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Movie Title Label Year Rev Buy
1001 Ways to Eat My JizzArmageddon Entertainment20022X
1001 Ways to Eat My Jizz 2Armageddon Entertainment2002  
1001 Ways to Eat My Jizz 3: Biscuits and Gravy EditionArmageddon Entertainment2002  
18 And Over Cum LoversExtreme Associates2005 X
2 Dicks in ParisExtreme Associates20051X
3 Cocks And A HottieExtreme Associates2005 X
AbyssExtreme Associates20008X
Acid SexExtreme Associates19985X
Adolescent Anal TricksExtreme Associates2006 X
Adventures of Diablo the Crippled MidgetExtreme Associates20071 
Adventures of High FlyExtreme Associates19983X
Adventures of Mammary Man and Jugg WomanArmageddon Entertainment20013X
All About Asian AssExtreme Associates2005 X
AnalyzedExtreme Associates2006 X
AnimalExtreme Associates2006  
Archer's Last DayExtreme Associates19995X
Asianatrix 1Extreme Associates19983X
Asianatrix 2Extreme Associates19996X
Ass AliensExtreme Associates20031 
Ass BlastersExtreme Associates2005 X
Ass Clowns 1Extreme Associates20007X
Ass Clowns 2Extreme Associates200111X
Ass Clowns 3Extreme Associates20013X
Ass Clowns 4Extreme Associates2002  
Ass Fuck WhoresExtreme Associates2002 X
Ass Lickin BitchesExtreme Associates2006 X
Ass Squirts 1Extreme Associates20073X
Ass-Hole O Mio 4Extreme Associates2002 X
Asshole FaceExtreme Associates20071X
Asswoman in WonderlandExtreme Associates19987X
Asswoman the RebirthExtreme Associates19992X
AtticArmageddon Entertainment20018X
Beat Your AssExtreme Associates20001X
Behind the WhipExtreme Associates2000 X
Big Fat F.N. Tits 1Extreme Associates19991X
Big Fat F.N. Tits 2Extreme Associates2000 X
Big Fat F.N. Tits 3Extreme Associates20001 
Big Fat F.N. Tits 4Extreme Associates2000 X
Big Fat F.N. Tits 5Extreme Associates20013X
Big Fat F.N. Tits 6Extreme Associates20011X
Big Fat F.N. Tits 7Extreme Associates20011X
Big Fat F.N. Tits 8Extreme Associates20022X
Big Fat F.N. Tits 9Extreme Associates2005 X
Black AttackExtreme Associates20022X
Black Cock Smokers 1Extreme Associates2000  
Black Cock Smokers 2Extreme Associates20001X
Blonde Buttfuck BitchesExtreme Associates2001 X
Bound By BloodExtreme Associates20002X
Brett Rockman, M.D.Extreme Associates20022X
Bring On The Black GirlsExtreme Associates2006 X
Byron's BabesExtreme Associates20021X
Cannibalism: The Last SupperExtreme Associates20023X
Cellar A Whole New Store-yExtreme Associates19984X
Club Satan: The Witches SabbathExtreme Associates20072X
Cock Smokers 1Extreme Associates19983X
Cock Smokers 10Extreme Associates19992X
Cock Smokers 11Extreme Associates1999 X
Cock Smokers 12Extreme Associates19994X
Cock Smokers 13Extreme Associates19991X
Cock Smokers 14Extreme Associates19993 
Cock Smokers 15Extreme Associates19991X
Cock Smokers 16Extreme Associates20001X
Cock Smokers 17Extreme Associates20002X
Cock Smokers 18Extreme Associates20002X
Cock Smokers 19Extreme Associates2000 X
Cock Smokers 2Extreme Associates19983X
Cock Smokers 20Extreme Associates2000 X
Cock Smokers 21Extreme Associates2000  
Cock Smokers 22Extreme Associates2000 X
Cock Smokers 23Extreme Associates2000 X
Cock Smokers 24Extreme Associates2000 X
Cock Smokers 25Extreme Associates20011X
Cock Smokers 26Extreme Associates20011X
Cock Smokers 27Extreme Associates2001 X
Cock Smokers 28Extreme Associates20011X
Cock Smokers 29Extreme Associates20011X
Cock Smokers 3Extreme Associates19983X
Cock Smokers 30Extreme Associates20011X
Cock Smokers 31Extreme Associates20012X
Cock Smokers 32Extreme Associates20011X
