetHIS1980 X
Cock FestivalHIS1999  
Cock of the WalkHIS1993  
Cock ValueHIS2007 X
Cockeyed EagleHIS1991 X
CocktalesHIS1989 X
Cocoa and CreamHIS1997  
Cocoa CreamHIS1997  
Come As You AreHIS19921X
Concrete JungleHIS1991  
Cop LuvCascade1991 X
Cops Cowboys and Cruisers in LeatherHIS1996  
Cops, Cocks, CumHIS1995  
Cops, Jocks And Military FeetHIS1992  
Cousins Should Do ItHIS1989 X
Crank ShaftHIS2007 X
Cruising ParkHIS1993 X
Cum AgainHIS1995 X
Cum BathsHIS2007 X
Cut LooseHIS1991  
Cutting EdgeHIS1990  
DaddiesHIS1986 X
Daddy BareHIS1991  
Daddy HuntHIS1993  
Daddy, DaddyHIS1993  
Danny's BackHIS1992  
Dare DevilsPlanet Group Video1993 X
Deep StrokesHIS2008 X
Deeper and DeeperHIS1993  
DelusionHIS1992 X
Devil InsideHIS20064X
Devil Wears CumstainsHIS2006 X
Dial JusticeVideo Resource Group1991  
Dick 15 1/2 Inch RamboneHIS1985  
Dick Em DownHIS20072X
Dicksucked DaddiesHIS1996 X
Director's Cut: Videolog 1HIS1991  
Director's Cut: Videolog 2HIS1991  
Director's Cut: Videolog 3HIS1991  
Dirty DaddiesHIS1990  
Dirty LaundryHIS1992 X
Dirty Men Private DreamsHIS1996  
Dirty PoolHIS1992 X
Dirty WorksHIS1992 X
DirtyworksHIS1992 X
Dominating DicksHIS19961X
Don't Kiss Me I'm StraightHIS19911X
Dong SlingingHIS1994  
Down And DangerousHIS1997  
Down and DirtyHIS2009 X
Down in the DirtHIS1996  
Dream TeamA-Line1992 X
DreamerHIS1975 X
Dreams Come TrueDynamic1992 X
DriftersHIS1992 X
DynastudRodeo Productions19861X
Dynastud 2: PowerhouseHIS1994 X
Dynastud 3: South BeachHIS1996  
Eat a Dick up til You HiccupHIS2007 X
El Paso Wrecking Co.HIS1977  
Elements of PassionQT Productions1992  
Epic BootyHIS2007 X
Europa X-posedHIS1990  
ExperimentHIS1992 X
Express MaleHIS1994  
Extra DayQT Productions1992  
Fade InHIS1984  
Fade OutHIS19842X
FalconheadHIS1976 X
Falconhead 2: The ManeatersHIS19842X
Fame and FleshHIS1995  
Family JewelsHIS1994 X
Fast Fuck NationHIS2007 X
Fire in the HoleHIS2008 X
For My Eyes OnlyHIS1992  
For You Solo Signature Series 1HIS1980  
For You Solo Signature Series 2HIS1980  
For You Solo Signature Series 3HIS1980  
For You Solo Signature Series 4HIS1980  
For You Solo Signature Series 5HIS1980  
For You Solo Signature Series 6HIS1980  
Foreskin FanaticsHIS2000 X
Four On The FloorHIS1992 X
Frat PackHIS1992 X
Free To Be WildHIS1990  
Freeze FramePlanet Group Video19911X
Fresh MeatHIS1996 X
Friend To FriendRobert Stockton Films1991  
Fuck BuddiesHIS2009 X
Fuck Factor HIS2007 X
Fuck You Sucker HIS2008 X
Full Length Hard OnHIS1995  
G.I.Adult Video Group1990  
G.I. Jocks: Out of the RanksHIS19941X
Gentlemen OnlyHIS1991  
Gimme HeadHIS1997  
Gives Head Revisited HIS2008 X
Glory Holes 1: Black Monster CocksHIS1995 X
Glory Holes 10: Wide ReceiversHIS1999  
Glory Holes 11: Toilet TricksHIS1999  
Glory Holes 12: Orgy In UniformsHIS1999  
Glory Holes 13: Bottom BoysHIS1995  
Glory Holes 14: Raw RearsHIS1999  
Glory Holes 15HIS1999  
Glory Holes 16HIS1999  
Glory Holes 17: Big Black OrgiesHIS2000  
Glory Holes 18: Latin Butt FuckiesHIS2000  
Glory Holes 19: Big Dick Tight AssHIS2000  
Glory Holes 2: White Men Black CocksHIS1999  
Glory Holes 24: Bathroom BonersHIS2000  
Glory Holes 26: Big Dicks In UniformsHIS2001  
