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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
Adventures of Seymore ButtsSeymore Butts19921X
Amazing AssFactory Home Video2005 X
Anal Gang Bang: AmberFactory Home Video1994  
Anal Gang Bang: ChakaFactory Home Video1994  
Anal Gang Bang: CharmenFactory Home Video1994  
Anal Gang Bang: GabriellaFactory Home Video1993  
Anal Gang Bang: RavenFactory Home Video1994  
Anal Variations 1Factory Home Video1993  
Anal Variations 2Factory Home Video1994  
Ass PleasureFactory Home Video2005 X
BaccaratFactory Home Video1992  
Baccarat 2Factory Home Video1992  
Back in the PenFactory Home Video1992  
Backstage EntranceFactory Home Video1992 X
Backstage Entrance 2Factory Home Video1992 X
Ball BustersFactory Home Video1991 X
Balling InstinctFactory Home Video1992  
Between the BarsFactory Home Video1992 X
Beverly Hills MadamFactory Home Video1993 X
Big Boating BonanzaFactory Home Video1995  
Bitches From BroadwayFactory Home Video1993  
Black Butt WatchFactory Home Video1995  
Black Men Can HumpFactory Home Video1993  
Black SensationsFactory Home Video1995  
Blondes In A CageFactory Home Video1992 X
Bourbon St. Boys UnloadedFactory Home Video2007 X
Broadway BabesFactory Home Video1995  
Bun For The MoneyFactory Home Video1990  
Bustin Out My Best AnalFactory Home Video19951X
Bustin' Out My BestSeymore Butts1994 X
Butler Did ItFactory Home Video1993  
Butt PumpersFactory Home Video1995  
Butt To ButtFactory Home Video1992  
Butt Watch 1Factory Home Video1993  
Butt Watch 2Factory Home Video1993  
Butt Watch 3Factory Home Video1994 X
Butt Watch 4Factory Home Video1994  
Butt Watch 5Factory Home Video1994 X
Butt Watch 6Factory Home Video1995  
Butt Watch 7Factory Home Video1995 X
Butt WhackersFactory Home Video1995  
Butthead DreamsFactory Home Video1994  
Butthead Dreams: Down in the BushFactory Home Video1995  
Butthead Dreams: ExposedFactory Home Video1995 X
Butthead Dreams: Mission ImpenetrableFactory Home Video1995 X
Buttwoman 1Factory Home Video1990 X
Buttwoman 2Factory Home Video1992  
Buttwoman 3Factory Home Video1992  
Buttwoman 4Factory Home Video1993 X
Buttwoman 5Factory Home Video1993 X
Buttwoman 6Factory Home Video1997 X
Buttwoman 7Factory Home Video1998 X
Cheek BustersFactory Home Video1990 X
Chicks On SexFactory Home Video1990  
Dark DesiresFactory Home Video1995 X
Deep Inside Gabriel's AssFactory Home Video1994  
Deep Inside Lydia's AssFactory Home Video1994  
Deep Inside Meo's AssFactory Home Video1993  
Deep Inside Shana's AssFactory Home Video1994  
Dollar And YenFactory Home Video1994  
Erotic EscapeFactory Home Video1995 X
Fantasy Du JourFactory Home Video1995 X
Farmer's DaughterFactory Home Video1990 X
For The Money 1Factory Home Video1993 X
For The Money 2Factory Home Video1993 X
Forget Me NotFactory Home Video19941X
HeatwaveFactory Home Video1992 X
Heatwave 2Factory Home Video1993  
Hedonism 1Factory Home Video1993  
Ho' Style TakeoverFactory Home Video1993  
Hollywood AssetsFactory Home Video1990  
Hostile TakeoverFactory Home Video1993 X
Houseboys Gone WildFactory Home Video2007 X
Indiscreet Video Magazine 1Factory Home Video1995  
Juicy AssFactory Home Video2005 X
Kinky OrientalsFactory Home Video1994  
Laguna NightsFactory Home Video1995  
Lingerie BustersFactory Home Video1992 X
Long From DongFactory Home Video1995  
LustFactory Home Video1993 X
Lust FeverFactory Home Video1991 X
Making ItFactory Home Video1991 X
Miami CumBlue Alley Studios2009 X
Middle Aged Sex ManiacsFactory Home Video1995  
Mind TripsFactory Home Video1992 X
Mo' HoneyFactory Home Video1993  
Mocha MagicFactory Home Video1992  
Molly B. GoodeFactory Home Video1994 X
My Travels With The TrampSeymore Butts19932X
Naked Truth 1Factory Home Video19931X
Naked Truth 2Factory Home Video1993 X
Nasty PantsFactory Home Video1995  
Oral Gang Bang Girl 1Factory Home Video19931 
Oral Gang Bang Girls 2Factory Home Video1994  
Oreo A Go-goFactory Home Video1992  
Oreo A Go-go 2Factory Home Video1993 X
Oriental OddballsFactory Home Video1994 X
Oriental Oddballs 2Factory Home Video1994  
PeeplandFactory Home Video1993  
Pink CardFactory Home Video1991 X
Pink HeartFactory Home Video1991  
Read My LipsFactory Home Video1990 X
Ready FreddyFactory Home Video19921 
Real In WindowsFactory Home Video1993  
Sexmares 1Factory Home Video1993 X
Sexmares 2Factory Home Video1993  
Seymore and Shane do IrelandFactory Home Video19943X
Seymore and Shane Mount TiffanyFactory Home Video19942X
Seymore and Shane on the LooseFactory Home Video19941X
Seymore Butts and His Mystery GirlFactory Home Video19931X
Seymore Butts and the HoneymoonersFactory Home Video19921X
Seymore Butts Goes Deep Inside ShaneFactory Home Video19941X
Seymore Butts Goes NutsFactory Home Video19941X
Seymore Butts in ParadiseFactory Home Video19932X
Seymore Butts in the Love ShackFactory Home Video19921X
Seymore Butts is Blown AwayFactory Home Video1993 X
Seymore Butts Meets the Cumback BratFactory Home Video1993 X
Seymore Butts Rides AgainFactory Home Video19921X
Seymore Butts SwingsFactory Home Video19931X
ShavedFactory Extreme2010 X
Sleaze Pleaze August EditionFactory Home Video1994  
Sleaze Pleaze December EditionFactory Home Video1994  
Sleaze Pleaze November EditionFactory Home Video1994  
Sleaze Pleaze October EditionFactory Home Video1994  
Sleaze Pleaze September EditionFactory Home Video1994  
Sodom ChroniclesFactory Home Video1995 X
Someone Sent Me A GirlFactory Home Video1991  
Something NewFactory Home Video1991 X
Sparkling ChampagneFactory Home Video1994  
Studio SexFactory Home Video19892X
Sweet Alicia RioFactory Home Video1992  
Sweet Angel AssFactory Home Video1990 X
Sweet Sweetback 2: Double Thaanging Dat Black HoleFactory Home Video1994  
Sweet Sweetback 3: Sho' Nuff Got Dat WoodskiFactory Home Video1995  
Sweet Sweetback 4: Hotel WhoresFactory Home Video1996 X
Sweet Sweetback's Big BoneFactory Home Video1994  
Tails From The HoodFactory Home Video1995  
Taste of FannyFactory Home Video1994  
Temple Of LoveFactory Home Video1995  
Up For GrabsFactory Home Video1992 X
Vagina BeachFactory Home Video1995  
Wee Wee's Big MisadventureFactory Home Video1991  
Wise AssFactory Home Video19901X
Working GirlsFactory Home Video1995 X

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