Cock Smokers 33Extreme Associates20011X
Cock Smokers 34Extreme Associates20011X
Cock Smokers 35Extreme Associates20011X
Cock Smokers 36Extreme Associates20011X
Cock Smokers 37Extreme Associates2001 X
Cock Smokers 38Extreme Associates20021X
Cock Smokers 39Extreme Associates2002 X
Cock Smokers 4Extreme Associates19982X
Cock Smokers 40Extreme Associates20021X
Cock Smokers 41Extreme Associates20021X
Cock Smokers 42Extreme Associates20021 
Cock Smokers 43Extreme Associates2002  
Cock Smokers 44Extreme Associates20022 
Cock Smokers 45Extreme Associates20023X
Cock Smokers 46Extreme Associates20021X
Cock Smokers 47Extreme Associates2003 X
Cock Smokers 48Extreme Associates2003 X
Cock Smokers 49Extreme Associates2003 X
Cock Smokers 5Extreme Associates19993X
Cock Smokers 50Extreme Associates2003  
Cock Smokers 51Extreme Associates2005 X
Cock Smokers 52Extreme Associates2005 X
Cock Smokers 53Extreme Associates2005 X
Cock Smokers 54Extreme Associates2005 X
Cock Smokers 55Extreme Associates2005 X
Cock Smokers 56Extreme Associates2005 X
Cock Smokers 57Extreme Associates2006 X
Cock Smokers 58Extreme Associates2006 X
Cock Smokers 59Extreme Associates2006 X
Cock Smokers 6Extreme Associates19992X
Cock Smokers 60Extreme Associates2006 X
Cock Smokers 61Extreme Associates2007 X
Cock Smokers 62Extreme Associates2007  
Cock Smokers 63Extreme Associates2007  
Cock Smokers 7Extreme Associates19991 
Cock Smokers 8Extreme Associates19992X
Cock Smokers 9Extreme Associates19992X
CockhoundsExtreme Associates20041X
Cocktails 1Extreme Associates20004X
Cocktails 2Extreme Associates20016X
Cocktails 3Extreme Associates20023X
Cocktails 5Extreme Associates20061X
Colon CreamersExtreme Associates2006 X
Confessions Of An Anal HeiressExtreme Associates20052X
Cornhole ArmageddonExtreme Associates19993X
Covered in CumExtreme Associates2007 X
Cracker JackerExtreme Associates20061X
Cram SessionExtreme Associates2000  
Creampie MilkshakesExtreme Associates20031X
Cum And Get This Black AssExtreme Associates2005 X
Cum Catchers 1Extreme Associates20022X
Cum Catchers 3Extreme Associates2003 X
Cunt Hunt 1Extreme Associates20011X
Cunt Hunt 2Extreme Associates20021X
Cunt Hunt 3Extreme Associates20021 
CuntzExtreme Associates2000 X
D.O.A.Extreme Associates2005  
Damage is DoneExtreme Associates19992X
Damage ReportExtreme Associates19992X
Darlin's DerrieresExtreme Associates20004X
Deep Throat GranniesExtreme Associates2002 X
Deep Throat TeensExtreme Associates2006 X
Delinquent TeensExtreme Associates20012X
Domestic DisturbanceExtreme Associates20061X
Domina's DaydreamExtreme Associates2000  
Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter Fucked MeExtreme Associates2004 X
Don't Watch This MovieArmageddon Entertainment20002 
Double Breasted MILFSExtreme Associates2006 X
Double Doll ActionExtreme Associates2006 X
Dyke ClubExtreme Associates20041X
Dysfunctional Family ValuesExtreme Associates2001  
Easy CheeksExtreme Associates2002 X
Euro CuntzExtreme Associates2002  
Eventual SlutsExtreme Associates2006 X
Extreme Amateur TeensExtreme Associates2006 X
Extreme Amateurs 1Extreme Associates20031X
Extreme Amateurs 2Extreme Associates2005  
Extreme Amateurs 3Extreme Associates2005  
Extreme Big Tits 3Extreme Associates20001 
Extreme Big Tits 4Extreme Associates20001 
Extreme Brazil 1Extreme Associates19991X
Extreme Brazil 2Extreme Associates19991 
Extreme Brazil 3Extreme Associates20002X
Extreme Brazil 4Extreme Associates20001X
Extreme Foot FetishExtreme Associates2007 X
Extreme Gang Bang 1Extreme Associates19992X