Glory Holes 27: Lick My CumHIS2000  
Glory Holes 28: Ass Fucking CowboysHIS2000  
Glory Holes 3: Cops, Cocks, CumHIS1990  
Glory Holes 36: Cum Queens 2HIS1999  
Glory Holes 4: Fuck My AssHIS1995  
Glory Holes 5: Leather ManiaHIS1990  
Glory Holes 6: Uncut StudsHIS1990  
Glory Holes 7: Black Seat DriverHIS1995 X
Glory Holes 8: Top MenHIS1990  
Glory Holes 9: Locker Room OrgyHIS1999  
Good Luck FuckHIS20071X
Good TrickHIS1993  
GreasedHIS1992 X
Great LengthHIS2000  
Great LengthsHIS1992  
Grind AssHIS2007 X
Group GropeHIS1995 X
Guys in the BurbsHIS1992  
Hairy Hole HoundsHIS1997  
Hairy PuckerHIS2007 X
Hammer It HomeHIS1997  
Handy MenVCA2012 X
Hang 10HIS1989  
Hard ActHIS1993  
Hard BodyguardHIS1994 X
Hard Cock CafeHIS1995 X
Hard CopyRick Savage Productions1991 X
Hard DesireSatellite Video1993  
Hard DriveHIS1994 X
Hard FactsHIS1999  
Hard LaborHIS1991 X
Hard Line10/9 Productions1988  
Hard MoneyRod & Reel Films1984 X
Hard Talk (Gay)HIS1992  
Hard To Beat (Gay)HIS1993  
Hard To BelieveHIS1986 X
Hard To TakeHIS1990  
Hard UpHIS20061X
Hard Up: InputHIS1992  
Hawaiian DesireHIS1990  
Heart ThrobsHIS1990  
Heavy Hung HorndogsHIS2007 X
His First Twink HIS2007 X
Hispanic PanicHIS1991  
Holding TankHIS1985  
Hole WreckersHIS2008 X
Hot and BotheredNew Generation Video19911X
Hot DickHIS2007 X
Hot For His BodHIS1990  
Hot FucksHIS2007 X
Hot Hung and HardHIS1988 X
Hot Shots 1: All Star RevueHIS1985  
Hot Shots 11: Men's RoomHIS1986 X
Hot Shots 14: Tight BunsHIS1995  
Hot Shots 15: BottomsHIS1988  
Hot Shots 16: Beach BuddiesHIS1987  
Hot Shots 17: Meat MarketHIS1988  
Hot Shots 18: Blind BottomsHIS1988  
Hot Shots 20: More Tight BunsHIS1995  
Hot Shots 21: Big OnesHIS1988  
Hot Shots 22: Raw RearsHIS1992  
Hot Shots 26: Self ServiceHIS1989 X
Hot Shots 27: Super StudsHIS1999  
Hot Shots 28: Hot PickupsHIS1989  
Hot Shots 3: The ContestHIS1986  
Hot Shots 30: Hot JocksHIS1989  
Hot Shots 33: Massive ThingsHIS1990  
Hot Shots 34: More OrgiesHIS1999  
Hot Shots 4: The Contest ContinuesHIS1986  
Hot Shots 44: Golden BoysHIS1991  
Hot Shots 46: Street MeatHIS1991  
Hot Shots 47: NewcomersVCA1991 X
Hot Shots 5: LeatherHIS1986  
Hot Shots 6: KinkHIS1986  
Hot Shots 8: OrgiesHIS1995  
Hot TamalesHIS19971X
Hot TrashHawk Productions1981  
Hot WadsHIS2007 X
Hot Wired SexHIS1993  
Hotel HellPan Pacific Pictures1984 X
Hotel HombreHIS1993  
How Big Is Big?John Summers Productions1991  
How Big is Danny?HIS1991  
How To Eat Hard CocksHIS2006 X
Huge Desires: Original Recipe 7Pan Tone Video1989  
Huge Instru-MenHIS1994  
Hung And HairyHIS19961X
Hung Hotel HIS1993 X
Hungry ManholesHIS2005 X
I'll Do Anything Just... Please Don't TellHIS20071 
Idle PleasuresHIS1990  
Idol CountryHIS19942X
Idol WorshipHIS1991 X
Illustrated MenHIS1991  
In Wad We Trust HIS2008 X
Insatiable SuckHIS1982  
It Happened One DayHIS1992 X
It's Good To Be BadBack Alley Video1991  
JailmatesHIS1985 X
Jeff Noll's BuddiesHIS1982  
Jerkin' It Old Skool HIS2007 X
Job SiteMarathon Films1984  
JoeyTumbleweedTV1992 X
Johnny HormoneHIS1997 X
Journey To The Center of the AssHIS2008 X
Jur Ass in the ParkHIS1993  
Just 18 and GayHIS2000  
