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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
2 Scoops Double DippedFusxion2005 X
All About Eva Angelina Fusxion2008 X
All About Eva Angelina 2Fusxion20091X
America's Next Top BodyFusxion2010 X
American Ass 1Fusxion20032X
American Ass 2Fusxion20043X
American Ass 3Fusxion2004 X
American Ass 4Fusxion20052X
Anal BrigadeFusxion20062X
Anal VixensFusxion20052X
Ass Slaves 3Fusxion20052X
Ass Takers 1Fusxion2005 X
Ass Takers 2Fusxion20063X
Ass Takers 3Fusxion20061X
Ass Takers 4Fusxion20071X
Ass Watcher 1Fusxion20042X
Ass Watcher 3Fusxion20051X
Ass Watcher 4Fusxion20051X
Big Boob BonanzaFusxion2016 X
Blonde SideFusxion20101X
Bottomless 1Fusxion20041X
Bottomless 2Fusxion20042X
Bottomless 3Fusxion20041X
Bottomless 4Fusxion20052X
Bottomless 5Fusxion20052X
Brunettes: The DarksideFusxion2009 X
Dirrty 1Fusxion20032X
Dirrty 2Fusxion20044X
Dirrty 3Fusxion20041X
Dirrty 4Fusxion2005 X
Dirrty 5Fusxion2006 X
Disturbed 1Fusxion20032X
Disturbed 2Fusxion2004 X
Disturbed 3Fusxion20052X
Disturbed 4Fusxion20062X
Disturbed 5Fusxion20062X
Double Impact 1Fusxion20042X
Double Impact 2Fusxion20041X
Early Entries 1Fusxion20031X
Early Entries 4Fusxion2005 X
Early Entries 5Fusxion2006 X
Early Entries 6Fusxion20061X
Fusxion FetishFusxion2008 X
Home Schooled 1Fusxion20041X
Home Schooled 2Fusxion2005 X
Home Schooled 3Fusxion20051X
Home Schooled 4Fusxion20062X
Home Schooled 5Fusxion20071X
Juicy 2Fusxion20041X
Juicy 3Fusxion2005 X
Just My Ass Please 1Fusxion20041X
Just My Ass Please 3Fusxion2005 X
Just My Ass Please 4Fusxion20051X
Lethal Injections 2Fusxion2004 X
Lethal Injections 3Fusxion2005 X
Lethal Injections 4Fusxion2007 X
Lethal Injections 5Fusxion2007 X
Lusting for LatinasFusxion20052X
MILF Mayhem (II)Fusxion2016 X
Myne Tease 1Fusxion20041X
Myne Tease 2Fusxion20042X
Myne Tease 3Fusxion2004 X
Nightmare 1Fusxion20045X
Nightmare 2Fusxion2005 X
Nightmare 3Fusxion20051X
Nightmare 4Fusxion20062X
Nightmare 5Fusxion20061X
Panty Party 2Fusxion20061X
Panty Party 3Fusxion20062X
Pat Myne's POVFusxion20061X
Planet Silver 1Interseleccion S.L.20041X
Pussy Off LimitsFusxion2003  
Scarlet FeverFusxion2009 X
Sex FiendsFusxion20062X
Sorority Splash 2Fusxion2004 X
Sorority Splash 3Fusxion2005 X
Sorority Splash 5Fusxion20061X
Stick It 1Fusxion20042X
Stick It 2Fusxion20042X
Swallow MyneFusxion20061X
Teenage Anal Princess 1Fusxion2005 X
Teenage Anal Princess 2Fusxion2005 X
Terrible Teens 2Fusxion20041X
Terrible Teens 4Fusxion20052X
Terrible Teens 5Fusxion2007 X
Tight Ass BlondesFusxion20051X
Voracious 1Fusxion20041X
Voracious 2Fusxion20051X
Voracious 3Fusxion2007 X
Warning I Fuck On The First Date 2Fusxion20042X
Warning I Fuck On The First Date 3Fusxion2005 X
Young Cummers 2Fusxion2005 X
Young Cummers 3Fusxion20062X
Young Cummers 4Fusxion2007 X

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