Extreme Gang Bang 2Extreme Associates20002X
Extreme Gang Bang 3Extreme Associates20001X
Extreme Gang Bang 4Extreme Associates20002X
Extreme Gang Bang 5Extreme Associates20002X
Extreme Gang Bang 666Extreme Associates20014X
Extreme Gang Bang 7Extreme Associates20021X
Extreme Gang Bang 8Extreme Associates2003  
Extreme MILFSExtreme Associates2006 X
Extreme MoniqueExtreme Associates19991X
Extreme RevolutionExtreme Associates20001X
Extreme Teen 1Extreme Associates19994X
Extreme Teen 10Extreme Associates20002X
Extreme Teen 11Extreme Associates20005X
Extreme Teen 12Extreme Associates20003X
Extreme Teen 13Extreme Associates20014X
Extreme Teen 14Extreme Associates20014X
Extreme Teen 15Extreme Associates20014X
Extreme Teen 16Extreme Associates20013X
Extreme Teen 17Extreme Associates20015X
Extreme Teen 18Extreme Associates20014X
Extreme Teen 19Extreme Associates20015X
Extreme Teen 2Extreme Associates19994X
Extreme Teen 20Extreme Associates20014X
Extreme Teen 21Extreme Associates20013X
Extreme Teen 22Extreme Associates20013X
Extreme Teen 23Extreme Associates20024X
Extreme Teen 24Extreme Associates20023X
Extreme Teen 25Extreme Associates20023X
Extreme Teen 26Extreme Associates20023X
Extreme Teen 27Extreme Associates20022X
Extreme Teen 28Extreme Associates20022X
Extreme Teen 29Extreme Associates20021X
Extreme Teen 3Extreme Associates20003X
Extreme Teen 30Extreme Associates20021X
Extreme Teen 31Extreme Associates20021X
Extreme Teen 32Extreme Associates20021X
Extreme Teen 33Extreme Associates20031X
Extreme Teen 34Extreme Associates20031X
Extreme Teen 35Extreme Associates2003  
Extreme Teen 36Extreme Associates20041X
Extreme Teen 37Extreme Associates20043X
Extreme Teen 38Extreme Associates20051X
Extreme Teen 4Extreme Associates20003X
Extreme Teen 5Extreme Associates20003X
Extreme Teen 6Extreme Associates20004X
Extreme Teen 7Extreme Associates20005X
Extreme Teen 8Extreme Associates20003X
Extreme Teen 9Extreme Associates20004X
Extreme Tit BangersExtreme Associates2005 X
Extreme VacationExtreme Associates20002X
Extremely Hardcore ChicksExtreme Associates2006  
Extremely Yours, AlanaExtreme Associates1999 X
Extremely Yours, Ashlyn GereExtreme Associates2000 X
Extremely Yours, AsswomanExtreme Associates20001X
Extremely Yours, IrocExtreme Associates19991X
Extremely Yours, Jasmin St. ClaireExtreme Associates19992X
Extremely Yours, Jessica DarlinExtreme Associates19991X
Extremely Yours, Jewel De'NyleExtreme Associates20014X
Extremely Yours, Kristi MystExtreme Associates2001 X
Extremely Yours, Lizzy BordenExtreme Associates19991X
Extremely Yours, Stryc-9Extreme Associates19992X
Face Down Ass Up 1Lucky Luciano Productions20002X
Face Down Ass Up 2Extreme Associates20003X
Face Down Ass Up 3Extreme Associates20014X
Face Down Ass Up 4Extreme Associates20012X
Faces Of CumExtreme Associates2005 X
Faith BetrayedExtreme Associates19994X
Fallen Star (II)Extreme Associates2000 X
Filth Files 1Extreme Associates20001 
Filth Files 2: Dick WorthyExtreme Associates2000  
Filth Files 3Extreme Associates20001X
Filthy Lil' Porn-a-bees 1Extreme Associates19982 
Filthy Lil' Porn-a-bees 2Extreme Associates19982 
Flesh PotExtreme Associates19983X
Flogged By FallonExtreme Associates2000 X
Fog FuckersExtreme Associates20071X
Forced EntryExtreme Associates20024X
Fossil FuckersArmageddon Entertainment20011X
Fossil Fuckers 2Armageddon Entertainment20021X
Fossil Fuckers 3Armageddon Entertainment2002  
Free At LastExtreme Associates19984X
Fresh And Clean ShavenExtreme Associates2006 X