Just Can't Help ItBolt Video1994  
Kansas City Trucking Co.HIS1976 X
Keep In TouchHIS1991  
King SizeHIS1984 X
Kiss Me Please MeHIS1992  
Knight HeatHIS19941X
L.A. Plays ItselfHIS19721X
L.A. Sex StoriesHIS1991  
L.A. UndergroundHIS1992  
La CucarachaHIS1991  
Laid To OrderHIS1993 X
Larger Than LifeHIS1988 X
Latin Fever: Hot Shots 45HIS1995  
Latin GallerySeƱor Latino Video1992  
Latin HustleHIS1993  
Latin InstinctHIS1993  
Latin MagicHIS1993  
Latin on the LooseHIS1990  
Latin SubmissionHIS1993 X
Latin XHIS1993  
Latino NightsHIS1992 X
Leather AngelWilliam Hunter Productions19931X
Life GuardHIS1985 X
Local MenHIS1994  
Lone StarHIS1991  
Long Hard RideHIS1990 X
Lovers Coming HomeHIS1990  
Lovers, Cheaters, and ManeatersHIS1991  
Low BlowsMSP1991 X
Lusty Load LickersHIS2007 X
Major CockHIS1992  
Make Mine BlackBlack Knights Video1991  
Making It HugeHIS19851X
Male Tales: The Interactive GameHIS1995  
Male TriangleHIS1995  
Man ConstructionHIS1994  
ManhandledHIS2009 X
Manhattan SkylineHIS1995 X
Manhole CrewsHIS2007 X
Marine MuscleHIS1991  
Matinee IdolHIS1995 X
Meat and PotatoesHIS1997 X
Mind BlowerHIS1995  
Mix It UpHIS1994 X
Moon Also RisesHIS1993  
More Than a MouthfulCosco Studio1985 X
Morning Ritual 2John Summers Productions1992  
Mr. GoodheadHIS1992  
My First TimeHIS2007 X
My Heart Belongs To DaddyHIS1993  
My Soul DesireHIS1991  
Nailin' AssHIS2008 X
Naked City NightsLaguna Pacific1984  
Naked LunchMarathon Films1985 X
Naked MunchHIS2006 X
Naked StallionHIS1994  
Neighborhood GamesHIS1993  
New York City ProHIS19821X
Night At Halsted'sCosco Studio19821X
Night Walk: A Bedtime StoryHIS1995 X
Nights In Black LeatherHIS19741 
Ninety Dirty MinutesHIS1993  
No MercyHIS1997 X
No SecretsHIS1994  
Oh DaddyHIS1993  
On The Downlow HIS20062X
On TopHIS1989 X
One and Only DominatorHIS1992  
Oral MajorityHIS2007 X
Orgy In UniformsHIS1995  
Orifice and a Gentleman HIS2006 X
Other Side of Big BearHIS1998  
Party AnimalsHIS1993  
Penetrating MovesHIS1994 X
Penis in Paradise HIS2008 X
Personally YoursDynamic1994  
Pickle Lickers HIS2008 X
Pieces Of EightHIS1980 X
Playing the FieldHIS1991 X
Playing with PowerHIS1992  
Pleasure BeachVCA1983 X
Point of PleasureHIS1993  
Posed 2 ExposeHIS1991  
Posing StrapHIS19942X
Power DriverHIS1994 X
Power Poles HIS2008 X
Prescribed TherapyHIS1991 X
Prick Flicks HIS2007 X
Prick Of DestinyHIS2006 X
Prison HIS1992 X
Prized PiecesHIS1997  
Puppy Dog TalesHIS1994  
Pure SexBolt Video1992 X
Pursuit Of Happy AssHIS2007 X
QueerfestHIS2006 X
Radio ManHIS1991  
Raven RawHIS2000  
Raw Rump PumpersHIS2005 X
Raw StockHIS1994  
Razor CloseHIS1992  
Rear End WindowHIS1992  
Rear FlankHIS1995  
Rectum of Solace HIS2008 X
Red, White and BlueHIS1991  
Ride 'Em CowboyHIS2009 X
Rivers of CumHIS1997 X
RodeoPan Pacific Pictures19851X
Running WildZebra Men1993 X
Runway StudsHIS1998 X
San Francisco Sex StoryHIS1998  
Santa Monica PlaceHIS19932X
Sausage Party HIS2007 X
Seattle Sea HunksHIS1987  
Second To NoneCougar Studios1993  
Sex DepotHIS1992  
Sex Games (III)HIS1993 X
Sex GarageCosco Studio1972 X
Sex MexHIS1994 X
Sex SagaHIS1999 X
Sex SchoolFC Thorman Productions1991  
Sex TipsHIS1995  