Fresh Face 2000Extreme Associates20002 
Friend To The Black ManExtreme Associates19983X
From The Balcony 1Extreme Associates19991 
From The Balcony 2Extreme Associates19991 
From the Balcony 3Extreme Associates19991X
From The Balcony 4Extreme Associates20001X
Fry StixExtreme Associates19993X
Fuck Me RoughlyExtreme Associates2005 X
Fuck Pigs 1Extreme Associates19991X
Fuck Pigs 2Extreme Associates19991X
Fuck Pigs 3Extreme Associates19991X
Fuck Pigs 4Extreme Associates20001X
Fuck Pigs 5Extreme Associates2001 X
Fuck Pigs 6Extreme Associates2002 X
Geisha Gash 1Extreme Associates20011X
Geisha Gash 2Extreme Associates20011X
Geisha Gash 3Extreme Associates20021X
Geisha Gash 4Extreme Associates2003 X
Geisha Gash 5Extreme Associates2003 X
Ghetto Bitches 1Extreme Associates20021X
Ghetto Bitches 2Extreme Associates2002 X
Give A Brotha Some LovinExtreme Associates2006 X
Give That Ass To The Black ManExtreme Associates2006 X
Go Fuck Yerself 1Extreme Associates20053X
Go Fuck Yerself 2Extreme Associates20051X
Go Fuck Yerself 3Extreme Associates20051X
Go Fuck Yerself 4Extreme Associates20051X
Go Fuck Yerself 5Extreme Associates20061X
Goo Gallery 1Extreme Associates20001X
Goo Gallery 2Extreme Associates2001  
Goo Gallery 3Extreme Associates2001 X
Great American Ass 1Extreme Associates20011X
Great American Ass 2Extreme Associates20011X
Great American Ass 3Extreme Associates20021X
Great Gape EscapeExtreme Associates20013X
Guilt TripExtreme Associates20003X
Hollywood UnzippedExtreme Associates19991 
House of Whores 1Extreme Associates19995X
House of Whores 2Extreme Associates19991 
House of Whores 3Extreme Associates20061X
I Love To Hurt YouExtreme Associates2000 X
I'm A Dirty Filthy Cocksucking CuntExtreme Associates20002X
Immature Sex AmateursExtreme Associates2006 X
In the Days of WhoreExtreme Associates20004X
InheritanceExtreme Associates19992X
Insane Black BitchesExtreme Associates2007  
Iny My BedroomExtreme Associates2006  
Is This LegalExtreme Associates2006 X
Jizz JunkiesArmageddon Entertainment20002X
Johnny Cockman Attorney At LawExtreme Associates20021X
Kings of CoozeExtreme Associates20011 
Kinky CouplesExtreme Associates2002 X
LA 399Extreme Associates19995X
Last BreathExtreme Associates20004X
Latina HeatExtreme Associates20021X
Latina LustExtreme Associates2006 X
LegacyExtreme Associates2000 X
Let Us PreyArmageddon Entertainment20003 
Lewd Archives 1Extreme Associates2000  
Lewd Archives 2Extreme Associates2000 X
Lewd Archives 3Extreme Associates20001X
Lewd Behavior 1Extreme Associates19982 
Lewd Behavior 2: 2nd OffenseExtreme Associates19982 
Lewd Behavior 3: 3rd StrikeExtreme Associates19981 
Lord of Asses 1Evolution Erotica19985X
Lord of Asses 2Evolution Erotica19994X
Lord of Asses 3Evolution Erotica20004X
Lord of Asses 4Evolution Erotica20014X
Lord of Asses 5Evolution Erotica20014X
Lord of Asses 6Extreme Associates20014X
Lord of Asses 7Evolution Erotica20061X
Lord of Asses: AsstravaganzaExtreme Associates20015X
Love That Latin AssExtreme Associates2006 X
Lower ExtremitiesExtreme Associates20011X
Lower Extremities 2Extreme Associates20011X
Lower Extremities 3Extreme Associates20021X
Lower Extremities 4Extreme Associates20021 
Lower Extremities 5Extreme Associates20021X
Lower Extremities 6Extreme Associates20022X
Lower Extremities 7 Extreme Associates2005 X
Luciano R.i.pExtreme Associates2001 X
Luciano's Anal Asspirations 1Extreme Associates20004X
Luciano's Anal Asspirations 2Extreme Associates20003 
Luciano's Lucky Ladies 1Extreme Associates19992X
Luciano's Lucky Ladies 2Extreme Associates19991X
Luciano's Lucky Ladies 3Extreme Associates20001X
Luciano's Lucky Ladies 4Extreme Associates20003 
Luciano's Lucky Ladies 5Extreme Associates20011X
Luciano's Lucky Ladies 6Extreme Associates20012 
Lust In The HoodExtreme Associates20001 
Man Cunts On FireExtreme Associates2005 X
Man HandledExtreme Associates2000 X
Massive Rack AttackExtreme Associates2007 X
Mercy FuckExtreme Associates20061X
Metal Up Your AssExtreme Associates20041X
MILF Mania (II)Extreme Associates2007 X
Mind FuckExtreme Associates19993X
Mom Loves CockExtreme Associates2006 X
Mom's A Fuckin SlutExtreme Associates2007 X
Monster AssesExtreme Associates20051X
Native American AssExtreme Associates2007 X
Night StalkerExtreme Associates19984X
Non-Stop Double PenetrationsExtreme Associates2007 X
Not Another Girl Girl MovieExtreme Associates20051X
One Eyed Jack's Backdoor RaidersExtreme Associates2001  
One Eyed Jack's Every Hole's a GoalExtreme Associates2001 X
One Eyed Jack's Have Dick Will TravelExtreme Associates20011X
One Eyed Jack's Live and DickingExtreme Associates2001  
One Eyed Jack's Pump Action DutiesExtreme Associates2001  
Operation Just Cooze 1Extreme Associates20011 
Operation Just Cooze 2Extreme Associates20022X
Oral Hygiene 1Extreme Associates20032X
Oral Hygiene 2Extreme Associates20041X
Oral Hygiene 3Extreme Associates20042X
Oral Hygiene 4Extreme Associates20043X
Oral Hygiene 5Extreme Associates20042X
Oral Hygiene 6Extreme Associates20042X
OuchExtreme Associates2001 X
OuiExtreme Associates20072X
OutnumberedExtreme Associates2001 X
Pain And SufferingExtreme Associates1999  
Parental AdvisoryExtreme Associates20012X
Paris Gables: ChaoticExtreme Associates20061X
Paris Goes to JailExtreme Associates20051X
Petite Sex FreaksExtreme Associates2006 X
Planet of the GapesExtreme Associates19985X
Planet of the Gapes 2Extreme Associates19983X
Planet of the Gapes 3Extreme Associates20004X
Planet of the Gapes 4Extreme Associates20013X
Plenty of TittiesExtreme Associates2006 X
Plugging Every OrificeExtreme Associates2006 X
PoliticianExtreme Associates2001  
Pop My CherryExtreme Associates2002 X
Porno Boot Camp 1Extreme Associates20015X
Porno Boot Camp 2Extreme Associates20023X
Porno Man 2000 1Extreme Associates19984 
Porno Man 2000 2Extreme Associates19993 
PornoflickExtreme Associates19991X
PornographerExtreme Associates19986X
Portholes To HellExtreme Associates2001 X
Prude PunishmentExtreme Associates2006 X
Purity and InnocenceExtreme Associates20003X
Rag DollsExtreme Associates20011 
Rave Sexxx 1Extreme Associates20021X
Rave Sexxx 2Extreme Associates20021X
Return of the Night StalkerExtreme Associates19983X
RoBust LustExtreme Associates2006 X
S.I.D.S. 1Extreme Associates19995X
S.I.D.S. 2: The RebirthExtreme Associates20012X
SarajevoExtreme Associates20012X
Sexual OverdriveExtreme Associates1999 X
Sexy Youth In AsiaExtreme Associates2006 X
Shades of HadesExtreme Associates20014X
She's A ScreamerExtreme Associates2006 X
She's the BossExtreme Associates2008 X
Slap Happy 10Extreme Associates20051X
Slap Happy 11Extreme Associates20051X
Slap Happy 12Extreme Associates20061X
Slap Happy 13Extreme Associates20061X
Slap Happy 6Extreme Associates20041X
Slap Happy 7Extreme Associates20051X
Slap Happy 8Extreme Associates20051X
Slap Happy 9Extreme Associates20051X
Slap'er In The CrapperExtreme Associates19983X
Sluts Butts and Housewives 1Extreme Associates19993X
Sluts Butts and Housewives 2Extreme Associates20003X
Smoke and MirrorsExtreme Associates20011X