Sexposed BodyHIS1995  
Sexy LivingStudio XYZ1995  
Shags Of Our FathersHIS2007 X
Shanghai Meat CompanyBarbar Video1991  
Shock JocksHIS2009 X
Shockingly ShamelessHIS1997  
Shoot 'Em Up Your AssHIS2007 X
Shower FantasiesHIS1990  
Silverlake InnNew Generation Video1992  
SinglehandedHIS1984 X
Size CountsHIS1986 X
Skin FlixHIS1991  
Skin Flute Serenade HIS2007 X
SleazeHIS1982 X
Smokin' AssesHIS2007 X
Social StudiesManhattan Projects1986 X
Soldier's SecretHIS2007 X
SolitaireIn Focus1988  
Songs In The Key Of SexHIS1992 X
Southland Tails HIS2008 X
Spanking New: Drive It HomeBack Alley Video1990  
Special RequestHIS1997  
Sperm GarglersHIS2007 X
Spirit is WillingPan Pacific Pictures1986  
Split DecisionHIS1997 X
Spunk In The TrunkHIS2011  
Stacked DeckNew Generation Video1994  
Star Shots 1: Rick DonovanHIS1986  
Star Shots 2: Jon KingHIS1986  
Star Shots 3: Chris BurnsHIS1986  
Star Shots 4: Melchor DiazHIS1986  
Star Shots 5: Richard LockeHIS1986  
Star Shots 6: J.D. SlaterHIS1986  
Stick ShiftHIS1986 X
StiffHIS1994 X
Stiff CocktailHIS1994 X
Stiff SentenceHIS1985 X
Straight No MoreHIS1990  
Straight Studs 1 (II)HIS1991  
Straight Studs 2HIS1992  
Street KidsHIS1983 X
Strictly ConfidentialHIS1990  
Stripper ServiceHIS1994 X
Stud Poker HIS2009 X
Stud RanchHIS1993 X
Stud WantedDynamic1992  
StudzHIS1993 X
Suck It to MeHIS1994 X
Suckulent StudsHIS2007 X
Summer DazeHIS1995 X
Sun DevilsHIS1990  
Sunday BrunchHIS1990  
SunstrokeHIS1986 X
Supernads HIS2007 X
Tattooed and ScrewedHIS1995  
Teach Me (II)HIS1992 X
Teacher's PetHIS20073X
Tell Me Something DirtyBack Alley Video19891X
Tennis Court DazeHIS1992  
Texas Size 12HIS1989 X
Thank You For Pole SmokingHIS2006 X
Their Wild WaysHIS1991  
Thick of ItA-Line1993 X
Thinking BigHIS1985  
This End UpHIS1993 X
Tight Assed HunksHIS1992  
Tight JeansHIS1990 X
Top ExecutivesHIS1996  
Total Corruption HIS1993 X
Total Corruption 2: One Night In JailHIS1996 X
Tough ChoicesHIS1991  
Training SessionsWilliam Palmer Productions1992  
Trick TailsHIS1997 X
Trick TimeHIS1984  
Tricks and Treats HIS2008 X
Twinked 2HIS2009 X
Uncut StudsHIS1995  
UndergroundHIS1997 X
Uninhibited and UncutHIS1991  
Video DreamsHIS1991  
Video ExhibitionistHIS2002  
Video Games 12: Corp. Michael Ryan's Hard OnIn Hand Video1986  
Water SportsHIS1992 X
Wham, Bam, Thank You, ManHIS2007 X
What Guys Do BestHIS1991  
Where The Hunks AreHIS1991 X
Where The Night Takes YouHIS1992  
White Bottoms, Black TopsHIS1995  
White Men, Black CocksHIS1995  
White On WhiteNew Generation Video1991  
White SpyFC Thorman Productions1995  
Who's Dat Boy?10/9 Productions1988 X
Wick DippingHIS1994  
Wide ReceiversHIS1995  
Wild and LooseNew Generation Video1991  
Wild StreakHIS1992  
Wishful ThinkingAlexander Marshall1995 X
Workout: The Ultimate GymnasiumHIS1982  
Wrestling Meat 1Tony Prince Studios1981 X
Wrestling Meat 2Tony Prince Studios1983  
X Marks The SpotHIS1990 X
X-TasyQT Productions1992  
Young Boys On The SideHIS2007 X
Young Dumb and HungHIS2008 X
Young GladiatorsHIS1988  
Young Hung and Full of CumHIS2007 X
Young, Fresh And HardHIS2010 X

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