So Fuckin HotExtreme Associates2006 X
So Fuckin YoungExtreme Associates2007 X
Soul SurvivorExtreme Associates20002X
Spank Those Bitches 1Extreme Associates2000 X
Spank Those Bitches 2Extreme Associates20001X
Spank Those Bitches 3Extreme Associates2000  
Spare Parts 1Extreme Associates20001X
Spare Parts 2: Ride the TrannyExtreme Associates2007  
SpentExtreme Associates20002X
Spit and SwallowExtreme Associates2002 X
Star PowerExtreme Associates20001X
Suitcase PimpsExtreme Associates19992X
Super Sex FreaksExtreme Associates2006 X
Surrounded By CockExtreme Associates2006 X
Taste That AssExtreme Associates20042X
Teenage Load LoversExtreme Associates2006 X
Tender Loins 1Extreme Associates1996  
Terror From The ClitExtreme Associates19983 
Terrors From The Clit 2Extreme Associates20003X
These Tits Were Made For FuckingExtreme Associates20071X
Thick Chubby FucksExtreme Associates2006  
Tiffany Mynx: Rest In PeaceExtreme Associates19993X
To Hell And BackExtreme Associates20001X
Totally Radical Anal SexExtreme Associates2007 X
Tranny SpottingExtreme Associates2001  
TrianglesExtreme Associates20071X
Udderly MagnificentExtreme Associates2000 X
VengeanceExtreme Associates19983X
Violence On ViolenceExtreme Associates20001X
Vulgar Latin VixensExtreme Associates2005 X
Wally Wanker's Candy FuctoryExtreme Associates20012X
Wax That Ass 1Extreme Associates19992X
Wax That Ass 2Extreme Associates20001X
Wax That Ass 3Extreme Associates20001 
Wax That Ass 4Extreme Associates20004 
Week In The Life Of Jasmin St. ClaireExtreme Associates20003X
Week in the Life of Kristi MystExtreme Associates20002X
Week in the Life of Paris GablesExtreme Associates20051X
Whack Attack 1Extreme Associates19988X
Whack Attack 10Extreme Associates20013X
Whack Attack 11Extreme Associates20016X
Whack Attack 12Extreme Associates20014X
Whack Attack 13Extreme Associates20021X
Whack Attack 14Extreme Associates20021X
Whack Attack 15Extreme Associates20023X
Whack Attack 16Extreme Associates20022X
Whack Attack 17Extreme Associates20021X
Whack Attack 2Extreme Associates19985X
Whack Attack 3Extreme Associates19985X
Whack Attack 4Extreme Associates19984X
Whack Attack 5Extreme Associates19993X
Whack Attack 6Extreme Associates19994X
Whack Attack 7Extreme Associates20003X
Whack Attack 8Extreme Associates20005X
Whack Attack 9Extreme Associates20018X
What Lurks in the ShadowsExtreme Associates20003X
What the FuckExtreme Associates2007 X
White Bubble Butts 1Extreme Associates2008 X
White Trash Pieces of ShitExtreme Associates20071X
Whore's Life 1: DollhouseExtreme Associates20013X
WoodExtreme Associates2005  
Young Blondes That Love CockExtreme Associates2005 X
Young Muff 1Armageddon Entertainment20002X
Young Muff 10Armageddon Entertainment20012X
Young Muff 11Armageddon Entertainment20022X
Young Muff 12Armageddon Entertainment20022X
Young Muff 13Armageddon Entertainment20022X
Young Muff 14Armageddon Entertainment20022X
Young Muff 15Armageddon Entertainment20022X
Young Muff 16Armageddon Entertainment20022X
Young Muff 17Armageddon Entertainment20031X
Young Muff 18Armageddon Entertainment20031X
Young Muff 2Armageddon Entertainment20001X
Young Muff 3Armageddon Entertainment20003X
Young Muff 4Armageddon Entertainment20003X
Young Muff 5Armageddon Entertainment20013X
Young Muff 6Armageddon Entertainment20011X
Young Muff 7Armageddon Entertainment20013X
Young Muff 8Armageddon Entertainment20013X
Young Muff 9Armageddon Entertainment20013X
Zupko The Lost TapesExtreme Associates20011X

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